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    Good Day, Terrarians!

    Hot on the heels of our official Terraria on Nintendo reveal last week, we wanted to give you an update on our plans for the rest of the console platforms – and then to ask you, the community, for your invaluable input on a change we are looking to make as a part of these updates. So, without further ado, off we go:



    Through a variety of issues, we wound up in a situation where the previously-launched “Additions” update did not wind up containing the entirety of Terraria 1.2.3 content. At the same time, we had started work on the next round of content – and, unfortunately, launching post-1.2.3 content into versions of the game that do not already have the full 1.2.3 update would cause all kinds of issues – for us and for you guys!

    So, that leaves us at a crossroads of sorts – and here is what we have decided to do:

    We will release the content below as one update – currently planned for the 4th Quarter of 2015 (Oct-Dec), though we will provide a more exact date as soon as possible
    • The remainder of the 1.2.3 content
    • Terraria 1.2.4, in its entirety, including (but not limited to):
    • Minecarts
    • Fishing
    • Duke Fishron
    • And much much more!

    So, that – coupled with the recent mobile announcements – will mean that all of the existing Terraria console/mobile platforms will be up to the 1.2.4 level by the end of 2015! Nintendo being the exception, as it doesn’t launch until after the new year.

    Beyond that, we have started looking into the 1.3 source code, and will share any plans there just as soon as we have them together.



    As a part of the update later this year, we are looking to add some additional control schemes beyond the default that is currently in the game. These will likely be in the form of various “alternate” control setups that you would select from in the options menu.

    That’s where you come in – we have listed the Default (as it exists today) below. We would love to have you – the community – propose your alternatives to us for possible inclusion in the coming update!

    To submit your idea,
    • Make a post in this thread with your suggested changes.
    • Please note that we are only altering button configurations and not adding new functionality to the controller itself.
    • Also you MUST note which platform (Xbox/Playstation) you are addressing.

    Action Playstation Xbox
    Use Held Item/Attack R1 RT
    Activate Environment Object O B
    Inventory Y
    Jump X or L3 A or L3
    Quick Buff X
    Left-Right-Up-Down Movement Left Thumbstick Left Thumbstick
    Hotbar Selection L2+R2 LB+RB
    Map Select Back
    Grapple L1 LT
    Smart Cursor Toggle R3 Click Right Thumbstick
    Use Bound Item D-Pad D-Pad

    That's it for now! We are very much looking forward to seeing what awesome control scheme ideas you come up with - and to hopefully sharing some spoilers and additional information around the update coming later this year.

    Thanks for your support, your feedback, and for everything else you do!
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  2. Loki

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    This is gonna be good.....the content....the controller schemes - and Nintendo on top of all of that.

    Well, that and all of the Mobile goodies previously-announced.

    Should be a second half of the year packed with goodies for Terrarians everywhere. ;)
  3. Sonnette

    Sonnette Retinazer

    I would love to suggest custom controls, but I don't have a console, I don't even know how they work. Good job, 505!
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  4. Ethacon

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    Yep! Can't wait to see terraria grow even more! It'd amazing to see how much terraria has grown this year! Pretty soon mobile and console could be getting 1.3 at least SOMETIME in 2016... ok maybe it will probably take a lot longer then that to port in all that amazing 1.3 content!
  5. Unit One

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    This is great. Thanks to 505 for keeping us updated on what's to come. Can't wait to go fishing on the Xbox. ~:)

    I love the controls how they are, no alternate suggestions needed from me.
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  6. SirDiesalot1

    SirDiesalot1 Official Terrarian

    Finally! Console is catching up, and I will want to play it too! I never play console edition because controls are terrible, but with other options... Hopefully smart cursor gets a much needed tune up?
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  7. DTi56

    DTi56 Terrarian

    I'm not sure what to do, since I don't have any of these consoles...
    Nice idea though!
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  8. XrosBlader821

    XrosBlader821 Terrarian

    What about Vita and 3DS control schemes?
    These have less buttons than the traditional controllers.
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  9. Techtonis

    Techtonis Steampunker

    This is great news! Can't wait to be able to play around with this content on my Xbox! :)
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  10. Evilgrapez

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    Good thing I recently got a gamepad! Anyways, I agree with everything in the Xbox section except for one thing - I think Start should open your inventory, not Y. This might be just me though.
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  11. LewShakey

    LewShakey Spazmatism

    I'm actually quite disappointed as it won't be here till near the end of 2015... I can only play on mobile and it's my #1 game too, but I won't play it anymore as I haven't got anything to do that's worth my time! There is nothing I haven't found and I'm disappointed that there isn't anything to do in it even though it's my favourite game.
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  12. Astorga

    Astorga Terrarian

    I think it would be great if we can have the advantage of touch screens to place things on world (talking about wii u controller).
    Apart from that, I think it would be great if we can actually change the controllers configuration, just like PC version. Would be way too hard to do that?
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  13. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

    then get the pc version! -.- what's so hard about just signing in on steam and buying it?
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  14. quizang

    quizang Terrarian

    i cannot wait fir all of this amazing content! especially hiw there will be fisning upgrading and also minecarts. 1.2.3 and 1.2.4 add a lot more stuff to do othrr than fighting bosses and events all the time even though i love to do that stuff.
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  15. Loki

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    This post pertains to the console versions only.

    There have been several recent posts in regards to updates on the Mobile front.

    I'm actually glad they shared the rationale behind the decision - and I mean, it sucks to wait that long I know - but I cannot fault that decision given the circumstances.

    Remember guys, submit your entire controller scheme table - it will be impossible for them to pick out one line of text in what could be piles of posts. ;)
  16. Fury

    Fury Lunatic Cultist


    This news is about the console version, not the mobile version.
    There was already an announcement about the mobile version getting all the missing content up to 1.2.4.
    Also, nothing to do? You can build your own entire world in this game.

    Hmmm, a new control scheme...i'll have to see if there is one that could possibly be more efficient for building.
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  17. iChaosZX

    iChaosZX Terrarian

    Well how about that. Maybe the 360 version will be able to tide me over until I get a new computer after all. That aside, I can't say I've many suggestions for control alterations, but one thing I feel would be nice is to have a "sensitivity" option for the right analog stick's cursor movement speed on both consoles. I often find it unable to keep up with me in high-octane situations, and it's the cause of most of my grief. Oh, and maybe an option to expand the box a little? It feels a tad crippling to have to rely on such a tiny area for reticle movement.
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  18. Captain Taz

    Captain Taz Terrarian

    Does the update apply to Terraria bought on a disk for xBox 360? or only when downloaded from their whatever-store?
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  19. SeLpHTyTaL

    SeLpHTyTaL Terrarian

    A fix for the load failed problem would be great such a catastrophic bug should be taken care of ASAP before any other changes are made I'm hesitant to start a new world and play anymore knowing this could happen at any time I lost so much time and effort not to mention one of the most awesometacular castles ever my friends are also hesitant to keep playing this game knowing this could happen to them too. This is a very serious problem that you should be addressing immediately. Thank you
  20. DFA_2Tricky

    DFA_2Tricky Spazmatism

    Please keep the bound box for PS4! I wouldn't be able to play without it.
    I would love to see Map put on the TouchPad so when you swipe left/right you look around the map. Then move pause to the Options button on PS4.
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