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Official The TCF Relation of Three Contest Submission Thread

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Yea, someone already made a "sky, land and underworld" build. But here is mine :) this is an in game creation, if you didn't notice

That is what I am entering, however I would just like to show how pretty some parts of the build are at night
I don't suppose you are willing to say what the title prizes are :p
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(Wait no one's actually done this yet? Sweet.)
The "Original Trio" (Or as Yrimir called it, the "Deadly Trio") from 1.0, consisting of the Eye of Cthulhu, the Eater of Worlds, and Skeletron. Even though I haven't been part of the Terraria community that long, I've watched enough Yri videos to know about them.
The original trio 3x3.png

Not my best work, but it'll do.


Since I suck at practically everything except writing, that is what I’m going to do! Good luck reading whatever half-assed ramblings I come up with here!
Other Creative Expression: Writing
Oh Terraria. How long have I been playing the wonderful game? 3-4 years? That sounds about right. And since I’ve been playing, three things have always stood out to me. The three layers of the world!

First, you have the surface, with it’s peacefulness by day, deadliness by night. Oh, and of course, the added surprise of maybe finding a low sky island to loot, and who could forget first finding the dungeon, or spotting the pyramid just peeking out of the sand so you could see the tip? Wanna know it’s main usefulness though? WOOD! Well, that, and access to the underground and all that, but still! Wood is such a wonderful thing! Build with it, make things with it, and all sorts of other things.

Next up is the underground, where monsters constantly lurk, and abandoned buildings and ores lurk behind every corner. You never know what to expect! One could find that last heart crystal they need, while another could find both a boulder AND a bundle of explosions! And don’t get me started on all the biomes you could find, like the glowing mushrooms, or the jungle, or the underground web... I never really knew what to call that place. But one thing stood above the rest for me: the lost girl. That thrill I first felt had stuck with me to this day.

My favourite of all the layers, however, was hell. The underworld ya know! Who doesn’t love that. It holds so many crucial (and optional) things for you. The Wall of Flesh, random weapons, hellstone, the Pwnhammer, Voodoo Demons, Red Devils, and so much more. I remember making my first base in the underworld, which I did to sprite my brother who said it was impossible to have an NPC survive down there.

Now, this all sounds kinda weird to most. That’s because I grew up with little access to a computer, or a console, but I had an iPad, rather, the hunk of junk that the first iPad Mini was nowadays (I still have it), and mobile Terraria practically shaped my life. It’s literally impossible for me to describe it. Hell, it stopped me from killing my self once! If a game like that can have such an impact on someone, even when it was at it’s most modern state... I’m estatic to see what’s down the road.
And that’s that. My apologies if it wasn’t of the best quality, I just... tried I put my heart and soul into it, with some restrictions, namely me needing sleep, yet doing homework and this despite that. But oh well! It is what it is. Thanks for reading folks, if anyone did.

*note: my spoiler things are being weird, hope you can ignore that.


Category: Other Creative Expressions

For my contest entry, I've created a Visual Novel/Dating Sim, where you can "date" the original three bosses of Terraria, Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, and Skeletron.
The file for the VN can be found here.





And, to make it easier to confirm that my visual novel is under 1,000 words, I've put all the dialogue here:
My name is Terrence Erdmann, a student at Bosu highschool.

I’m currently sitting in chemistry, my last period.

My teacher is Prof. Lord, a man in his late 9,000,000,000’s.

…And that concludes todays lecture on the properties of Demonite and Crimtane.

Don’t forget, the essay on Flask types is due on Monday!

Don’t just focus on the Pumpkin Moon Dance, tomorrow!

The Pumpkin Moon Dance…

One of the biggest events of the year.

I do have someone in mind I want to invite.

They’re someone I’ve been seeing for a few weeks now.

They’re a…

Charming but quiet girlfriend.

Girlfriend with beautiful eyes.

Handsome, cheerful boyfriend.

…My girlfriend, Eye of Cthulhu!

I send her a text asking to meet at her favorite café in about 10 minutes.

I order a cup of coffee.

Eye does the same.

So, I was wondering…

…If you’d like to go to the Pumpkin Moon Dance with me?


Eye is mute.

She has no way of speaking aloud.

She nods in approval to my question, but I notice her looking away sadly.

Ever since we arrived, she’s shown signs that something’s been on her mind.

Hey, are you alright?

