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Terraria State of the Game - June 2021

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Skeletron Prime
some advice, if you go into everything expecting to be the best of the best, you'll always disappoint yourself.

you also can't expect to be the best at something if losing makes you give up.

not to mention, if you don't genuinely enjoy doing something... it hardly makes it worth doing.

going out in such an inelegant way is not going to change anyone's mind, infact some people may take your work less seriously since you claim to not care about it.

best case scenario, someone takes pity on you... but is that what you want? to be handed a prize out of pity?

you might wanna rethink what you actually want out of life.

cause demanding to be treated like the best when you don't care about your work is not the most mature, or healthy, way to go about things.
I have to agree with Zero. The mindset that you're going in with isn't a very good one. Going in expecting to always succeed will, at worst, severely disappoint you most of the time.

Nobody is saying that they hate your project, in fact, I feel like there are definitely people out there who would enjoy your work.

Also, didn't we have this exact conversation in the last State of the Game?


Again, I didn't win. and there's nothing worse to me than wasting time for NOTHING at all. I'm really angry now and I'm not going to participate on any contest in the future because of that.
I saw my hard work and time I spent being thrown in the trash. I really, but really wanted to win, and I was thinking I had a chance, but I was wrong. It is easier to win in the lottery than here. I'm angry and frustrated, and nothing more in my life will make me happy again, thank you. :mad:🤬😤

WOW! You really need to grow up and show some maturity in the face of defeat. This contest was not based on how much time you put in to your entry, they selected the winners based on how good the entries were and while I'm sure you did a great job it just wasn't good enough to win this time around. Disappointment is a part of life that you desperately need to learn how to deal with. You're being WAY too dramatic. Just listen to yourself. "I'm angry and frustrated, and nothing more in my life will make me happy again". Come on man! A mature person who lost something fair and square would've said something like "Congratulations to the winners and even though I came up short this time around I had a great time creating my entry and competing against such a wonderful community with so much talent!". You owe your competitors an apology and you especially need to apologize to the Terraria team that selected the winners. It couldn't have been easy for the judges to pick the winners considering how many people participated and put just as much time and effort in to their entries as you did.


Congrats to all contest winners!

It was great to browse through the contest entries, and I've seen some awesome stuff around.
I've seen many put their love and effort into their entry, that's great to see.

The mini figures also looks incredible, go figure.
And, been the gamedev nerd out there, I'm also curious about how these gamejams result into. :)


you know, i kinda missed them the first time through, since the images hadn't loaded for me and i was eager to see the console news...

...but i REALLY want those mini-figures! :dryadgrin:

though, does anyone else find it kinda funny that series ONE has the endgame gear sets mixed with the first boss you're likely to fight?

i would've expected them to release figures in the most likely order you'd come across them in-game.

either way, I WANT THEM ALL! :dryadpassionate:

Windless Jeff

Official Terrarian
Can't wait for more news on the mobile end, and I hope the console update is just as good as the pc and mobile versions. I also can't wait for the crossplay! :)

Also, I found out that if you legally downgrade the pc version, it is able to join mobile, but mobile cannot join pc because of needing to "Port Forward", any way to somehow modify the way the pc version hosts the world so it can also be done locally without having to port forward? (suggestion for crossplay)


@Loki Can I change this:

To this?

If it is possible, can you also tell me where the bossbar is located, please?


Skeletron Prime
One request: can the 505/DR-Re-Logic QA teams make sure they test local splitscreen thoroughly.

With 1.3 update it felt as though splitscreen wasn't tested. At all. Issues such as all players in splitscreen sharing grapple and sentry limits, as well as only one player being able to complete fishing quests, were not picked up.
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