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The Polarities Mod


Brain of Cthulhu
(i haven’t played the mod yet.) If it doesn’t already have one, can you make the snek hat’s tooltip say ‘snek is friend, good good friend.’
New update!
v0.8 Changelog:
Added the bat emblem, rattler emblem, and sunlight emblem
Added a new weapon tpe: orbs, channeled summon weapons which maintain a single summon as long as they're held:
Added the alkaline orb, weaver orb, globus cruciger, and spirit bottle
Added limestone armor and limestone carapaces
Added laser bullets
Added the nemesis
Added the bone atlatl
Resprited and completely reworked storm cloudfish (also resprited the map icon, mask, treasure bag, and trophy)
Storm cloudfish now releases 6-10 stormcloud cichlids upon being defeated
Resprited gigabat and just about everything associated with it, fixed an uncommon issue where gigabat would get stuck in the deceleration phase of its dash, and fixed an issue where despawned swarm bats would not be resummoned properly
Added fractal points and amphisbaenas
Added the amphisnek hat
Added decorative dendritic energy clouds to the fractal dimension background
Added cobalt, palladium, mythril, and orichalcum warhammers
Added fractal and selfsimilar hamaxes and the selfsimilar pickaxe
Stalag beetles now shoot jets of defense-reducing fluid at the player in expert mode
Euryopters no longer go through blocks
Convective wanderers and molten spirits no longer target players who are not in lava, and convective wanderers are now much more aggressive and prone to coiling around the player
Added convective plating, a new material dropped from convective wanderers required to craft convective armor
The fractal dimension now experiences regular world updates (so grass and plants will grow in it, for example)
Modified the selfsimilar summoner set's set bonus (it now grants one fewer minion slot but a higher damage bonus)
Slightly nerfed the eye of the stormfish
The barnsley staff minions now lead enemy movement, its shots have increased velocity, and its damage has been increased
The fractlatl is now autoswing
Enemies no longer spawn while any boss is alive
Reworked the debuff immunities of the mod's bosses to be more in line with those of most vanilla bosses
Fargo's compatibility summons for the mod can now summon multiple of the same boss at once
Pythagorean hammer now has a trail effect when thrown
Eclipxie now has less health, but spawns orbiting planet pixies when below half health to draw away homing projectiles
Resprited the venom gland, halite armor, toxic shot, fractal pickaxe, solar scarab staff, fractal eye, worm spewer projectile, several polarities-related items, alkaline fluid, eyeruption, and the esophageous staff and esophmini minion
Conductive armor has been resprited, renamed to high-tech armor to avoid confusion with convective armor, and its set bonuses have been reworked
Recolored the draconian and some of the salt furniture
Increased the drop rate of salt crystals in expert mode, and salt knives now only require 6 crystals to craft
Recipes using storm chunks now require an anvil rather than a sky mill
Phantobrots and molten spirits are now much more resistant to knockback
Warhammers no longer appear disconnected from the player's hand
The Polarities have a new music track
Fixed several visual bugs caused by using certain weapons, armors, and wings with any gravitation potion-type effect
Fixed a bug where warhammer hitboxes were broken when using a gravitation potion
Fixed a bug where the consumption cannon would sometimes drop from the eater of worlds regardless of whether it had been nohit
Fixed a bug where the eyeruption dealt damage to friendly npcs
Fixed a bug where the ghostwriter wouldn't sell the strange obituary if any books were available
Fixed an issue where the batastrophe would not target focused enemies
Fixed an issue where the eyeruption would damage friendly npcs
Fixed a bug where stalactites would inflict broken armor for an hour instead of a minute
Fixed a bug where fractal eyes would sometimes shoot their projectiles from the player's position
Fixed the esophage treasure bag dropping souls of light instead of souls of night
Fixed gemflies not working in multiplayer
Fixed an issue with the placed polarities music box sprite
Fixed a missing pixel on the diamond gemfly item sprite
Cosmic cable no longer grants a hook range increase (this will hopefully be reverted once I figure out why this causes bugs)

