The Land of the Dead (Text Adventure)

"I might need to activate this thing, but... I should check for any malfunctions. I don't want any fights here." *He looks at the wires and circuits, checking for anything wrong with it*
Ron follows Azazel to his smithery, asks him about his wares, and what the exchange rate of U.S. Dollars to Demon money is.
The UC decides to inspect the statue, these walking shadows haven't bothered him in the hostile way yet, and hopefully it'll stay that way. If the information about the statue is unhelpful, he asks about who the statue is of.
The Van Gore decides to go for yet another Smashing Smack™ on Herex.
Lomps Cheweaper goes for 1 final holdup blast of these emotion-based gimmick(yes, I know depression is more like a lack of, give me a break) dudes to ruin their day. (Use Kaboom on Fred)
Bueno señores, gracias por su informacion.
Well gentlemen, thanks for your information.

He said to the two, as he activated his Kite, and ran towards where he was said 13th Street was. He didn't had any better option, and at least it was still south from where he started . . . . At the :red:ing north pole of the Land of the Dead but ok.
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~~~~The Undying Ultimate Chimera (@Mr. Fury the Bootleg)~~~~
HP: 906/1,000 LVL: 666
Current Location: ???: Paranoia Plains: Fading Town

The UC Inspects the statue, the inscription on the base says:
Long may the mighty Foreman Pyro stand in his coal mines, praise be to the mighty Foreman Pyro, one of the 4, praise be the 4 who guard the Soul Towers and Sanctum, Protector and Lord of the Flame, The one who gives us shades the fires of life and keeps us from fading.
You look at the statue, then look back at the description, you think he looks like an :red:.
What now?

~~~~Amenhotep (@TheSpeluknerv3.
HP: 50/50 LVL 1
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Roadside
UPDATE 13/25 until AFK Farmable

Amenhotep thanks the two and dashes towards the general area of 13th street. As he enters the overgrowth region.

As Amenhotep continues through the overgrowth, trying to find “The pumpkin yard” since that is where 13th street is, he is stopped as he notices something.
The small remains of a campsite, seemingly put out in a hurry, a creature is walking around it looks like the shadowy figure of a large cat… it hasn’t noticed you, but you feel like it will the moment you try to get past it. What now?

~~~~The Despicable Varvin Arthan (@Person999)~~~~
HP: 231/271 LVL 4
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Grimwich City

