Introducing the Void Vault and Void Bag

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    It is not just the fault on Re-Logic, it could be the Steam server's fault for not being able to store them properly. Anyway, since the files are stored pretty obviously in Documents, you could take it upon yourself to copy them and manually back them up in a safer folder in case you are concerned about their security.
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    This heccin heccer will be a heccin great item
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    It's an issue the mobile platform, on which they don't allow you to access your save files. I still have the files on my drive and have no use for them as I can't load them into the local folder. Add that to the fact that they've let the cloud save feature via google drive go broken for 5 years and you realize they don't care about the platform. You just spent money on a product that doesn't work as advertised and are ignored whenever you try to contact support. There are dozens of threads with 10+ pages of people trying to get the dev's attention and there hasn't been a word about it from the team. This isn't steam, it's the creators.
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    This is a thread about an upcoming feature for the next PC version. If you want to see what's happening with mobile, try here:

    Terraria Mobile 1.3 Reaches Alpha!

    Google disabled the integrated cloud access feature without warning and gave no work-around for developers. They claimed it was a security issue.
    The upcoming mobile version will you to manage your own cloud access.
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    assuming it just go in the void because it would be kinda annoying to see it appear everytime and not picking it up. it can even confuse ppl
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    What about on xbox 360?
  7. DrIgnispirus

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    That's not being updated any more due to technical limitations.
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    Oh ok
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    Uh, maybe just don't use cloud saves?
    I've used local saves and have never had a problem... Also I know someone who's never had a problem with cloud saves. Unless you're playing modded or something, you shouldn't have a problem like that...
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    Don't worry, save the .wld file at google drive instead! Through, i think it would be still good if they'll fix this feature. It's broken not only on PC but on PSVita too, as well as other platforms.
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    By viewing those GIFs i can tell you, it's flying piggy bank 2: electric boogaloo.
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    Eeerg 'k you got me there
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    How will you get the the void vault and void bag?
  13. KnightCole

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    Is there a crafting recipe?
  14. Xylia

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    They said it'd be crafted, so yes, there'll be a crafting recipe. A lot of people are guessing it has something to do with the goblin invasion as the stuff looks similar to the stuff that the goblin shamans do and it would kinda-sorta make sense and give the goblin invasion a bit more relevancy to one's playthrough.
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    I have to save up money for this.
  16. Xylia

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    .... money? This isn't a paid DLC or anything, unless you're saying you don't have PC Terraria yet... it's only $10. Less if you catch it on sale.
  17. Blood Crawler

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    He meant in-game currency as money
  18. Omega Derpling

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    But it's not even bought from an npc lol, it's crafted
  19. Xylia

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    In-game currency?

    Unless you're trying to reforge a Terra Blade, I can't think of much of anything that's actually expensive enough to give me much of a pause.

    But then I fish up crates, so...