IC Captivity - IC

Time: 2078
Location: Earth

You may have succeeded in escaping, but there is more to come...
Much More.
You have to brave the wilderness, find out more about the world you have never known..
For all of you:
Good Luck
-Mother (Real name has never been said)
-The schedule for everyday:
• (For certain characters) Prepare Breakfast, (All other characters) Lights out
• Breakfast
• (Only on Mondays) IQ test, (Every other day) Free time
• (For certain characters) Prepare Lunch, (All others) Free time
• Lunch
• Education
• Free time
• (For certain characters) Prepare Dinner, (All others) Free time
• Dinner
• Lights out
-Rin (@Ganransu)
-Jake (@Someone that needs help)
-Serthe (@Esther)
-Steel (@StockTheCorruptionDweller)
-Sakura (@Someone that needs help)
-Peter (@Agent Sandstorm Σ) - 110
-Ivor (@SimpleSparks08)
A (@Foraging Slime)
-Lin - (@Dragonfirestaken) - 120
-Esther (@Esther)
-Darold (@SimpleSparks08)
-Pax (@Foraging Slime)
-Jordan (@PixelNinja306)
-Wilbur (07)
-Eria (87)

-Genison (88)
-Flynn (89)
Time: 2078
Location: Earth
You live in an orphanage, but life is amazing! You have clean clothes, fresh food, and everything you need for comfort. Plus, with thirty-seven 'siblings', you hardly have to worry about friends. Nearly two acres of landscape span from the middle of the property. Surrounded by a wall, and the only way to leave is through a gate on one side of the property. But, no one needs to worry about that, there’s no reason to leave, you have everything you could possibly want right here! Your caretaker, which everyone calls 'Mother' is kind, and she says the outside is dangerous, that it’s safer in the orphanage.
Sure, you’re curious..and so is everyone, but it’s against the rules to go near the Gate or the Wall. So you don’t, because no one wants to get scolded, it’s a horrible feeling.

But what if all of that was lie?
What if the ‘Kind’ and ‘Loving’ Mother you know is just an act?
What if...

You have started to notice a strange things happening, every time someone gets sent to a foster family they promise to write letters..but those letters never arrive. Another time, someone forgot their luggage and Mother didn’t even bother to bring it to them. "Everything is okay, they’re probably just too busy playing with their families." Mother always assures you, but, as you get older you start getting more suspicious. When someone else gets sent off to their foster family, your curiosity gets the better of you, and you decide to secretly follow mother as she brings them to the gate. But, when you get there you find out something terrible...
Your story starts now, at the gate, watching the horrible truth unfold before your eyes.
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Serthe is there.
(I’m going to wait for the others to get here, but for now..)
The inside of the Gate is dark, and there‘s no sign of Mother or Pauline (She’s the one who’s getting the ’foster family’) so you wouldn’t be able to see anything where you are...the only way, is to go in.
<that's... weird.>
Serthe gets as close to the voices as she can without being seen.
*Visible confusion and stress (if she could be seen, that is)*
<W A T>
She isn’t visible.
The person...no..creature, approaches Pauline and opens it’s mouth, a long tongue comes out of it’s mouth and touches her chest. Immediately she crumples and it looks like all the blood was drained from her body.

|Wakes up........slowly turning head like a robot due to being a cyborg|
*He would see Benji looking at him* "Do you know where Serthe is?"
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