Console Dual Threat: Terraria is Coming to Wii U and 3DS

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I think it'll do alright on the U. Not overly confident in the 3DS though, I love Nintendo and all but I don't know how the 3DS will handle it.
from what ive experience as of yet, the 3ds will be able to support terraria easely


Who is developing this version? If its codeglue, then R.I.P Nintendo. The complaints about gamebreaking bugs will destroy them.


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Can't wait to see what they've done with the wii u gamepad/nds touch screen! Touch inventory management perhaps? (Most likely)
Also hopefully 1.3 will be out for all consoles at that point

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I don't have either of these systems but I'm not going to complain about new ways to play ;)

How is development for the PSVITA version going? Because The instant I get a PSVITA, the first game i'm getting is Terraria.
Terraria is already out for PDVita :p

Nintendo item exclusive? AMiibo gotten items, Nintendo themed NPCs?

Every version of the game has game exclusive items, are there gonna be
Nintendo themed exclusive ;-;?
Tbh, I find this unlikely. All the console versions share the same exclusives, though I guess some of the different mobile OS might have exclusive pets?
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I'm going to buy both of them although I own the PC version already. I hope there will be some Nintendo exclusive content like amiibo support or something. Because why not? Varia Suit armor, Yoshi mount, Pokemon minions... Just please make it happen!


I've been waiting for this moment. The dual-screen functionality will no doubt allow these versions to play much more like the PC version of the game than the current one for consoles. I'm looking forward to second-screen inventory and accessory management, housing management, map usage, and anything else the team can think of that would make use of it. There's so much potential and so many opportunities to make this the most unique yet familiar version of the game. Looking forward to it!


Tbh, I find this unlikely. All the console versions share the same exclusives, though I guess some of the different mobile OS might have exclusive pets?

My reasoning behind this is because Nintendo wants 3rd party games to implement AMiibos and... since Terraria has something exclusive for every version of their game, I'd assume they will do something themed. Nintendo is all about themeing things unlike most companies.

like ye... as well, Terrraria already has a ton of Nintendo related references. IDK, gut feeling that this version is gonna be a bit different.. seems to happen a lot to nintendo console games.

I'd Think it would also have amiibo support because the new 3ds and wiiU have the amiibo feature. I dont know exactly what they might do with it but meh it is just a feeling.
[DOUBLEPOST=1438278355,1438278155][/DOUBLEPOST]PS!!! Early 2016? Can we get pre-orders for christmas pls :3
[DOUBLEPOST=1438278477][/DOUBLEPOST]like Nintendo is soo Themed... when you think of an iconic character, I at least always see mario and link and starfox and kirby and like the whole entire nintendo crew from smash.
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