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  • With Terraria's 8th anniversary in mind, we wanted to hear your memories... Some things that you might share are how you came to find Terraria, what you remember as you first played the game, what platform did you start on, what was that moment that got you hooked, what made you seek out and find the forums, etc.
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All of it begun when i was on my PS3 some years ago diving into some cool games, i was with my father and my mother and when i saw Terraria (trial) my father said "i think you will like this game" because i love pixelated games and when i played the tutorial i was just struggling with English to know that L3 down would go down the platform, but i still loved it! and i also soon saw there was for mobile and also downloaded, then when it was me trying some pc piracy i was just raging with this WASD thing plus managing the mouse becuase i was so young, and 2017, i got my own computer for birthday and asked for Terraria too, but when i saw Brazilian Portuguese... (my language) i went just crazy, and now after all my 5 years of Terraria, i fell happy with all the content (even tho i want 1.3.6 and 1.3 for mobile) now i can manage stuff with mods, external Terraria modes... and now here i am! dying for boulders and being careless at hardcore (yes i died careless at hardcore)! Happy birthday Terraria!
I first found out about Terraria back in 2011 when my brother was gifted the game on Steam by his friend who bought a 4-pack. After he got bored with Terraria during the long period between 1.2 and 1.3, I finally got the chance to play and I was hooked! I probably spent a huge portion of my summer break playing Terraria, and eventually I got bored after defeating all the mechanical bosses. It wasn't until I learned about Pedguin's Minigame Server in 2016 that I started playing again. Unexpectedly, that was the second time I got hooked, and Terraria began to be my favorite pasttime :p

As for joining the forums(which is actually fairly recent), a friend of mine linked to the Creation Compendium and the awesome art really got me interested. I felt like I was missing out on juicy Terraria info and I wanted to get to know the community more so I finally created an account. The community is actually pretty awesome!
Terraria was actually the first game I've ever bought on Steam. I got it in early 2013 because two of my friends recommended it to me, and we used to play it pretty much daily. That didn't prevent us from being terrible, though: We didn't know that houses need walls in order to be valid, for example. My friends built a giant, even furnitured castle, but with missing walls. They kept wondering why none of the NPCs would spawn. I, on the other hand, dug a few holes in the ground out of fun, added doors, furniture and a torch and the NPCs all move in. We just were unable to comprehend why the NPCs would choose my dirt holes over the castle :D
Later that year, 1.2 got released and somehow we managed to still not know about hardmode, so we felt really op with Diamond Staffs, Muskets, Night's Edge and the like. Then my friend heard about the WoF and what came after it, and we were quite overwhelmed. It took us weeks to finally get to Plantera, during which we gathered quite a few running gags: my friend's character Olaf lost his right to use explosives after blowing up out base accidently several times ("OLAF! Not again!"), I lost the right to build the base (because I exclusively built with Honey Blocks to piss the others off), and my other friend started his habit of storing chests inside chests. We also gave some enemies nicknames which I still use sometimes, like the OP-Flyff (Snow Flynx), Friendly Monster (Face Monster) or Naval Lint (Gastropod, don't ask). Our progress got stopped for a while, though, because summoning the Golem simply didn't work, even after creating two new worlds solely for that purpose. Luckily, the Pumpkin and Frost Moon events got implemented while we waited, so we still had ways to entertain ourselves. When we finally got the problem sorted out our reaction to the boss was... tame. It basically hyped itself up for several weeks and then didn't quite deliver. Duke Fishron, on the other hand, definitely was a worthy assumed end to our journey.
...buuut then 1.3 got released in summer of 2015. I swear, I spent my whole six weeks of summer break doing nothing but playing Terraria with my friend: normal at first, then Expert Mode, then normal Mediumcore, then Expert Mediumcore and finally normal Expert again. It was during our Expert Mediumcore playthrough that one of my favourite moments in Terraria happened: we were fighting the Moon Lord, and at first everything went according to plan. But then I died. And my friend accidently picked up my stuff. And then spread it all over our arena while trying to return it to me. And then he died too. The whole fight ended up with us trying to re-equip ourself with the scattered items while dying over and over again. We didn't try to fight the Moon Lord - we were trying to outlast it while on a scavenger hunt. At some point we were both dead and thought that was the end, but the Moon Lord returned and continued the slaughter. When we finally did beat it, we both had about 50% Ranger gear and 50% Mage gear. Those were both some of the most fun and stressful couple of minutes I've ever had.
Some time after that I decided to join the forums. I don't really remember my reasoning, I guess I just felt like it. I wasn't very active then, but ended up applying for a relatively big vanilla multiplayer server anyway. Not only was it a lot of fun to make a playthrough with 10+ people at times, I also met new friends with whom I could attempt multiple seperate modded playthroughs (none of which actually completed, though, sadly).
Finally, I recently talked one of my friends into buying the game, and we've beaten Expert WoF without much trouble a couple of days ago :D

