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Casual Unpopular Opinion Thread

Omega Derpling

Acid dye looks really bad imo

All the variants of it
If used sparingly it’s not terrible. But like other strange dyes if you fill your slots with it you turn your character into a bipedal glob of puke.

I used acid dye on this character’s goggles and scarf and it doesn’t look half bad imo:

Courier 7

Yeah, I went overboard. I'll edit it to read better.

I mean sure PvE's fine, but on one version of this multibillion dollar game, if you want to have a decent time in PvP you have to roll back to a version that's 7 years old?

Well, having said that: Minecraft Bedrock is an unfinished, unpolished, stripped down mobile version ported to consoles because Mojang were stuck up their own bum to try and outsource it.
Like, why? The last time you outsourced a port they kept development going for 6 years! On a console that was being replaced within 2 years of the port launching! And kept it playable! WHY DID YOU REPLACE THEM, THEY WERE AMAZING!

God bless 4J, by the way
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