Eye pulls out her notebook from her bag and begins to write.

I hate being mute.

I have something I want to say, but I can’t say it aloud.

She lifts her coffee to her face before realizing that she can’t drink it.


She throws the cup the ground and runs off frustrated.

I catch up with her.

Comfort her.

Insult her.

I try and comfort her, but for some reason, she just gets more upset.

She eventually signs goodbye.

…She never showed up at the dance.

Why did you run off like that, stupid girl?


Why did I even start dating you in the first place?

Don’t bother coming to the dance tomorrow.

That did it.

She clenches her fists as head starts to spin.

How DARE you!

Why, I’m gonna…


She comes to the realization of what just happened.

She throws her arms around me and gives me a hug.

…Tell you…

…I love you.

That’s all I really wanted to say…

…My girlfriend, Eater of Worlds!

I call her up asking to meet at her at the park in an hour.

Before going, I purchase a box of her favorite chocolates.

I open the box and stick a note, asking her to the Pumpkin Moon Dance on the lid.

When I arrive at the park, I find her sitting on a bench.

She waves as I approach, and I sit down next to her.

Hey dear, I got you something!

I pull out the box of chocolates and hand it to her, expecting her to open it.

Instead, she just stares at it.

I’m sorry, Terry.

I can’t eat this, I’m trying to lose weight.




I’m trying to avoid living up to my name.

I never mentioned this before, but…

…Back in middle school a lot of other kids picked on me.

Due to my weight.

I’ve gotten a lot better since then, but I’ve started gaining weight again recently.

She hands the box back to you.

I’m sorry, I can’t take this right now.

Please enjoy it instead.

Try to make her take them.

Take her up on her offer.


I TOLD you!

I really can’t eat these…

I’m sorry, I really have to go.

You try and chase after her, but she burrows into the earth before you can say anything.

By the time you can contact her again, it’s too late.

Well, I guess I’ll have one.

You open the box.

Here, could you hold the lid for me?

As suspected she notices the note on the lid.


Maybe I could have JUST one…

As she leans over to grab a chocolate, she kisses me on the cheek.

Don’t ask how this happens with mandibles on her face.

It just does.

Oh, and we had a lovely evening at the dance.

…My boyfriend, Skeletron!

I call him up and ask to meet him outside the school gates.

Hey, you wanted to see me?

I wanted to ask if you would come to the Pumpkin Moon Dance with me!

Well, of course! I’m your boyfriend, aren’t I?

Who else would I go with?

I hear an ominous chuckle come from behind me.

So, this is the loser my little brother decides to go with, huh?

L-Leave him alone, Prime!

Or what?

What’s a scrawny nerd like you gonna do, huh?

Prime gives me a harsh shove, and I fall to the ground.

You’re goin’ to the dance huh?

How ‘bout a makeover before you go?

Prime pulls his arm back, and aims for my face.

Before he can hit me though, Skeletron shoves him away.

I said, leave him alone!


So… You want a beating too, huh?

Prime grabs his brother and pins him to the wall.

Fight back.

Run away.

I clench my fist and aim for the back of Prime’s head.


A direct hit.

Prime turns to me in rage.

Take this!

Skeletron uppercuts Prime in the jaw, and all hell breaks loose.

After a minute, Prof. Lord spots us and breaks up the fight.

All three of us are heavily scolded, and Prime wanders off, grumbling.

However, neither Skeletron nor I were badly hurt.

Thanks, man…

Let’s make tomorrow great, to make up for this awful day.

I run off, leaving Skeletron to get beaten up by his brother.

He gives me a phone call later saying he can’t come to the dance due to his injuries.

The tone of his voice tells me he didn’t want to go anyways…


Slime Collector
My relation of three is the three spreadable biomes, and I added the most iconic creature(IMO) from each one.

Edit: Technically, my submission is three relations of three. The biomes, the three main layers of the world, and the three iconic enemies, but I won't count that, as it wasn't my original intent.
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In Game Creation

My friend (Known as Eubreaux) and I came up with the idea to have all 3 weather types (rain, snow, and sandstorm) included in one screenshot. The Rain is subtle but it's there if you look close enough. As a more subtle theme to the building that follows that theme is fall and the holidays therein. I hope you enjoy!


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Duke Fishron
Category: In-Game Creations

I made a small stop-motion video using only in-game tricks. I used teleporters to move the player to the next frame at the right timing.