So, this was a short biography of my experiences playing this amazing game. I was honestly a little bit shocked when I realised it has been six years since I bought Terraria already, it certainly doesn't feel that long. To this day Terraria is one of my favourite games and still the game I have invested the most time in (currently 1038 hours, according to Steam). I'm looking forward to what is yet to come, and I wish Terraria, its devs and all of the players a happy 8th anniversary!
I started playing terraria on my phone at first i didin't know what to do but i asked the guid and yeah he helped me later fighting bosses was dificult my most memorable moment was dieing to wall of flesh like 28 times on the 29th i killed it after killing it i was hooked then the destroyer came and rekt me 5× plantera was hard but i killed her/him/it with my frend i seeked forums for help agenst golem and duke fishron. And this is my story how i played terraria

Side note: happy anniversary terraria :)
I was originally introduced to terrraria 5 years ago when my neighbor introduced mobile to me, so I asked my parents for it and they got it for me. My neighbor and I would go on to our world every weekend and work on it for hours, and he was usually the one that assembled our daily plan. We beat all of the bosses, doing the occasional grinding, I had turtle armor wings and everything, and when we made it to golem I thought I was genius using the magic missle to cheese him. I remember that we didn’t really played towards classes, and it was more like what seemed good, so I ended up more like a really tanky mage lol. Eventually terraria got old and I moved on, and it wasn’t until recently when I was reintroduced to it by one of my friends. They bought it for me on steam and everything! Now we have a big world we play all the time, and this time I’m the mentor who comes up with the daily plan! No matter what happens terraria always seems to return! Happy 8th birthday terraria!
I first obtained Terraria Mobile in December of 2012. I had heard a lot about it, and just had to try it. When I first played, I instantly fell in love with it! As the game progressed, I came to love it more and more. When 1.3 released, I was so excited for Mobile 1.3, but it’s been so long that I decided to get Steam Version as of last week because 1) It’s the most up to date and 2) Mods. I freaking love mods!
Back in around May 2019, I was playing MvM in TF2, trying to get a Spicy Killstreak or Shiny Australium, when I got a notification; I had received a gift. Now, Terraria had been on my Radar (Pun Unintended) for a while, I knew what a Moon Lord was, I knew what a Terrarian was, but I didn't know the Ins-and-Outs. I loaded up my first world, (It was called Comedy Special) with my first, brand new character, Will Smith. I tripped over myself for a while, but eventually I figured out how to manage myself. After playing for about a week, I decided the Seperate Housing method was garbage, and made a new world. I made myself a big, fancy brick house with marble floors, a storage room, crafting room, atrium, bedroom, and NPC Housing. I to about mid-prehardmode before my PC was fried and I lost both Will Smith, and my new world, Mars. I played different games on my laptop for a while, but I couldn't stave off the hunger for Terraria. It took a lot of willpower to force myself through it, but I got some basic weapons and was ready to start anew when I got a message from my friend, BEASTIEBOY65, asking me if I wanted to play Terraria. I had never done multiplayer, and obliged. We loaded a world, but it corrupted, so we made a new one, with only the items on our backs. and now we're here. 147 hours, several good memories and friends later, we're here. Lying on my bed, Writing a forum post, about to join my friend in Terraria, one more time.
I was originally given the game as a gift by a friend, who gave me no context or information. I honestly had no intention of playing it; something about the sprites reminding me of Final Fantasy turned me off to it, since it gave the impression that the game had some kind of JRPG trapping, so it sat in my library...

