tAPI Hellevator Maker Bomb

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Would you like an alternate to the Hellevator Maker Bomb?

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  1. Dubby

    Dubby Terrarian

    Why not just write up a routine to scan the vertical column of map data and write a fully furnished/finished hellevator over it? Directly writing tile data is really simple once you actually know what you're looking out for (both to do, and what to avoid doing). Plus the finished thing would be real fancy looking, too. (Would probably be best suited in the world file, or global, if there is a global... but that's more for like, library files or subroutines.) And I guess if you wanted it to be really clever, you could configure it to take a pre-built pattern a player would lay out on the surface, and just continue that pattern down to a given/desired depth. :u
  2. Sin Costan

    Sin Costan Eye of Cthulhu

    It's more fun watching a hellavator being made right in front of you, one explosion at a time. It's like watching a Michael Bay production! :)
  3. Rasta Ros

    Rasta Ros Eye of Cthulhu

    When you make your hellevator your most likely in hardmode so you probably will have a drill or cobalt/palladium pickaxe. It wouldn't take that long too make one. And really, a bomb to make one? Well if you want to make a mod for it then ok
  4. Varian

    Varian Terrarian

    Ffirst great tool mod, digging is so time consuming. It's great to blow a hole and be done quick and simple...

    Only one thing wish to be change or update in that could you make the recipe be Demonite/Crimtane bars combo for people who get a crimson world instead of the corruption.

    If that could be done it would be even better.
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