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Adventure Arena of Ruins (Complete Edition)



this is a vanilla pre-hardmode journey world I am currently working on. (all pylons and npc's spawned, extra dungeons, golf course ect, ect.) I'll post a link when it's ready. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to see in it.

inn new.jpg

golfer's house.jpg

painter's island retreat.jpg


ruined arena.jpg

oasis outpost.jpg


mushroom pylon.jpg

hallow tower.jpg


castle bridge + gate tower.jpg
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I try not to mix "3D" and "2.5D" building in the same map, so it may look a little more simple then that when its finished. But have already started work on it now.
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Duke Fishron
Is there a download link for this? It's in the "Released" forum so there must be, and I'm just missing it. Repeatedly.
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