Mika: Death… is just the beginning for the undead. If death seen any kind of value in you, or pity, or really anything, then he remakes you as undead here in this land. Otherwise your soul wonders until it becomes crystallized, then becomes nothing more than snow in the frozen edge region...

~~~~The Somewhat “Nice” Phaedra (@Madder)~~~~
HP: 455/455 LVL: 5
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Alexandria Sewers
~~~~Dollie (@Sky High)~~~~
HP: 240/240 LVL: 5
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Alexandria Sewers
~~~~Brother Garrun (@IHATETHISSIGNUP / Jedinate)~~~~
Body HP: 210/210
Head HP: 200/200 LVL:2
Current Location: The Overgrowth: Alexandria Sewers
Asmodeus: ???/???
Slogra: 800/800
Herex: 450/450
Xiyel: 250/250

Phaedra: 440/440
Dollie: 200/200
Garrun: 210/210 0/200
Herex: 20/450
Van Gore: 0/800 [SLOW]

Dollie uses Dolly is Giggly
What luck! The Van Gore was turned into a Soul in a jar!

Gained 200 EXP!

Phaedra is now Level 5!
HP increased to 455!
A power awoke inside of Phaedra
Got Vampiric Drain!
Please pick 1 perk.
Crafty: Anything is craftable with the powers of your mind! Craft items without the need of a workbench!
Animal Friend: In life you were always an animal lover, and that doesn't change in Death, sure that Eldritch Abomination is an Eldritch Abomination, But it is still an animal in need of love! Allows you to befriend certain animal-like creatures and have them as a temporary ally for a battle, won't always work…
There’s Options!: More options! Allow you to get more perk options in level ups!
Mysterious Stranger: Just WHO is this mysterious lost soul who will sometimes appear and deal a SMAAASH attack to your enemies if you take this perk? No one knows…
Nightmaster: You've learned to use your keen eyes to your advantage, you now get more SMAAAASH attacks!
Or you can not pick any this time.

Dollie jumped to Level 5!
HP jumped to 240!
A Power awoke inside of Dollie
Learned Ectoplasmic Influence!
Please pick 1 perk.
Downunder Damned: You now will be encountering Downunder Dan more often. Good luck have fun!
2Spooky4you: It's just, TOO SPOOPY! EUGHGHR! You are more likely to start a fight with an enemy paralyzed with fear!
Restoration is a perfectly valid magic type: Allows you to learn Heal and Buff, spells level up.
Mimic: You can mimic the things your enemy does, but you won't be able to remember these abilities after battle… This includes the enemies voice.
Metal over Muscle: You can use heavy armor to make up for the fact that you have no muscle.
Or you can not pick any this time.

Garrun jumped to level 4!
Please choose which Healthbar you want to get the health bonus of 40: head or body.
Please pick 1 perk.
Medusa: As a dullahan, you studied in the ancient art of annoying video game enemy movement patterns, allows you to toss your head in a wave-y pattern hitting enemies
Axing Times: Allows you to learn Helmsplitter and Hatchet Man skills, mainly for use with heavy melee weapons.
Team Player: Let your friends have some fun too, Your allies gain more EXP but you gain less EXP.
MERASMUS!: Cursed by a wizard, you will start each battle with a random status effect, good or bad!
Holier than thou: Holy damage and weapons are pretty much the same effectiveness as normal weapons to you.
Or you can not pick any this time.

Everyone got 20 DT
Garruns Body has revived.

The Van Gore falls to the ground dead before rolling into the sewer waters it was previously sleeping in. as the group move on from that encounter they find a ladder going up into the town. A voice calls out to them.
Asmodeus: There you all are! I do hope there wasn’t much trouble down your path?
Slogra is covered in sludge as he approaches
Slogra: Feckin Sludgerats…
Xiyel, noticing that everyone is hurt, quickly reaches into her bag and hands everyone an SCP-500 pill to use. The party is fully healed up!
Asmodeus: Alright...up this ladder should be as close as we can get to the main building as we can get, the goal is to get rid of whichever paladin leader they sent to capture this place, then the rest of them will flee, according to sources, most of the paladins in this place are the kind of spineless ones who run the moment something majorly bad happens to them...

~~~~Traumatized Certified Minecrafter Greyton (@Xmax360)~~~~
HP: 301/330 LVL: 4
Current Location: Pumpkin Yard Autumn Fields
~~~~Fred (@Defure)~~~~
HP: 210/230 LVL: 4
Current Location: Pumpkin Yard Autumn Fields

Greyton: 301/301
Fred: 85/210
Mothman A: 0/200
Lomps Cheweaper: 70/70

Greyton decides it’s best to punch a tree!
Despite being a ghost, greytons hand is somehow hurt by the stupid idea of punching trees
Greyton has earned the new title of Certified minecrafter.
Fred shoots Lomps Cheweaper with his rifle
It did 90 damage! Lomps falls over while saying one last HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLD UP as he falls

Gained 140 exp!
Greyton is now level 4!
Greytons HP has jumped to 330!
Please pick 1 perk
Iron Fist: Who needs Guns? Or swords, PSI or even magic? NOT YOU! Punch down your enemies with + 30% Unarmed DMG!
Pack Mule: Be the beast of burden for yourself and your team, gain + 20 inventory slots
Idiot: You're not stupid, You're just… "Special"
Inverted Theory: All of your spells now do the opposite effect, Good luck!
Crack’n’Woosh: Allows you to learn the Crack and Woosh spells, spells level up.
Or you can not pick a perk this time.

Fred is now level 4!
HP jumped to 230!
Please pick 1 perk.
Atheist: You never believed in god and you are not about to start now… Deal extra damage to Angels and holy creatures
Determined to Live: Lost Souls are always known to cling onto life no matter what happens to them. allows you a chance to survive fatal attacks at 1 HP.
Unbreaking Grip: Allows you to grapple and hold onto an enemy for 3 turns before they break free.
MERASMUS!: Cursed by a wizard, you will start each battle with a random status effect, good or bad!
Crafty: Anything is craftable with the powers of your mind! Craft items without the need of a workbench!
Or you can not pick a perk this time.

Well… you two got what you came here for, and defeated two monsters, what now?