v0.8.0.1 Changelog:
The cobalt and palladium warhammers are now actually crafted with cobalt and palladium
Updated the placed gigabat trophy to the new sprite
Salthoppers should now actually drop 2-4 salt crystals
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v0.8.1 Changelog:
Added hemorrphage, a much stronger version of esophage fought during the blood moon
Added the hemorrphage mask, trophy, and treasure bag
Added the blood bearer, hemorrhagic fluid, blood dicer, hemophobia, phagocyte, hemorrphagic staff, hemolytic hook, and Last Blood
Added the blood tablet, sturdy blood tablet, and blood tablet fragments
Fixed smaller warhammers leaving the player's hand when used as spears
Changed gigabat's map icon
Projectiles from the death attractor now turn more quickly
Changed the tooltips of the antoine's charm and electrodynamic tunnel to reflect the hotkey the player is using
v0.8.1.1 Changelog:
Added proper boss checklist and fargo's mutant support for hemorrphage
Hemorrphage now uses its deeper roar sound when summoned, rather than the standard roar
Sturdy blood tablets no longer stack
Slightly decreased the damage of the hemorrphagic staff
v0.8.1.2 Changelog:
Slightly decreased the angle between hemorrphage's secondary blood sprays
Hemorrphage's bloodsaws now last slightly longer
Hemorrphmini can now get further from the player before teleporting to them
v0.8.1.3 Changelog:
Added the sturdy solar tablet
Changed the tooltips of the hallowed star and fleshy capsid during the eclipse and blood moon to be more interesting
Esophage and hemorrphage can no longer switch the number of projectile streams while using their projectile stream attacks
Decreased the size of the blood dicer's tile collision hitbox
Fixed a crash related to the Antoine's charm tooltip
v0.8.1.4 Changelog:
Fargo's compatibility summons for sun pixie and esophage no longer require them to be spawned in the correct biome, and the eclipxie summon now spawns the boss the same way it normally spawns
Increased the defense of planet pixies to 45
Chaos shot's bullet pattern has been tweaked a tiny bit to make the 'chaos' part more evident
Attempted to fix the bug with the antoine's charm tooltip
The blood tablet, sturdy blood tablet, and sturdy solar tablet now play boss roars and the text for their respective events when used, can no longer be used during said events, and work properly in multiplayer
The strange clock should now work in multiplayer properly
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Polarities in general is a really nice mod, and I have alot of respect for how dedicated Turing has been to it since it first came out

The first release was rough but I saw potential and glad it went places!
I will say thou, the first release was lightyears better than Qwerty's first release lol
New event!

v0.8.2 Changelog:
Added the Pestilence, a new pre-Esophage event, summoned by using a putrid lure in the world evil
Added the chimera, uraraneid, tendril amalgam, light eater, ravenous cursed, and living spine
Added the twisted tendril, splattergun, shade storm, and pincer staff
Added evil DNA, the hemiola, rot knuckles, infested brain, life grasper, and chain lacerator
Changed the recipe of the fleshy capsid
Completely reworked several of esophage's attacks
Hemorrphage now has a unique soundtrack
Increased hemorrphage's health and defense
Decreased the distance at which hemorrphage teleports to the player, and it teleports more quickly when it gets too far
Hemorrphage's normal teleport is now preceded by the boss leaping into the air
Fixed a bug where hemorrphage would always tend to move to the left after a teleport due to the order in which its legs try to jump
Fixed a minor visual bug with hemorrphage's tentacles, and a minor visual bug with the hemolytic hook
Fixed tentacles from the blood bearer remaining after the player dies
Reworked the solar calibrator and burning altar
Resprited the solar eye buff icon, hemorrhagic fluid, hemophobia, arc bolter, and magnetic streams
Batastrophe projectiles now make squeaking noises upon hitting enemies
Projectiles from the blood dicer, consumption cannon, and worm spewer are now considered homing
v0.8.2.1 Changelog:
Added the weird key of night
Resprited hemorrphage and just about everything associated with it
Enemies from the pestilence now drop various materials associated with the world evils
Esophage now emits a deeper roar on being spawned, there's now a delay of ten seconds between the defeat of the Pestilence and its spawning in, and it now drops slightly more evil dna
Decreased expert drop rate of twisted tendrils to 62.5%
The damage reduction of the infested brain and the worm scarf no longer stack
Fixed light eater shadow clones freezing in place when the Pestilence ends
Increased the animation speed of the light eater
The hemophobia's bloodsplosions now make noise
Added custom display images for boss checklist
Fixed skeletron and skeletron prime's books not behaving properly when using a lifeforce potion
v0.8.2.2 Changelog:
Added the royal orb, candy cane atlatl, and winged everlight
The skull melter can now be used like a spear with right click
Hemorrphage's tentacles now attract homing projectiles
Increased the sell value of the jungle's rage
Resprited the wooden and pre-hardmode metal warhammers, the jungle's rage, the polarities trophy, and the electrodynamic tunnel
Updated the Pestilence's loot in boss checklist
v0.8.2.3 Changelog:
Fixed the polarities trophy being aligned incorrectly
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Made some pretty major changes to Eclipxie, including completely reworking the sol moth/luna butterfly phase of the fight!

