IC Captivity - IC

*My characters would walk over*
Juniper would get there as well.
Lin, Aspen, and Oracle all head there.
"Good, everyone’s here." (I’ll just assume Someone that needs help’s characters would arrive as well.) *They look around* "I called you here for an announcement. As you might’ve assumed." *They raise their voice a bit more* "Tomorrow we will participate in an attack. We have gone far too long without acting, our cities warden, Mark, was recently murdered by a Caedis. And we will make them pay for killing one of us. We will attack their tower, and bring it down, tomorrow."
88 heads out to patrol the forest again.
*He might be able to hear a very loud scraping sound, like metal against metal*
88 walks over to the trapdoor and tries to open it.
(Sorry if I didn’t word it better, but the trapdoor is already opening.)
*He'd attempt to sneak over to 89's location, and would try to get him out and away from the place*
He would probably be able to, as the only person who was guarding him is dead, and the others aren’t paying attention to him.
Lin and Aspen smile. Oracle's expression doesn't change, though her eyes betray her excitement.
"You can all leave now."
*The crowd starts dispersing*
Oh :red:, I gotta get out of here quickly.
*He'd attempt to find a place to settle down, and would quickly re-enter to grab something: Mark's body*

(What species is Mark anyways?)
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