(The gifycat embedded player doesn't play nice with spoilers, so click here for a higher quality version!)

The video was recorded using ScreenToGif. I didn't edit the recording in any way except for cropping, and stopping it at the right time, to make the loop smooth.
I've attached a world download as well, to show I'm not cheating.

EDIT: Some people might have a hard time looking at the gif above due to all the black flashes caused by the teleporters. Below is a version, where I manually edited out all the black frame.


(The gifycat embedded player doesn't play nice with spoilers, so click here for a higher quality version!)


  • StopMotionLandFaster.wld
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Skeletron Prime
Kinda sad I had to cut 300 words from my story, but hey I still did it!
Scyst is pronounced (Sai-st)
Scyst felt beads of sweat trickling down his neck, his heart pumping, which would be normal in his orichalcum armor, but this was different. Scyst hadn’t felt this terrified since he had fought the Wall of Flesh, which he had to kill his best friend for.

Now, he was going to fight a pair of robotic eyes that could burn him alive in seconds.

Scyst shuddered at the thought of that. All he could remember was a veiny eyeball charging toward him, and had the most terrifying screech he had ever heard.

With trembling hands, he glanced at his watch. The golden plating had rusted after a prolonged use since he first went mining. It read: seven-twenty. He had a mere ten minutes to prepare himself. This didn’t calm his nerves.

Scyst felt something scuttling up his back. He almost pulled out his sword out of instinct, ready to strike, until he realized who it was. He reached over to where his back was, and felt eight little legs walk across his arm.

Arachne was a small, purple spider he had created who would aid him in this fight. Scyst wasn’t a summoner, but he always felt that he could use some help in the heat of battle. Arachne liked the outdoors, so Scyst summoned her early, using the staff he crafted. Just seeing Arachne eased his mind. As time went on, she had become less of a minion, and more of a friend. He grinned through his mask.

Another glance at his watch told him he had lost three minutes of his time. Initially, Scyst thought he’d brought his potions, but after looking in his bag, he realised he had forgotten them. Cursing under his breath, he made a run for his storage unit.

The storage unit was about the size of a room closet. Every surface was caked with thick mounds of dust. In front of Scyst were six shelves that spanned across the room’s length. Each shelf had six chests of various colors and material. Some were wood. Some were gold. However, none of these chests were what he was looking for. Rather, he needed to find one specific chest. He recalled the location.

His eyes moved to the chest in the bottom left corner. This one, unlike all the others was a deep shade of purple, with a silver lock in the middle. He inched closer, checking the small tag on the lock. In what used to be molten silver, the tag read:


The chests above clanged together as he pushed the lid open. Inside were several bottles with colored liquid. The odour that came out of the chest was not pleasant, smelling of a mix of wild mushrooms, dead fish, and vertebrae. He eyed the skinny bottle with a vibrant yellow inside.

Ironskin, Lifeforce, Endurance, and Rage. Scyst made a mental tally of all the bottles he needed. The bottles rattled, sounding similar to a bell being violently shook around, faintly echoing through the small chamber. Stashing the bottles in the small pouch on his waist, Scyst hurried back to the field.

Seven-twenty-seven. Scyst felt a rush of panic as he checked his watch. His palms were drenched in sweat, his lungs were exploding, and his fast-beating heart slammed against his chest.

Clenching his fist around his sword, he reached into his bag with his freehand, rummaging for that certain item. His gloved hand felt something round and metallic. Scyst almost wished he hadn’t brought it. But there was no turning back. He was almost out of time.

Slowly, he pulled out an eye the size of a fist, constructed with a steel shell. The only truly real part of it were the many red veins on its back, dangling off of the shell. Instead of a pupil, a ruby stared into Scyst’s eyes, as though it was examining its user.

Straightening his back, Scyst held the eye upwards, peering into the moon.

To summon a beast, one must destroy an artifact specifically relating to the beast. Scyst had read these instructions in a book once. To him, they were so important that he had them practically bleached into his brain. Hesitating no longer, Scyst clenched his fist around the eye hard.

The sound of nuts, bolts, and metal clattering to the ground was the last sound he heard under normal circumstances. The next sound he heard was a horrifying shriek from above. Looking up, Scyst saw two shadows coming closer.