v0.8.3 Changelog:
Made a number of significant changes to eclipxie
Its health has been increased slightly
Eclipxie now remains still during its ancient starlight attack, and moves into position for it much more quickly
Eclipxie now teleports directly above the player prior to its eclipse flare attack, and the flares are now slightly closer together
Planet pixies no longer deal contact damage, but they now shoot mini lasers and scythes during eclipxie's laser and scythe attacks
The boss now has a sweeping deathray attack
In expert mode, rather than permanently splitting into sol moth and luna butterfly, eclipxie will instead temporarily split at certain health values; the behavior of the two is also reworked
Sol moth and luna butterfly are now invulnerable
Sol moth and luna butterfly now stick close to each other and perform synchronized attacks
Orbit each other (around a fixed position), sol shoots solar lasers while luna shoots lunar crescents
Orbit speeds up and slows down
Luna charges the player (possibly using the aura) while sol hovers a distance above them and shoots eclipse flares to the sides to wall them off
The two go to either side of the player before doing sweeping deathrays in opposite directions
The two go above the player and reform into eclipxie
Added the arterial altar, bleeding sky, volatile heart, scab stabber, and molten spirit staff
Resprited the burning altar, winged everlight, jungle's rage and seismic striker
Changed the sell values of all the flawless items to make them more consistent
Increased the damage of the royal orb, added 'Flawless' to its description, the bees it creates no longer pierce enemies, they now use the hive pack's standard damage increase method, and it now has a short cooldown between releasing bees
The stormcore now summons six cloudfish per minion slot instead of eight
Gigabat now always starts off with its dash attack, and swarm bats now flee more quickly after gigabat's defeat
The hemophobia now creates its bloodsplosion at the position of the struck enemy rather than at the position of the bullet, meaning it works properly with laser bullets
Eclipxie now always drops exactly one weapon rather than dropping each weapon independently
v0.8.4 Changelog:
Made some significant changes to Star Construct
It is now slightly slower
The hooks now target tiles in the player's vicinity rather than simply being launched at them
The jump ability now has a short cooldown and no longer occurs randomly
The boss has a new attack where it leaps into the air, turns into a star form, and launches itself at the player, releasing a burst of stars on impact with the ground when below half health
The boss no longer does contact damage except during this star form
The boss has a new attack where it swings its arms rapidly around itself before releasing star bolts from its hooks
Detached hooks are now slower
Dormant constructs now have a map icon and only require the player to have 200 max health in order to spawn
Resprited just about everything associated with star construct
Zombats and blood bats are now much less tanky, and they now spawn in small swarms that try to stick together
Zombats now drop the depth meter instead of the shackle and chain knife
Added the zombat staff, a weapon dropped from zombats which summons mini zombats to fight for you
Nerfed the hemorrphagic staff
Updated hemorrphage's gores to match the new sprite
Fixed a bug with the skyhook colliding with tiles when retracting
Fractal Altar should now work in multiplayer
Fixed a mistake in the tooltip of esophage's book
Enemy spawn prevention from bosses no longer applies to the martian saucer
Nerfed aerogel armor
Fixed eclipxie's boss checklist image
v0.8.6 Changelog:
Added backgrounds to the fractal dimension
Sky light in the fractal dimension now changes color and brightness as you descend to match the changing sky color
Added fractal duststone, fractal duststone walls, and lightslate
Fractal dust has been resprited and is now a placeable tile
Changed the recipes involving fractal dust
Fractal enemies now drop other fractal materials instead of fractal dust, and lightslate now generates instead of it in fractal chests
Added oceans and flooded caves to the edges of the dimension
Added fractal wastes made of dust and duststone
Added hyphae and fracti
Fixed a bug where fractal strands would generate much more on the left side of the world
The fractalizing debuff tooltip now changes at the 5 minute and 12 minute marks to reflect its effects
Supercharged battery now uses selfsimilar bars instead of hallowed bars
Arterial altar no longer requires selfsimilar bars to craft, but requires slightly more hemorrhagic fluid
Tweaked storm cloudfish's lightning attacks to look more organic, the lightning barrage now ignores tiles, and the boss now causes it to rain when it gains access to its empowered attacks
v0.8.6.1 Changelog:
Added frond buds, miniature fractal ferns which spawn on the surface of the dimension that occasionally teleport short distances
Amphisbaenas now have less health and do less damage, and they can spawn at any amount of fractalization, but only in the fractal wastes
Using the twisted mirror in the fractal dimension now resets fractalization, and despawns enemies and non-pet projectiles
Fixed an issue with the phantobrot's trail effect
Fracti no longer generate in the fractal ocean
Hyphae now emit colored light
Fixed an issue with the fractal dimension background not drawing fully
Fixed a bug where amphisbaenas could not spawn
Fractal dimension enemies no longer drop hearts, and heart statues no longer work in the dimension
v0.8.6.2 Changelog:
