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Name: Gear
Age: 1
Species: Steampunk Robot
Gender: male
Quirks/Pros: Can put itself back together. Equipped with weaponry.
Flaws/Cons: Has only been activated for a year, so he is kind of like a kid. He has an AI, so his behavior is affected by the kind of people he interacts with. (Could be a pro)
Personality: Not very developed. He was programmed to try to not interact with others, because his creator was afraid that he would get corrupted.
Backstory: The cyborg npc that you know about in Terraria was actually created by the mechanic. Gear was created by the steampunker, and is shown being built in the end credits. He was separated from his creator while he was still being programmed.
Equipment: 2 weak turrets on his shoulder, wields a Rocket Launcher, has a mini nuke II embedded in his chest for emergencies.
Name: John
Nickname (optional): not doing this one
Gender: Male
Species: Human
a masked guy who wears a bandana along with the mask along with wearing
goggles(?) with blue lens.

his suit is the same color as his mask but he wears a coat, kneepads on his legs(?) and boots
he also wears gloves so nothing of his skin is shown...

Personality: Shown to be quiet but serious when it comes to accomplishing something and staying out of sight
from enemies.
Height (optional): not doing
Weight (optional): not doing
Abilities: none at all due to being a plain human with just agility
Strengths: Very agile
Weaknesses: can get very serious and angry when it comes to accomplishing stuff and avoiding enemies.
Extras: extras, what do i put in here?!
Backstory (optional): not doing

what do i put in extras?
Both accepted.
Ey! You made a RP!

Name: Wiz
Nickname: Jungle Mage, Leafmaster.
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: He's a wizard with a green emerald robe covered with roses.
Personality: He has a great sense of humor and is overall a joyful person to be nearby.
Height: 5'10"
Abilities: He can use spells that are related to nature, he can speed the growth rate of plants.
Strengths: He has knowledge over other branches of magic. He can tell when dark magic is being used.
Weaknesses: He has an unclear memory of the past, he also doesn't know much about light magic, which is his largest weakness.
Extras: He's actually a dark magic wizard, but he only reveals his true nature once he becomes enraged or serious in battle... like... a life and death situation battle.
Backstory: He lived in a jungle with a family of other wizards. They were also botanists and often sped up the rate of crops and other plants, providing surpluses of food. He grew up to have a degree in a magic academy, and surprisingly is able to know all types of magic. He can't use the other types of magic however, as it requires him to have a specific staff.
New Character

Name: Gulcen
Nickname: Piloty the Pilot
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: A Pilot
Personality: Likes Planes and cool Hats
Height: 5 ft 8 inch
Abilities: Flying Planes
Strengths: Flying planes and laser magic
Weaknesses: World-Class Wimp terrible in hand to hand combat, despite being a wizard he is still nearly incompetent in a battle
Extras: Secretly a Laser Wizard who found a spellbook from the future
Backstory: When he was twelve he found a spellbook from the future and has practised magic for 11 years
Appearance:A blue robe with black pants and light blue shirt
Personality:perfers to be on the sidelines most of the time, calm and rational, but doesnt take easily to surprises, he'd protect/care for anyone that isnt bad to an extent.
Abilities:he is a support/utility mage (and can do a little bit of everything in that category)
Strengths: smart and high mental fortitude,
Weaknesses: no combat training at all,
Backstory (optional): comes from callisto (a made up planet) and also a friend of geo
Appearance (Pictures or Description):wears a dark brown cloak, has brown hair..
Personality:He likes to experiment with stuff, he's also very cautious.
Ablities: he is a mage and he can work especially well with earth ( rocks and dirt and stuff like that)
strengths: he is smart and knows how to work with his power.
weaknesses: if you land a good blow on his actual body, he cripples easily.
Backstory: comes from callisto (a made up planet) and also a friend of gamma
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