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tModLoader Bendy and The Ink Mod



Bendy and The Ink Mod (BATIMod) is a mod that adds plenty of BATIM inspired content.


-55 Items
-12 NPCs
-1 Boss
-14 Tiles (+1 Wall)
-1 Mount
-6 Buffs
-YABHB and Boss Checklist support

While it's been around since 2018, it was left in poor condition. But now it's back with completely redone graphics, and plenty of tweaks and fixes.

BATIMod contains several items directly from Bendy and The Ink Machine, with plenty of unique mechanics. Additionally, the mod contains it's own content inspired but not from the source material.
Currently all content is pre-hardmode, stretching from pre-King Slime to pre-Wall of Flesh.



Gent Pipe, Pipe Wrench, and Ink Stained Axe
These three all share the same functionality, but different stats.
They act as melee weapons, but you can right click to throw them.
Throwing them deals throwing damage.


Tommy Gun
The Tommy Gun is a late pre-hardmode ranged weapon.
While it is powerful, after shooting 100 bullets it has to be reloaded by right clicking.


Projectionist Set
The Projectionist set is a late pre-hardmode armor set.
In total, it grants 22 defense, +300 Aggro, Grants light,
Immunity to Darkness, Silenced, Knockback, and a debuff the mod adds.
The set bonus grants a 1/5 chance of gaining Projectionist's Wrath for 2-10s after being hit.
Which gives a plethora of stat boosts but reduces defense greatly.


Bacon Soup
Bacon Soup can be made with bacon, soup, and an empty soup can.
it grants a medium boost to all stats and a large boost to mana/life regen.


Toon Wood
Toon Wood is a new wood type dropped from Cutouts, post EoW/BoC enemies.


Ink Maker
A crafting station used for most of the mod's crafting.

And plenty more!



Moving cardboard cutouts that spawn after EoW/BoC has been defeated.
They drop toon wood, which is a new wood set with it's own furniture and weapons


Ink Slimes & Lost One
Two slightly different slime enemies, and an inky humanoid.
They are the primary source of Black Ink and Thick Ink.
They all spawn underground, the Thick Ink Slime only spawns post EoW/BoC



The Blob
A pre-King Slime boss that resembles a large Ink Slime.

It can spawn randomly during the day in pre-hardmode.
Killing it dramatically lowers its spawn chance
Alternatively, it can be spawned using the Oversized Inkball

It drops the Blob's Core, allowing you to craft one of 5 weapons.
One for Melee, Ranged, Magic, Summoning, and Throwing.
Each having unique properties.

Click here for download
Available in the TMoloader browser and the direct download listing as well


-Probably improve some textures
-Just more stuff, I guess.
-Any fixes/tweaks if needed


All textures and code (Other than mod support) was done by me.
YABHB and Boss Checklist support code was taken from their example code.

Obviously, I do not own Bendy and The Ink Machine in any way. Those rights and such go to Joey Drew Studios, TheMeatly Games, and Kindly Beast
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