...until Northernlion started his original playthrough. It piqued my curiosity, but I wanted more information, so I also pulled up the old Dev videos, and decided from there I liked it enough to give it a proper go.

With the basics down and a little bit of singleplayer under my belt, I jumped into some multiplayer with friends (some of whom I bought the game for, considering I hadn't bought it for myself), and we've been running through large updates as a little team ever since.

My approximate aptitude in 2011 looked something like this:

Ah, the bliss of ignorance.

1.1 hadn't even been introduced yet...

If only I knew what this game and its world would do to my life the moment I started drawing things for it...
I got into the game in Highschool and eventually got into the mod scene. It gave me my first taste of programming as I tried going beyond tConfig and into the realm of decompiling and source code modding. I ended up going to college for Computer Science and graduating with a BS, and now am working as a programmer because I found this game.

As far as ingame memories go, my favorite one might be the time my friend and I were exploring some caves and I spotted a boulder trap I nearly stepped on. Thinking myself clever for finding it, I climbed above it to destroy the boulder and disarm the trap. The second I reach the apex where I am directly above the trap, I hear the dreaded sound and am killed by a second boulder trap that happened to be directly above the first. It was so surprising we ended up laughing for minutes on end.
Oh man, I've had many good memories with this game since I first played in 2011. Here's the story of my first playthrough.
I personally have a history of following my younger brother of 3 years into games I've never played before. He's the new game trailgazer, I'm just his follower. This was the case when he found a little game called Minecraft in 2010 (you may have heard of it), and I played that game to death... but in a repetitive, peaceful way. That drags on you if you do that for a year and a bit without any direction.

I had noticed that I always seemed to follow into whatever games my brother was playing, and told myself that the next time I was tempted, I would not follow him again.

Cut forward to late 2011. I saw my brother was playing this new 2D game. I made the obligatory "is this a 2D Minecraft?" line, and continued watching my brother play this fascinating game, while also telling myself "I'm not going to play this because that would be following him again."

It didn't take me too long to give in, and try it out for myself. (I never said I was very resolute in my decisions. :p)

This was in the era of the 1.0 updates, and for me, it was during Every day I could get a new piece of better iron, silver or gold armor was an accomplishment. I had heard about this very hard boss in the purple biome to the right of my house, and was determined to be as geared as possible to take him on. So, with full gold armor, the best weapons I had, and some buff potions, I went and smashed 3 Shadow Orbs, and took on the beast. Actually, I was so well equipped, that the Eater of Worlds was laughably easy. Oh well, onwards with progression!

It was around this time that I absorbed the wiki for as many details as possible. I found all kinds of information that I had not known before, like that this "Skeletron" thing I had heard about wasn't just someone mistyping/misreading the word "skeleton". And since I had no clue that the forums existed at this point, I had no idea that some entries in the wiki might have been pertaining to an upcoming patch that had not arrived yet, because I remember reading on entry on Corruptors, while having no clue why this "Wall of Flesh" wasn't appearing when I chucked a guide voodoo doll into lava. A quick double check of the wiki told me that I was rushing things a bit.

And then, it happened. 1.1 hit, bringing a nice graphical update to the background layers, HARDMODE, and the Sun became less orange. Rip 1.0 Sun.

