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IC How To Train Your Dragon. (HTTYD)

Do you agree with the limited number of Nightfuries?

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  • No, should be unlimited

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Foraging Slime

First of if you saw the 3rd movie then you will be confused. But that will be explained later.

Taking place 30 years after the 3rd movie, the age of dragon hunters had finally fallen. The Berkians deemed it once again safe for dragons. Not even a month after, the dragons where as far spread as before, but they where safe. Of course there was the occasional arse wipe but they where safe.

Before we go any further, I will shortly make an OOC and all characters MUST... Be approved there first. Also, The honor of having a NightFury dragon is limited to very few so I will encourage you to chose a different type. The reason is that there are only 4 different baby NightFurys seen in the movie. So yea.

Anyway... The world was at piece until another land was discovered. This was not just an island, it was a huge collection if islands that all fell under one flag, The Empire, they where twisted with corruption and sought power across the globe. They cared not for nature, species, or life. All they want is power, and they are willing to kill anything that gets in their way.

Being to late for the dragons to return to the lost world the dragons had no choice but to stay and help the Berkians and their allies defend them and those who remained in the lost world.

Here is my character:
Name: Luna
Age: 14
Gender: female
Species: Night Fury-Light Fury crossover
Family: Daughter of Toothless and unnamed LightFury
Looks: all black like Toothless except two ears and the top of her hind legs are white.
She also has a large stripe starting from her lower neck down to her chest and general underside, which is all white.
Bio: Somehow related to Toothless
(revealed throughout the story)

This RP is also on A schedule. It will only be active during the following times: (US EASTERN)
SATURDAY & SUNDAY: 12:00 - 17:00
THURSDAY: 17:00 - 19:00
(If you don't know military time then subtract 12 and add PM to the end of numbers bigger than 12)
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Foraging Slime

Ok the following characters are active at the time of this post, this will also inclue their current location

Orifan: You crashed somewere on new berk, you just recovered

Bubby: also on new berk however its winter so your OK. Your currentley fish hunting at the back of the island when something explodes behind you over a hill

Me: my character is currentley wandering the forest when there is an eplosion on the oppositenside ofmthe island.

(Good job Orifan, you gave everybody a point of referene)


The Destroyer
((I'll narrate Frost in 3P, but she'll have her own text color.))

Frost looks over the hill. She nudges Friendly.
I look over the hill as well before climbing up it.
Frost follows carefully.


Eye of Cthulhu
But first

Before I could protest, I’m ejected from the pilot seat. As soon as I’m a good altitude up, I jump off my ejection seat and glide towards land, landing on berk with a roll

And now, for the present...
I stand up, and look around. Slightly terrified at the thought of being stranded

Foraging Slime

Luna sharpley looks up in the direction, makes a short flight t the edgemof the crater and peers in curiosly

(Btw to avoid clustering, we chat in turns, i will always be the last one to go, right now its:
Bubby. Borifan. Me

(If somebody after 19min hasnot responded their turn is skipped, Orifan go)
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Foraging Slime

Luna looks up to see where it came from, all she saw was sky so she decided to keep in the woods.
She r0began flying but before anyone could see hernfor too lojg she blasted in front of her and was invisible, she flew towards where shenwas but saw something down below. She landed narby to investigate.

(Oh yeah, if their ofline their turn is skipped)
(Being last seen for more than 10 minutes is what is considered offline)


Eye of Cthulhu
The sound of the dragon landing startles me, but I quickly recover
“Hello? Who’s there!?”


Eye of Cthulhu
I sigh, and continue walking. I’m bound to find something after all, right?
I still keep my right hand hovering over my katana’s hilt, just in case...

Foraging Slime

Luna follws him until hse snces that eventually he will encounter, puttimg the pieces together she figueres he is probable the cause of the wreck so sje jumps to a tree above him and then jumps in front of him, with her teeth oh in she takes a defensive stance.

Foraging Slime

(Im not planning for any of the dragons in the universe to actually have linguistic capabilities.)

She bites the sword in half, jumps onto the creature and roars into its face.mthen she grabs him, flys up and drops him to the top of a tree around the crash site, she then returns to what she was doing before.

(Defure you talk after Orifan, if he is offline or last viewing for 19 min then he is skipped.)


The Destroyer
Frost quickly runs in the direction of the sounds of someone hitting the ground.

"Whoa girl! Come back!"


Eye of Cthulhu
I climb down the tree
That thing just... ate my sword. Or, well, bit it in half. What the hell
I lean over, and look at the crash site
I would be lucky to even get the ACE drive out of it. Damn.
“...and it was a pretty damn good plane, too...”
I salute the wreckage of my XFA-27+.
“...but why did that thing bring me here?”

Foraging Slime

Hmmmm you and your rider Def are dispatched to investigate the fallen objects.

Btw my dragon is bout to be updated at the top.


Duke Fishron
The dragon/rider duo are flying on the way to the crash site, not quite close enough to be seen from there, but still enough to see it
"What... is that?"
((Would you mind if I kept, at least for mine, the option that he could actually talk?))
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