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Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

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''Patrick: Is redstone/mod support a valid suggestion?''
''Mod: No Patrick, Redstone or mod support is not a valid suggestion''


One game that uses a wiring system, that you guys could also draw inspiration from, is Prison Architect. It already has a logic gate system in place, and has some different wiring mechanics than what Terraria currently utilizes.


There have already been a ton of items and mechanics added to the game to make wire placement easier; but one thing that I think would REALLY help, and I'm sure this has already been mentioned, is the ability to instantly connect wires over long distances. Some ideas on how this can be accomplished:

1) By way of the world map: you place two objects, open the world map, and are able to select the two objects to be connected.

2) Marked objects: using a new tool, similar to a hammer, you can mark objects to be connected to each other (two objects marked as "A" get connected together, and another two objects marked as "B" can be connected separately). Once marked, wires can either be instantly connected, or perhaps connected using a sort of "ghost path," where wires can be placed one at a time towards their destination (like rope).

The only problem that I see with this, and why I understand it might not be in the game already, is that it probably feels too much like a map editor.


Another idea is an "electrical conduit" block/platform. It's an item that can be walked on/actuated, but that can actually serve to connect objects. This would help make long-distance connections easier, and would provide for some interesting builds and designs.


A "wifi" item would be cool. You can place one on an item, give it a value via a tool or right-click, and then connect it to another item the same way. No wires needed.


A wiring multi-tool, as has been mentioned a few times already I believe. What I imagine is simply a wrench/wire-cutter combination, so that you can right click wiring to remove the wires without having to switch items, much like you can with torches.


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The two things I would like to see are Teleport Blocks, and Sentry Turrets. With Teleport Blocks you could make multi-block teleporters that have a longer range the more blocks you add. Since they would be blocks, this allows them to be flush with whatever blocks are next to them. And Sentry Turrets are pretty self-explanatory...

Edit: Another Idea
Have a statue-like item that has a storage space for potions; when it is activated it automatically uses the potions and gives everybody in the vicinity the potions' buffs.
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Heres a few ideas that might be tough to pull off but could add some insane additions.

-Make a cement mixer/brick layer for wires, to make placing wire easier (although 1.3 already made it easier [thanks :D]).
-Make a sort of actuator that instead of actuating a block, it hammers it. If pulled off right, it could add SO MUCH depth to hoiks, the glorious bug we all love.
-New wrench (duh)
-Make an alternative to bird engines, bird engines are a bit unreliable and are much too crucial

Original Scout

My idea is to have a special item that let's you see traps that you did not place for an infinite amount of time as long as you have the item equipped


Some ideas for additional wiring/mechanics stuff(haven't read the entire thread so there may be repeats):

- Yellow and Pink Wires/Wrenches might be good. I also like the idea of a Rainbow Wrench crafted from all the other wrenches at the tinker bench that changes color when right-clicking.

- Laser Transmitters for long-distance wiring projects like transporters. The transmitter beams a laser on the wiring plane to the nearest transmitter on the same X/Y plane, and has infinite distance (or very long at 1000 blocks or something). The Mechanic starts selling laser transmitters for 1 platinum after a Martian Invasion is cleared.

- Elevators and/or Minecart Elevators for quick vertical travel. Conveyor belt blocks for quick horizontal travel (though hoiks serve the same purpose).

- More traps, like Cursed Flame/Ichor Flame Traps. Piston Traps that lift or push you into walls/ceilings would be cool, too. Maybe fan traps that create wind that pushes you/enemies away from them. Paralyzing traps could be interesting, such as Beartraps or Freezing Traps.

- Speaking of traps, you should be able to hammer traps to change their angle, like creating horizontal Spear Traps or vertical Flame Traps.

- Perhaps add a Sculptor NPC with the ability to copy statues you find. That way, you don't have to go through multiple worlds to find enough Heart or Star Statues for arena construction.


I primarily want to see some new and change to existing traps. I'm thinking of stuff like:
-A barrier trap. (Creates an electric barrier when activated that damages all creatures.)
-Different kinds of Dart Traps with each giving a different debuff. (Ichor darts, Web darts etc.)
-More wrench colors.
-Colored triggers (switches/levers) which only respond towards their respective wire color.

Minor changes:
-Actuated blocks should still count as solid blocks for collisions. (So when you place a pressure plate on a teleporter it doesn't break when you actuate the teleporter.)
-A way to disable lighting on the Teleporter, right now it disturbs certain enviroments that are intended to be dark.


If you have a chest close to a pirate cannon or snowball launcher, it should take ammo from the chest instead you inventory. And if you wired it then it can be automatic. That with some enemy detector device maybe cool to make cool defenses or weapons.

Same may work on pvp or adventure map as player detector, that may work as block who have invisible area around him and everyone who get inside that are will trigger that block.

Demon Master

Eye of Cthulhu
Not really a wire guy but I would like to see:

1. More mob statues
2. A way to obtain wire before the dungeon/mechanic. In expert mode skeletron is very hard so it may be a while before you enter the dungeon. They could spawn in pots occasionally.
3. Chest minecart or pipes.


Duke Fishron
Wire paint. Infinite wire colors. Bought from the mechanic for 10 copper. Comes in assorted colors. Only available when you have the painter npc.
Also, we need lights as tiles. Like redstone lamps from mc. Only better.


5 Luminite Bar + 1 Wire + 1 Chain: Any Second Timer
Starts as a .5 second timer, hitting with a hammer increases time by 0.5 seconds, to a maximum of 128.
Resets to .5 when picked up.
Additionally, Wire Hammer: Sold by Mechanic after the Moon Lord
On a 4-way wire intersection, hitting will switch it to two straight wires, or two curved wires.
For more mob statues, I have made a suggestion to use the Medusa Head to obtain them.


i think you should add like a tranzmiter that you can attach to teleporter and tell it what other tranzmiter to send to

crafting recipe is 100 wire and a hallowd bar
at table and chair

Forty-Seven Rōnin

Eater of Worlds
im a good mechanic myself tp to jungle tp to dungeon/surface mushroom fool-proof security system and open-able/close-able stairway to pool/fishing pond how i would love these features im on PSVita sadly, by the way @Leinfors like the new profile pic an improvement from the last one Not saying the last one was bad! just... U no wat i mean right?


I think we should add a wrench add-on where on any wrench you can add binoculars so it can act like it and have a longer range but only onto wrenches that have a certain tier so that not all wrenches have the extra range, also i agree with the wireless teleporters but what about wireless connecter for wires? that way you can use the teleporters and even more stuff :)


and be able to shoot living nonexplosive bunnies from the bunny cannon (and have them survive the landing) and the laser bunnies would make that a useful thing ;)
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