The fractal dimension's size now scales with the size of your world
The fractal dimension now generates more caves, but their average size has been decreased
Fixed fractal ferns not dropping fractal strands properly
Updated the spark crawler's gores
Storm cloudfish now only does contact damage during its dashes
Projectiles from the mod that use local immunity frames now use terraria's normal system for that
Fixed a bug where the salt killifish staff minions would slow down enemies on hitting them rather than slowing down themselves, and reduced the weapon's damage to compensate
The orbital now uses local immunity frames, so both the aura and the main yoyo contribute damage, but its damage has been reduced to compensate
v0.8.6.4 Changelog:
Fractal chests now have a 50% chance to generate in small shrines
Added fractal torches and stromatolights
The selfsimilar mage armor now increases max mana by 60
The cone gun now actually deals knockback, and its damage has been slightly decreased
Changed the rarity of mantellar ore to match convective bars
Improved the trail of the molten spirit minion
Melee weapons from the mod that don't shoot projectiles no longer turn the player when used
Fixed an issue with the chaos shot's ammo consumption from the inventory
Fixed a bug with the dormant construct's spawning behavior, and fixed a bug where star construct's hooks would rarely fail to die properly in expert mode
Fixed an extremely minor bug that occured when using the lunar hook with the cosmic cable
Changed the way flawless rarities are handled internally, which should fix bugs associated with reforging flawless items
Fixed a bug with hooks other than the skyhook not resetting player flight time
v0.8.6.5 Changelog:
Added the fractal fishing pole
Added fractal and selfsimilar crates, and fractal lock boxes
Added the manyfin, trilobiter, mirrorfish, regularfish, selfsimilar scabbardfish, and bud fish
Added the twisted recall potion, fractal antidote, and fractalization potion
Added salt and limestone torches
Resprited the salt crate
v0.8.7 Changelog:
Added the hydra, flow worm and glow worm
Added the lernaean and glow-yo
Decreased the damage of limestone cave stalactites significantly
Fewer tiles are now needed for an area to count as a limestone biome (500 instead of 1000)
Ravenous cursed can now propel themselves much higher out of the ground
Decreased the stack sizes and increased the damage of the twisted tendril and scab stabber, decreased the drop chance of the twisted tendril, and increased the amount of hemorrhagic fluid in the scab stabber's recipe
Star construct no longer does contact damage except for during the starfall attack again
Esophage is now guaranteed to drop both types of world evil solution, but it drops less of each
The fleshy capsid is now non-consumable, its recipe is now more expensive, and the fargo's compatibility summons for esophage and hemorrphage have been removed
Hemorrphage's blood spray projectiles now have small sprites to help increase their visibility
Fractal points are now invincible for a short duration after being spawned
Added information on the twisted recall potion's removal of fractalization to its tooltip
Updated the mega menger's gores
Fixed the fractal water's splash effects not matching the water
The flywheel now has the blue rarity
v0.8.7.2 Changelog
Krakens now have a new sprite, a custom hitbox, improved tentacle drawing, and a new ink attack, can now descend through platforms, do less damage, and have had several bugfixes
Resprited the tentacle and kraken banner, and improved the flailing kraken's visuals
The fractal dragon wings no longer allow the player to hover
Fixed some issues with some of the mod's furniture not having the correct names on the map
Fixed an issue with dormant constructs not turning into star construct properly in multiplayer
Fixed some multiplayer bugs
Fixed eclipxie's music cutting out during the expert mode splitting phase
Fixed the lightningfish minion being unable to teleport through blocks, and increased its attack cooldown
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Made some pretty major changes to Eclipxie, including completely reworking the sol moth/luna butterfly phase of the fight!

Love the new fight, the only thing that's bother me is that you can not damage it during the split part which happens quite often. This make the fight take unnecessary longer and become a endurance test. My suggestion is probably make the pixies health part of the main boss
Gigabat rework! The version shown in the video is a bit out of date, there are some new/tweaked patterns, but for the most part it's pretty accurate.
Also, I'm no longer going to be posting the changelogs in the forum thread, as they take up a lot of space, aren't that well organized, and I sometimes forget to do it anyways. They'll still be posted in the discord server, though.


The Destroyer
Gigabat rework! The version shown in the video is a bit out of date, there are some new/tweaked patterns, but for the most part it's pretty accurate.
Also, I'm no longer going to be posting the changelogs in the forum thread, as they take up a lot of space, aren't that well organized, and I sometimes forget to do it anyways. They'll still be posted in the discord server, though.
you could put them in a spolier
so that they can take up less space

Sun Pixie has been reworked again! Much more thoroughly this time. The version in the video is a testing version with a few attacks that aren't identical to the versions in the update, but it's very similar. Also, it's been moved to be fought after at least one mech boss.
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