Sprites The Glade (Alternate Hallow)

Omfg, I love it. It's beautiful.
Honestly, this is probably my favourite alternative biome I've ever seen. The art is great, I love the theme, and all in all, I would love having this.

Also: heh, magicite.:naughty:
[doublepost=1466224893,1466224594][/doublepost]I heard there's a fish even tastier than the Honey Fin living in the glade. Fetch it for me so I can bite into it!
(That's a quote)

Don't know how to do small quotes on iPad...

Anyways, random little fact: sap tastes terrible. Trust me, lol
When I highlight something on my iPad, it doesn't give me a 'quote' option. just gives my copy :/
When I highlight something on my iPad, it doesn't give me a 'quote' option. just gives my copy :/

I guess your only option would be to use the buttons at the bottom of the posts.

We should take this to a separate location if we are going to continue. Shouldn't derail this any further.
Pretty cool, man I wish I could play this ingame, it sounds like it would be amazing, and I really hope this gets added.
I could see this fitting into the game. Sprites work for the most part. I'm a bit iffy on some of the mobs. Might just be me, though. Altogether a good idea.
So what is the Whimsy paired up with then? Sorry for kinda getting off topic.
There is none.

All of the alts are their own standalone suggestions. They're not necessarily linked or paired with each other or anything else. Only the Infestation and the Glade were loosely tied to each other as a base to work from.
So what's the counterpart of crimson? None. Alts don't need counterparts. Or maybe the glade is supposed to fight crimson.

Anyways, 100% support. Best Hallow alt suggestion imo. Not too colorful, and it represents... nature? I like it.
I really love the idea of a fairy/forest kind, Things are looking so well done here, so natural, and it still look enough fairy-like.

I love how the Riders Sword, Lullaby and Natural Order looks like. :passionate:
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