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PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

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Hell yeah, achievements! I love it. Hmm, maybe like:
You will not get my carrot! - Use that carrot that summons Bunny pet.
Now i am here.. - Use teleport 50 times.
Predator - Kill 10 players
Left 4 Dead - Kill player with damage over time effect
That was close - Survive with 1 HP after falling down.
Eater of Damage - Defeat Eater of World in 15 seconds after summoning him.
I will guide you.. TO HELL!! - Kill Guide.
Let's start the party! - Be in one party with 3 other people.

Lord Hungry

Skeletron Prime
Armored out - Create every end game armor (beetle, shroomite, etc. unless there is new end game items, do those.)

Rarest killer - Murder every rare enemy (Tim, Rune Wizard, etc.)

The 80's - wear the entire plumber outfit

Ice to meet you! - Wear the entire frost armor

Smells like barbecue. - Set 5 enemies on fire in under 10 seconds (Anything which caused fire damage)

Red, Green.. Wheres blue? - Craft the entire plumber outfit and the entire hero outfit.

Come at me bro! - Get 5 characters into hardmode.

This is my final form! - Summon the wall of flesh.

Costume Party - Start the pumpkin moon.

The day Christmas burns - Start the Frost Moon.

Best Costume - Get to the final wave of pumpkin moon.

Savior of Christmas - Get to the final wave of frost moon.

RIP the King - Get the Pumpkin Blade

Father Christmas - Get the Christmas Tree Sword

Are you reddy? - Start up Extreme Mode (Totally not a pun)

Something smells fishy.. - Kill Duke Fishron

Witchcraft is best Craft! - Get Witch Doctor and kill Golem.

Slimibalism - Craft Slime staff and kill 50 slimes with it.

Legit. - Kill Goblin, Frost, and Pirate invasion (or any other invasion excluding the moons) without even clicking. (Traps and summoners)

The tale of two Kings - Kill pumpking and king slime
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You could make an achievement like get to stage two with both of the twins before killing either. things that make the player go out of his way to do things the hard way.

I also have a suggestion what NOT to do: make grindy achievements. E.G. kill wall of flesh 100 times. It's lazy and unoriginal.


Headless Horseman
Here is my list! Alchemist: Have at least 10 different buffs at once
Armorer: Own every different set of armor
Emergency Room: Die 150 times
RNGesus: Own every banner
Statue Enthusiast: Own every statue


The passenger: Ride 10000 blocks on a minecart (Blocks = feet, I guess)
Starman: Complete the moon moon (Or whatever are the alien moon called)
3fast5u: Reach max velocity


"Deal With It" - Craft a pair of sunglasses.
"Aint Nobody Got Time Fo' Dat!" - Activate HM without ever getting Iron/Silver/Gold armor/tools.

EDIT: I guess a lot of people liked my suggestion! xD
EDIT 2: If this gets added to the game, I will flip. Literally. I will do a backflip.
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