The two shadows were both the same size, and were also eyeballs. Both almost identical, except the one on the left had a red iris, while the one on the right had a green. Both had names, Scyst remembered. The red-eyed one was Retinazer, and the other was Spazmatism. The strangest thing about them was that there was a large vein connecting the two, like a leash keeping them from straying too far apart.

Scyst’s fist was now squeezing his sword, which reflected Spazmatism’s gaze onto its red, Adamantite surface. Scyst couldn’t stand his ground no longer.

So he didn’t.

Scyst had only just remembered that he had crafted a very special something. Something that would let him get even with the Twins.

Scyst kicked off the ground, feathery white wings sprouting from the back of his chestpiece, and flew right at Retinazer, hacking and slashing at their iris. Scyst was so focused on slashing and dodging purple laser blasts, that he almost completely forgot about Spazmatism. Scyst turned around, only to be shot right back into Retinazer by a column of green inferno.

Cursed flames. Scyst had been torched by cursed flames.

Scyst’s back collided with the rather soft surface of Retinazer’s iris, who in turn retaliated by firing a bolt at point-blank range. Scyst winced hard, and began to quickly descend to the grass below, yelling loudly. The only things that saved him were his wings, which seemed to flap in a panic. Scyst’s fall began to slow down.
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Slime Collector
I finally finished it! In the nick of time!

These are pumpkins of the blood moon, pumpkin moon, and frost moon. The three moon events of Terraria! The frost moon was made by glue-gunning 200 cotton balls, chocolate covered almonds, and a carrot. The blood moon was made by painting it red, and adding extra to make it look real bloody! The pumpkin moon’s face was carved, and I used a purple shirt to represent the Pumpking’s cloak.
The inspiration behind this was the fall season. The contest was announced in October, and will end in November. I thought pumpkins would best represent the moons.
EDIT: This is going in the “art” category, by the way.
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King Slime
Oh hey! It's a short video!
All the Threes In the Video
→ 0:01 - 0:04
Colours of three biomes (Overworld, Hallowed, Corruption)
→ 0:04 - 0:07
The Three 8th Gen consoles
→ 0:07 - 0:10
The Three Players representing the three biomes
and three classes (melee, magic, ranged)
→ 0:10 - 0:23
The three mechanical bosses
→ 0:23 - 0:28
The three ways you can play Terraria
This is going into the Other Creative Expressions category


King Slime
I've written a short story!
The four of them sat in the living room. Little Tibia played with her blocks, George was reading a new fantasy novel, Lillie and Gerald sat in their favorite rocking chairs.
"Dad, I just realized you've never told us how you and mom met" George's voice pierced the comfortable silence.
"Really?" Gerard glanced at his son quizzically.
"I'm sure we've told you at some point. Still, I guess there's no harm in repeating the story" He looked at Lillie lovingly.
"It all begun..." but before he could say anymore his expression changed suddenly, and he slumped back in his chair.
"Dad!" the children screamed.
"It's okay" said Lillie slowly
"It looks like he's just lost in his memo-"
"Sure, it's 1-833-21-" the woman suddenly started vomiting blood all over her pretty jacket.
"Oh, :red:" Gerard swore, and quickly pulled out his phone to call an ambulance. He was soon sitting in a doctor's office in the hospital.

"I'm sorry sir, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do." the doctor said.
"The vomiting and the subsequent coma seem to have been inflicted by a rare disease called deasiesius raris; unless a miracle happens, she'll be dead in a week.

"Is there no cure to this illness?"

"Unfortunately, there have only been a few documented cases of it, and no cure discovered. Though on a second thought, I remember one potion rumoured to have worked in one patient's case."

"How would one go about brewing that potion?"

"I could brew it myself, but the ingredients required include vile mushrooms, pixie dust and vertebrae; they are exceedingly rare and only obtainable in the three dangerous biomes. The expeditions to these parts have been canceled ever since a large group of tourists was massacred on one such trip. I'm sorry. Now please, follow me; we'd like to have you examined. You carried the lady to the ambulance, and any contact with the ill might have terrible effects.

But Gerard ignored him; without another word, he turned around and run out of the building.


A plane soon landed in Saint Francis, a small town right on the border with the inhospitable land of Corruption. Gerard came here prepared - he was dressed in camouflage clothing, and had a .700 Nitro Express rifle folded safely inside his military backpack. There was no time to spare; he moved out the very next day. Ever since the tourist massacre it was impossible to find a guide, so Gerard was on his own.

