Console Dual Threat: Terraria is Coming to Wii U and 3DS

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Just a question, this would be the console version of Terraria right? I could use another 3ds game but I need to know


AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111 i have both a 3DS and a WIIU!!! i am SOOOOOOOO gonna buy both at day 1!!!!!!

P.S: R.I.P iwata D:


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Do we get download play so we can do multiplayer with friends?
Is this the final box art (pls no) .
What framerate will it run at?
Is it designed for the new 3ds or the regular one?

Will the Wii U version support Miiverse? If so can we have billboards that automatically change to the latest posts?
Will the Wii U version have voice chat?
Will the Wii U version have other stuff?


Wow, that's really amazing! Nice to see Terraria also coming to Nintendo's platforms. I'm so hyped right now, I guess both versions will be bought by me shortly after release date :merchantgrin:
btw: the Box art looks beautiful!


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Here some bootleg to make you nightmare WORST!


How is development for the PSVITA version going? Because The instant I get a PSVITA, the first game i'm getting is Terraria.

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Wow, I am beyond hype for this. I am mainly interested in the 3DS version, but will likely end up with both. (You may remember me asking about it in the 1.3 twitch stream a couple weeks ago?)

We naturally have questions....

Why has it taken so long? =p
Will the game be in 3D?
Does the 3DS version support Download Play?
Does it have Online Play or only Local?
Is it up to version 1.3?
Does it support the C-stick on New 3DS?
Is the inventory always on bottom screen, or is the touch screen used as a mouse? (give us console controls please, or options)
How much is it going to cost? (I really hope it's not full price as I've got this game about 4 times already)
Can we have a trailer or something?
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