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PC Gemstone tile blending

Dragon Heart


Maybe I am posting in the wrong forum place, and if so, please excuse me. I have a small request for the devs of the game.
In earlier version of Terraria, gemspark blocks did not blend together when put next to each other. In version 1.4, they do.
Could the devs please be so conciderate just to add same gemspark block version, but that does not blend like the new?
I am humbly begging you to do this as I have been constructing a gigantic crystal castle for someone very very special to me.
Version 1.4 has given me so much more creativity in how I would go about finishing it, but the gemspark block blending, as it is now,
would in some cases kinda destroy the effect.

Here is example of how they were in earlier version:
A_01.jpg A_02.jpg

And this is how they blend now:

Can you please just made that addition, gemstone blocks that do not blend together as the new ones?

Thank you in advance!
And thank you for Terraria!
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Dragon Heart

Maybe a “ancient gemspark block” for people who like the new textures better?

Yes. I agree. That is a wonderful name for it too. "Ancient gemspark block" name for the one that doesn't blend, and "Gemspark block" for the one that blends. I am really liking your idea.
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