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PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

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Hmm... Inspired by my new playthrough, do a Melee playthrough without swords. Meaning spears, boomerangs, flails and KO Cannons (Oh, and evil dungeon chest stuff). It should be called something like "Swordless Samurai"


Headless Horseman
"You must be Yrimir" - @Yrimir :p
Beat the dungeon guardian on the 2nd night

"Moon God"
Get to the final wave of the Pumpkin and Frost Moon events with summoner only items.

Enter the dungeon without beating skeletron (and die by dungeon guardian)

"Pure Skill"
Beat any boss on the first night

Kill an enemy with a sniper rifle whilst it is offscreen

Deal the highest amount of damage possible

Find and obtain an Angel Statue

"Wait, What?"
Dodge an attack with the black belt and then kill the enemy.

"That's not how it's meant to be done!"
Kill plantera with a copper shortsword

"Redigit plz ?" - @Pedguin :p
Find a wall of flesh bug

Kill a boss whilst being on 1 HP

"Temple Runner"
Complete the lizahrd temple without taking a single hit. (Complete = Enter, run through and beat Golem)

(PVP achievement)
Kill the player who killed you.

"No, Bye."
(PVP achievement)
Kill the player attacking you whilst you are on less than 15 HP

These are my ideas for now, enjoy! ^_^
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Ohhh this sounds like a lot of fun, I'm going to see if I can cook some up throughout the day.

I feel like progress achievements could be cool, like
Collect 20 Unique Banners [X]
Collect 50 Unique Banners [X]
Collect 100 Unique Banners [X]

This would be a insane goal for those crazy achievement hunters out there.


Pew Pew Pew - Craft Meteor armor and Space gun
Now that's what i call OP! - craft the terra blade
I'm a millionaire! - obtain a platinum coin
Spooky Scary Skeletron - Defeat Skeletron
Eye-ce to meet you! - Defeat Eye of cthulu
Hungry Hungry Worms - Defeat Eater of Worlds
Ewwwww - Defeat wall of flesh
Delicious brains! - Defeat brain of cthulu
Zombie Slayer Extrordinaire - kill 100 zombies
Eye-xterminator - kill 100 demon eyes

Round 2

Gotta Go Fast! - Obtain hermes boots
I believe i can fly... - obtain rocket boots
I believe i can touch the sky... - get to the top of the world
Welcome to 2015! - Craft a Hover board
What a couple of Eye-sores - Defeat the Twins
More than meets the eye(socket) - Defeat Skeletron Prime
More like, the Destroyed! - Defeat the Destroyer
Rock And Root! - Defeat Plantera
Swimming with the fishies - Defeat Duke Fishron
This is Halloween - Complete the Pumpkin moon
Deck the Halls! - Complete the Frost moon
ew, i don't like em, i don't like goblins. - Defeat the goblin army
why is the rum gone?! - Defeat the pirate invasion
Say hello to my little friend - Buy the Minishark
Not so "mini" anymore! - Craft the Megashark

Round 3 Here's a quick image of the Eye-ce to meet you achievment, because why not.

Achievment with overlay


Raw achievment

Will post more when i think of them.
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