Given my history with making world upon world in Minecraft for each new update, I decided to skip that for this game, and stick with my original world for the whole duration of 1.1, for this original playthrough, anyway. I looted the dungeon, got poisoned by the jungle, and made my ultimate weapon, the Night's Edge. I was super proud of this thing... and wouldn't get rid of it until much later... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I through the guide voodoo doll in the lava, and defeated the Wall of Flesh for the first time. I'd have to go and look at the world again, but I think I defeated him without a hellbridge...? Truly, I was a madman if that is the case.

Now I had the Corruption to the immediate left of my house, and the Hallow to the immediate right. Plus, the tunnels I used to get to hell (I never made a Hellavator in this world... TRULY a madman) were infested with these two biomes almost all the way down. Especially for my prehardmode player, this was a rough start, and after some altar smashing and dying the wraith spam, made it a challenge to go and get the resources necessary for gear upgrades.

Because I had devoured the wiki, I knew that ultimate challenge lay ahead of me - the Mech bosses. I aimed to get as much Adamantite gear as possible (I called it Adamanite at this time because apparently I can't read). Because my primary weapon was always a sword at this point, I crafted an Adamantite Sword ahead of Adamantite armor... but still held on to my Night's Edge, because at this time, a Legendary Night's Edge still did more damage than my Godly Adamantite Sword, but did considerably less knockback.

Fast forward a bit to after I finally acquired full melee Adamantite Armor. I was feeling pretty good about myself, and as a result, decided to take on the Destroyer, which was apparently the recommended boss to take down first. Yeah... that didn't go to plan, and I died pretty early on in the fight. So I went for Plan B, and decided to take on the Twins with a trusty Clockwork Assault Rifle I had lying around in a chest. And... I won, but it was close. The 1.1 Mech bosses are probably the hardest version of the bosses due to the lack of extra utility options that the modern versions give you (like campfires, heart lanterns, etc.) I was super stoked at this, cause it meant I had access to one of 3 different boss souls, and I immediately crafted the Hallowed Mask.

Turns out, that was a bad idea... because I was ignoring the decent armor set bonus of Adamantite by doing that... I trying to take on the Twins again after that resulted in failure after failure. I was pretty ticked off by this, as you can probably imagine, as I had already beaten this boss once before... granted, only by the skin of teeth. So the lack of the set bonus meant that I kept losing every time. So back underground I went to go and track down even more Adamantite ore for a second Adamantite Helmet.

New helmet in tow, I finally defeated the Twins a second time, and crafted the Magical Harp. Turns out this thing was (and probably still is) OP against the Destroyer. Find a spot to aim straight down his body, and he melted like an icecream. And just like that, I had access to the second boss soul, which was promptly crafted into a Megashark, as I heard that this weapon was pretty crazy powerful.

No kidding, as not long after crafting it, I took on Skeletron Prime, and after maybe a failed attempt or two, I prevailed! Finally, with all the bosses taken down at least once, I could focus on getting a full set of Hallowed Armor, and every single piece of Hallowed gear, since back in the day, there was no such thing as Hallowed Bars... all Hallowed gear pieces were crafted with boss souls and the Cobalt, Mythril and Adamantite equivalent of that gear piece. No small feat.

So many, many bosses defeated later, I was on top of the world! I had a character with pretty much the best gear in the game, and so I could pretty much anything I wanted! Like remove half of a generated Corruption biome by hand because I felt like it, and the other half was already Hallow, so might as well finish it off. (Granted, I did this before I got my hands on a Hamdrax, so this was slower than one might expect.)

