Standalone [] Terraria Leveled RPG mod

hummmm...i don't want to sound like a real idiot....but i want to ask something, to the one who make the mod
some approximate day of the date on which to release the mod?
I'm not making the mod, that's Gotest (with Nobody's_Me and Kami aka Tohclan as the 2 beta testers that I know of), so dont expect this to be reliable, but AFAIK they are in the final test phase. Pessimistically, I think it'll be out by New years, but It could be sooner than that. We'll soon see.
Nobodys_me is currently testing the mod. He's doing live streams on it (At around 7PM-GMT) if you want to check it out. Look his name up on twitch around that time and you could see him streaming the game.
Soon peeps... Soon the update will be released. Nobodys HAS found bugs that needed my attention and have been working on them. And once ML is down, and there's no issues with his stats or anything wrong with the AI, it should be released that day or the next day.
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Okay! You guys waited, and hopefully you guys are happy with the fully bug tested Leveled! It's been released. See first post for changes and downloads.
Awesome! Can't wait to play (And rage to critical). Also, you should probably change the title so it doesn't say anymore.
Ehhh... Already found a bug... Maybe. I'm playing on multiplayer and the chat-log in-game doesn't say weather or not a player has joined or left the server.
Are there any hotkeys for the stats/level window to show hide it? I would prefer it being up most of the time without opening the inventory.

When you level up are you supposed to get stat points each level? I only got one the first level.

Hotkeys any?
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So how exactly do we access these passive abilities and how do we know when they are active? <O>

EDIT: Nevemind Got it!
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Getting one shot by King Slime at Level 14. Then he spawncamped me. :( Maybe nerf King Slime, or tweak the requirements for Slime Rain significantly upward.

Also, probably intentional, but Pinky gives :red:TONS of xp early on. I was not quite at Level 11, and killing Pinky gave ~900 xp and took me straight to level 12. (Not sure if this has been tested, but I'm not sure if I got both stat bonuses for leveling up twice from one kill. Seems like the kind of thing that might have slipped through the cracks. I'm on my phone right now, so I can't test that sort of thing.)

Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun. :D I'll start again tommorow, to see if I can get a better world. My mineshaft hit underground ice AND granite really fast. :(
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