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My gamer tag is sanzo161
looking for people to help me explore my world, send a message and we can see what happens.
Hi there got the game for xbox 1 YEEYSHIRLEY age 29 looking to start a world and looking for help!

Played it on 360 got to hard mode and had some nice stuff on it killed a few bosses on hard mode also. Just looking for help and some fun! Willing to help others on there worlds on xbox 1
GT same as name (case sensitive when searching through XBox)

Just repeating my previous post, LF frost/pumpkin moon, any other shenanigans.

Have several mage and Horseman's Blade set ups built for frost moon and able to solo up to 18 with ease every time. If you need any item/weapon/armor I've probably got it, free pots/materials/money if you need it. Working on building a fun world atm for games and such will update when finished.

U have it on one or 360?
i was and have been trying now to beat Plantera for literally weeks on end it is insanly hard i was just wondering if you or anyone you know could be a great sport maybe add me to xbox 360 jump into my world and NOT steal the drops from her if we do beat her >? i have decent gear just lacking on alot of equipment , but if you or anyone could help me and alow me the full drops from plantera includeing the temple key! . i can only offer my greatest defense i own a Keen True Exalibur 65 melee . 24% crit. with another 3% crit bonus very fast speed average knock back. i know its not a Game changer but im willing to part if i can actually recieve Help i am new to this forum and would greatly be happy for the help in any way . also my gamer tag to add is Mastershake9669 please and thank you would be Greatly appreciated
I'm playing right now!!! Looking to host or join a game. Add my gamer tag stanchapstick. Ive been on hardmode only a week and am needing some help
I got more than enough help last night. Couple really nice people got me through it lol
[DOUBLEPOST=1430498042,1430497846][/DOUBLEPOST]But I play everyday pretty much and prefer playing with people haha
Leaving my gamertag here. I could use more people to play with, or if anyone needs help killing something I'll help. I've beat every boss besides the ones further into the frost moon or pumpkin moon. My gamertag is Jester1194. Got a mic. Message or send a friend request if you want.
Hey everyone I have been playing for about a month just !looking for some people to have fun with I am mostly on in the evening and really early morning.
XB360 GT:Uno Sad Panda
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