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I wish I was 16, I will be in two months. Other than than, I qualify, over 3600 hours in the game, tons of knowledge, etc. EDIT: BaumProduction on Cenxx's twitter said that the update would be out this week. Is this actually true? If so, can't wait to mess around with the new stuff!
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This is a refreshing sight indeed!

Sadly I forgot to mention something that might be important in my application form :(
Hello Terrarians!

We need beta testers and we are looking towards the community to fill a few spots.

Before you fill out the application, there are a few "must haves"

  • 16 years old +
  • Willing to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). If you are under 18, your parent or guardian will need to sign this legal form on your behalf.
  • Be incredibly knowledgeable of Terraria and the game mechanics and have a significant amount of time played
  • Access to a PC that can run Terraria for regular testing (PC is a requirement other platforms are a bonus).
  • Willing and able to dedicate a discernible amount of time to testing, recording your feedback, and inputting bugs

If you meet these requirements, please complete the application. Do not email or pm staff regarding the applications as we are ONLY accepting candidates via the application process.
sooo...this means 1.3.1 is pretty much done, but just needs tested for bugs?
I put my application in, though I had a few afterthoughts of things I wish I had included in the app (the fact I'm familiar with computer hardware and built my computer from parts and can name the brand/model/make of every piece of hardware in my computer among other things).

Here's hoping!

I've been so bored lately, it'd be nice to contribute to the testing effort, as I've not really been much into most other Steam games really.
I am happy, I can submit because I got 16 like 2 month ago, also lot of people know me as the creator of terraria apocalypse (terraria mod) and I find lot of bug and I have lot of time of wasting normaly XD. I will try to qualifie I think!
Sent my application while at work, had to answer questions from boss for an hour. GG.

On a side note, I am very very happy that Jira is used. I use it all the time. >>

Not to mention 2962 hours of Terraria.

Since 2011.

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Is there a deadline to when you need to submit your Application?

Also I'm guessing this is the case, but to know for sure any Personal Information you give to the Re-Logic Staff will remain Confidential?

And the NDA is signed over the Internet?
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Application sent; hope I get considered, 2498 hours, been playing Terraria for years with those hours spread across, have lots of free time, and would love to test for it for the staff and community, as well as other possible Re-Logic stuff. :)
This really sucks.....I'm 13 (almost 14), which means that I cannot participate. Oh well, there is probably some legal reason....
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