That pretty much wraps it up for my first playthrough of the game. I think it took me from late 2011 to mid 2012 to finally get from start to finish. Oh man, the nostalgia is real.
I'll also briefly recap other good memories I've had with the game up until now.
- Buying Terraria properly, as until mid 2012, I was still using a pirated version of the game to play. Very naughty of me, I know, but I needed the Steam version to play tConfig mods, so I coughed up the cash to do just that.
- Speaking of mods, playing through the Story of Red Cloud tConfig mod for the first time. Man, that was a great mod/map combination, still one of my favourites to this day, even though it is way outdated at this point.
- Also, playing through the tConfig Avalon mod. Also had a bunch of fun with this mod, partly thanks to Baum's awesome Youtube series on it. I will admit it was awfully grindy at times, but I overall still enjoyed it greatly. (And, to this day, I have not lived down telling my brother that I wanted to use Dart Traps on the Oblivion boss to "be as ready as possible and get as much damage on him as possible", when they would deal like 1 damage to an enemy of his defense number.)
- The first 1.2 playthrough, which birthed the character I still use as a profile pic to this day.
- Also back in 1.2, in a mediumcore playthrough, I set up a very inadequate arena for Plantera, complete with bed nearby for convenience. (This was still when right clicking on a bed only set your spawn point, never removed it. On top of that, Plantera, wouldn't attempt to run. You can probably see where this is going.) Turns out the arena was so tiny, that I could not escape Plantera's second form and promptly died. Problem was, I was on a time limit, as I had to leave the house soon, and I'm stuck in a death loop, with my stuff strewn over the floor of the arena. There was one life where I just able to make it to my stuff, and as luck would have it, I picked up a Nimbus Rod amongst my stuff. What's even more lucky, is that I had picked up this rod on the way to the arena. That chance pick up was all that I needed to defeat Plantera and save my stuff. Talk about a close one!
- The first defeat of the Moon Lord in Expert Mode.
The time I found Terraria was when I was browsing through my friends' achievements on the XBox360. It just so happened at the time that it was on sale with XBox Gold. I immediately fell in love with the game after a few minutes (I'm a sucker for 2D Adventure games), and dragged my sister into this new, crazy world. I have many memories of our time playing (no particular order), but I'll share a few:
Oh boy. My sister: 200 HP, gold helmet, silver chestpiece, gold boots, and a water bolt (luck is usually on her side), and me: 180 HP, silver helmet, ancient shadow chestpiece, silver boots, and a bone sword (I gave her the gold for armor). Our "arena" was our house. I managed to get lucky and get the final blow after swapping to an enchanted boomerang. We started taking boss fights more seriously after that.
We were NOT prepared for this. To keep ourselves, and the Townies, alive we ran and hid in a small hole to the right of our house, just a few blocks away from the corruption. We spent the entire night hiding is a small hole of dirt waiting for the sun to rise.
I found it first, trying to go to the right side of the world, and ran back with my tail between my legs. Fast forward about an hour, and somehow my sister gets trapped in a makeshift hole on the side of a corrupted hill with a tiki torch as her only form of light, and I'm in a loop of death from EoSs. I managed to get lucky and got an ancient shadow chestpiece.
I'm going to grind the dungeon monsters for money to reforge my weapons (we're just about ready to fight the WoF-fle), and as I'm just about there, "The Sky Jiggles Above You" pops up. I reach the dungeon entrance, and the slippery shinobi nearly hits he as it landed. I didn't even know that he could spawn on his own at the time(We didn't want to use our resources on the crown). Let's just say, there was a lot of used mana, and even more bees.
I started playing on mobile in 2013. I had just asked my father to purchase the game because it looked cool and reminded me of Minecraft (hey i was a kid!). I had heard of Terraria before and I watched a few videos on it. When it downloaded I immediatly loaded into a world. Pre 1.1, bare bones classic terraria on mobile. I remember playing it with my cousin. We somehow managed to beat Skeletron before any boss (then died in the dungeon alot). I also remember going down into the dungeon before killing Skeletron and got scared of the Guardian. I somehow killed EoC with Shadow Armour too. I also remember clearing the entire corruption with only purification powder after 1.1 and before 1.1 killing the WoF about 1000 times. There was also this world called ‘The Hotel’ (which got deleted :( ) that had a box tower because I thought it was stylish.

I still have this really ~bad~ world on my PS4 when I bought it in 2014. Me and my sister played it alot and came to Pre-Golem due to instant respawn for Plantera (lol). We had another tall box tower

Good memories set in stone in my mind for 6 years..
Terraria stands as a titan among games for me and I have more stories to share than I could possibly fit unto this board.