The first few miles were surprisingly safe and easy to get through, yet they quickly got more dangerous. He had to hack the spiky, rotting vines hanging from the trees with his machete to find an opening, but even then they tore through his clothes. The real danger, though, came from the giant flying beasts known as corruptors. Gerard was glad he'd taken that large caliber rifle with him.

Suddenly, he spotted the vile mushrooms growing under a big tree near a poisoned water spring. The air here was especially sickly; the mushrooms emitted an odor that made Gerrard want to vomit. He snatched a few. He was just putting them in his backpack when he heard a creature roar behind him – he turned around, and saw two of the corruptors.

":red:" he swore yet again.


The next stop was the Hallow. Gerard sat uneasily in the plane, looking at his injured arm bandaged hastily the night before. He barely managed to fight off these creatures, and the next two biomes were said to be even more dangerous.

Once again, he marched off into the wilderness, alone. Hollow seemed a lot more bright and cheerful, yet he knew it was just an illusion. He heard tales of people getting torn to shreds after disregarding a 'cute' unicorn.

Hours passed, yet he still could not find any pixies. Then, he suddenly saw the very woman he was trying to save sitting on a giant rock in the middle of the fairy-tale like forest.

"Huh?" He exclaimed, surprised. "What are you doing here? Has someone else brought you the ingredients needed for your antidote?"

Then he noticed something strange; there seemed to be wings sprouting out of her back. He took out his machete, hacked her head right off and went to collect the pixie dust she dissolved into.


Crimson; the most dangerous of the three. What's worse, the ingredient needed from this biome was vertebrae from a face monster; a giant cyclop feeding on the corpses of the unwary and unprepared. The excess pixie dust sold for a high price; this time Gerard came equipped with a high-grade tactical shotgun.The sky here was permanently red. He had to hide from the Crawlers roaming the land during the day, but at night even scarier monsters woke.

He spent three days without seeing a single face monster. Each day he ventured out a bit further into this inhospitable land; after all, each day the girl was closer to dying. Finally, on the fourth day, he found his pray. The giant was drinking water from a little spring – the perfect moment to strike. He got closer, took out his shotgun, aimed-

and felt a searing pain in his chest. The monster was quicker than Gerard had expected. He fired shot after shot and even killed his enemy, but to no avail; the poison from the creature's fangs soon made him faint.


When he opened his eyes again he was lying in a hospital bed back in his hometown. The doors opened and he saw the doctor enter.

"Who brought me here? I thought I would die back there!" Gerard shouted. But another person entered the room, and somehow muted out the answer. She came closer, and said: "As I was saying, my phone number is 1-833-215-9623".
It's still one of my first attempts at stories, and I was writing it in a second language (I'm from Poland), but I feel quite happy with the outcome. The word limit really hurt, though.
Hope you will like it!


Here's my entry, going for the Art category:

My major subject of 3 is the Terraria are their 3 words that describe the game: 'Dig', 'Fight', 'Build'.
I remember when a new friend asked me once "Dig, fight, build...that's it?".
It may sounds simple, but these truly are the three core aspects of Terraria. And to me they've even a deeper meaning to it:
Terraria Relation of three.png

The first part of the game is all about exploration. You've just started a new world and you want to discover it.
Every world is randomized. And this makes every time you restart an unique experience. Finding new surface caves, searching for cabins and trying to find different ways each time to reach the next place with your current equipment.
Terraria is a massive game with tons of content to discover. New and veteran Terrarians will keep digging into the game and seek for more details.

After the exploration part of the game is done, it's going to be about preparing for the bigger baddies. And the game is pretty much about Fight in the entirity of Hardmode.

Furthermore, after one has explored the entire game, they're looking for a challenge, from the merfolk to the mole, from the one class to another, challenges have been spread out everywhere. These challenges were not made for a certain archievment or anything the game can reward you. But it's just a fun road to play Terraria in an unique way again.

After the bosses have been defeated. there will be once again peace in Terraria, allowing them to clean the spreading biomes and build up their empire.
Terraria proves to have a wide community that focusses on the build section. From pixel art to humongous castles, from hoiks to full-game autofarms.
For adventure maps it's also important to be great at building to keep the map fresh and entertaining. So other Terrarians can enjoy these maps while exploring.
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