~~~~Benevolent Tingler (@Deputy Hue)~~~~
Body HP: 205/330
Head HP: 250/300 LVL 4
Current Location: Pumpkin Yard: 13th Street North Entrance
~~~Party Member: Clockwerk~~~
HP: 555/600 LVL 4

Tingler gravitates towards the mcdonalds, inside is a man, he looks mortified to see tingler
Falon: Oh no… Alright Falon… Remember your training…

~~~~Fedora Ron (@Matthus)~~~~
HP: 130/130 LVL 2
Current Location: Hell: The City of Brimstone.

Ron follows Azazel back to his smithery and asks about the exchange rates.
Azazel: Mortal currency? Heh.. everyone in the land of the dead and hell deal in DT. Mortal Currency is basically worthless in the afterlife!
Well… here’s what i’ve recently created that hasn’t been bought up yet, see if anything interests you.

[20 DT] Hellsteel Sword: DMG of 30, a sword forged with metals from hell, chance to set enemies on fire.
[30 DT] Brimstone Spear: DMG of 36, A spear that has a chance to pierce enemies hitting another enemy
[30 DT] Unholy Frag Grenade: DMG of 120, a throwable explosive that deals in explosion AND unholy damage.
[40 DT] Infernal Gauntlet: DMG of 60, a flaming clawed gauntlet that can rip and tear enemies with ease.
[100 DT] Hellsteel Armor: DEF of 40, an armor set that has great fire resistance!
[200 DT] Disco Disc: DMG of 65, A powerful ball n chain with a bladed discoball, can be swung around rapidly to [BLIND] a foe.
[15 DT] Reforge: I can upgrade your weapon to the best of my ability, but i might need additional materials.

~~~~Grigor (@Halt)~~~~
HP: 325/325 LVL 1
Current Location: Savage Savannah: New Canberra

The Chimera teleports into the world just to quickly bite and kill Grigor before teleporting back to his adventure

~~~~Meta (@Meta Knight_but_Terraria)~~~~
HP: 230/230 LVL 1
Current Location: The Pumpkin Yard: Vessel 89-445: Sleeper Quarters.

Meta looks over the field guard, unfortunately, it seems that a few of the wires are fried. Seems like if you start it up it will either: Explode or try to attack you, if it even starts up at all…
Welp, there isn’t much else in the room, i guess if you want you could try another door, but… if you found any spare wires around, you could come back to fix this fellow.
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Ron politely declines and goes to the drug dealer.

"HEY DRUG MAN!!", he shouts, "I've had the :red:tiest last few hours (dying being the low point), do you have anything that will make me forget and/or feel better?"
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*As Garrun reattaches his head, he suddenly feels like his skull is harder to smash (head gets health upgrade) and feels as though he could probably attack even without his body (Medusa).*

“You know, Herex, I get that you were probably focused on fighting, but if you had listened to me you probably could have avoided one or two of those powerful hits...”
Maybe if I looked at the other robots around this room, I could fix that bot... *I walk over to another robot and unscrew it, taking the healthy wires I need.*
Dollie figures mimicry might be useful.

"Finally, a jar soul. All that's left is to convince Dollie it's candy."

Dollie takes out a label from some hidden pocket (dolls are full of 'em these days) and slaps it on the jar, labelled "DO NOT EAT UNTIL AFTER DINNER."

Dollie then looks at the label.


... and stuffs it in a pocket.
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