I began my journey exploring these dangerous worlds back in late 2012 when I still was living at my parents. I remember the time being between christmas and new years and I was so bored of all my games and was sifting through randoms in the hopes something turned up. There, amongst the garbage and the rubble, was a hidden unpolished gem named "Te-rare-ri-a" (not te-raw-ri-a).
It peaked my interest, talked with my bro about it and we bought it at the same time. Now, years later in my own apartment with a wonderful girlfriend, I still enjoy this game and she has bought it too and is among her top-games.

I've been on and off through the years, but have always been comming back whenever a new patch hits. I love everything you do on the game and I wish sometimes I was better at developing myself as I have a few great ideas for additions to the game.

Right now I'm doing a modded playthrough with Calamity and Thorium. Only discovered mods a week ago, so this changed the game for me in so many ways! It's so fun and there's SO much.

One of the things I'll always do when starting from scratch is to get a fishing rod and bait, rush to the beach and start fishing for a few good drops. Now imagine my surprise when I stepped into the Sulphurous Sea with only 120 HP and no armor. But I was enchanted by the place, so of course, I had to fish for a while. It went alright for some time and got a few fishes, nothing noteworthy.

Then while watching my bobber, I see a healthbar spawn in and I'm like "huh?" and then it shows itself. A disgusting massive hydrated scourge worm with 120k HP. It missed me on it's initial charge from the depths, but it didn't matter. Before I had a chance to react, it started barfing projectiles at me, and me - still in shock and awe - can't react to it at all and catches a full barrage to the face. Welcome back to Terraria, Mister!

Thank you for reading
I remember me and my best friend were on the hunt for the bone key. So we battled the dungeon guardian so many times randomly getting one shotted, when finally we beat him and got the prize we deserved.

