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Giant Worm doesn't spawn despite notification


Hi, I'm relatively new to the game so maybe I'm just missing out on something obvious.

I'm at 320' underground; it's night; I've defeated Eye of Cthulu, Skeletron and Slime; I bought a Worm Snack and used it at given position. Yet, after the notification "Giant Worm has awaken", there won't be a Giant Worm and also the health bar does not come up... Don't know what I'm doing wrong?


If you are talking about the Eater of Worlds, you have to spawn it in the Corruption biome. (The purple biome) you can also spawn it by using bombs to smash little orbs you find in deep caves in the Corruption biome. I hope this helps :)
Also, it doesn't have to be night, it can be any time of day. If you need help, you can go to the Terraria Wiki.
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