I love you Devs keep up the great work.
5ish years ago after meeting a friend I decided to head over to his house so we hung out for a bit not having much to do and then he asked how about we play terraria I was a little confused but I agreed and so we took turns playing it on his ipad and I was thinking man this game is really cool eventually we moved away and I forgot about for some time until 1 year later a friend asked if I wanted to play terraria I agreeded so he bought for me on steam and I became a huge nerd over it sense then
I have a stories
My first time playing terraria
I was playing this game 6-7 years,i was playing mobile platform and it was an amazing game!but i am still a bit confusing when the first time i play....i was playing this game with my little brother,it was a fun time,but i wandering why the last bosses was duke fishron and golem???when i search in youtube.....everyone playing in PC platform and i dont know there a diferent between mobile and pc,i thought it was the same....
2 years later i get my first laptop and i am so happy!!!i want to download terraria but i dont have i download the pirated terraria.
When i play in PC,the control was a little bit harder but its okay beacuse i can play terraria PC version now....but sometime i feel boring...i want to play multiplayer Via steam but it doesnt work....i dont know why but there no solution for that kind of problem,so i wander if there a update that change the way you play terraria.
And then i find out there a way to playing terraria with more content... And i found TModloader....a terraria modding API,i can download some mod and even can create my own finally i can play with more unique content and fun!!!
Thx terraria for making me more HAPPIER!!!!:D
I started playing Terraria in 2015, because my friends recommended it to me. It was the first game I have ever bought on steam. At first I thought that this game is just a 2D minecraft, but after I killed the first boss I saw the difference. There was more than just mining and building. I still remember the time I got a jumpscare from dungeon guardian after entering a dungeon for the first time, or the time when I killed the moon lord. I felt happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I beat the game and sad because the journey was over. This game is probably one of best games I have ever played.
I remember first getting terraria with my brother. We were playing on mobile together.
Here are some of my stories:
The biggest moment I remember was when we discovered the wondrous anvil. After mining a bunch of ores, we craft them into bars, and notice we can't craft anything with them. Ah well, maybe we don't have enough, or something. So we continue adventuring. We find cactus, and make cactus armor. Then we fight skeleton (and lose). Around this time, I end up looking at all the stuff we can craft, when I notice the anvil. I think "huh, that's pretty cheap, and it's not like there's much else to use these bars on". So I craft it, and place it, and continue looking at stuff I can craft. Then I notice the metal tools and armor. After tapping on it, I see that it's crafted at the anvil. That's when I finally realized how the terraria crafting system worked. So I crafted a pickaxe, and went down to get more ores. While down there, I found some life crystals. In the end I managed to defeat skeleton.
Usually we shared common stuff like ores and wood, but kept equipment for ourselves, until we had 2. Since we played on one world, there was inevitably some stuff we didn't get 2 of. My brother had a water bolt, and I had a magic mirror (in mobile version magic mirrors are super common and spawn in wooden surface chests). And of course, we wanted each others item. So, we looked up a duplication glitch, and duplicated them. Things were fine for a while. Then my brother found a chest. It had a magic mirror. Cool! Now we have 3. Then he found another. And another. Eventually we came to the realization that magic mirrors were incredibly common. When that happened, he was so mad. He was saying all kinds of stuff, like how I tricked him, and that I owed him his water bolt back. Eventually he calmed down and all was well.
After killing a ton of demon eyes, me and my brother decided to use our lenses to make a suspicious looking eye. We ended up summoning the EoC, and both dying. Then the EoC flew awayup Thing is, we thought that was a glitch. So we tried again. It flew away again. And again. At this point, we felt throughly cheated. So we gathered up the last of our lenses, and duplicated them a few times. Then we kept fighting the EoC until it didn't fly away.
After defeating the EoC, we got corruption seeds. So, we planted them on a "floating" Island (it was just the top of a cave). After a while, we noticed it spreading. Cool! After a bit longer, the music changed when we were nearby. To the music of the corruption. Even cooler! But then, everything changed when the corruption enemies attacked. that's when we realized that biomes weren't static, and that if there was enough of a certain block type nearby, it would become that biome.
Thanks to SockMonkey367 putting a "how to use spoilers" section in his signature.
I just found the thread! Happy 8th birthday, Terraria! Thank you developers for keeping this amazing game stable and up-to-date for such a long time! ~:D
I still remember my first day playing Terraria, it was with a friend who is not anymore with me (Still alive, don't worry) but like every people we had problems.

Back in 2013 we started playing Terraria because we felt Minecraft was a little too repetitive, oh boy when we found Terraria it was magical, more monsters, items, gameplay such small and big things like my first boss or the first time we defeated together the 3 mechanical bosses, or all the jumpscares I felt with this game, falling through a hole and fall so hard that you receive 1000 damage or the traps out of nowhere. We really had fun together. Terraria has become the game I play with my most closest friends and I like to believe and say it's not just a game is a book with a lot of stories and a masterpiece of art that everyone ever feels at least one time, sadly on these days I don't have friends, just 2 I can really count to play this game and we are all busy... Still these days I like to play it, as I did when I was a child, still hours playing alone but never bored, always there is something new to do even knowing that you defeated everthing including mods, always is a new experience and i just love that, also that you can add your own songs with a little work, the game becomes more beautiful than never, seeing all the NPC's that sometimes even talk to you, makes you feel part of that little world and with every acomplishment you feel how you're growing, to like the Dryad says, "Save Terraria", when you are alone, it makes you feel part of it and not alone, because they are always going to be there waiting for you and that makes me happy, maybe everyone has felt this at least one time, and we all know, at least i hope so, on the bottom of our hearts we want to be hero's, The Hero of Terraria.

But Terraria has become more than just my feeling of wanting to be a hero... it is a part of the story of who I am in my heart and what I want to be someday, and that is what I treasure most, I know, maybe this is not an story like the others. But is my feeling and thought of my story of Terraria.

Thank you for reading, this is the first time i share something so deep of me, also sorry for the bad English i speak Spanish lol.
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