Journey's End 1.4.4: Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

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Haven't posted in a while, (or much at all really), but I just had to chip in about the whole luck mechanic. The whole torch luck thing is just bonkers. As many have pointed out, they should at the very least remove the negative penalty from regular torches. And I see that it's less hated, but I really find the whole ladybug luck thing to be super weird. I know it's easy, but carrying a lady bug in my hotbar just to release and catch every 10 minutes just for the boost is crazy annoying. I was thinking that maybe if you could accomplish the same thing with by using the ladybug terrarium item it wouldn't be quite as bad as you could refresh it far more conveniently in designated farms and every time you return to your base.

I fully agree with you on this. Forcing people to use specific things in a sandbox game is just... weird. If I wanna use, say, Ice Torches in a Jungle boss arena, I get punished for it. It'd be much better if there was no negative Luck, and the only punishment was losing out on a drop rate boost.

After thinking about possible ways to improve Luck, I feel like making the basic torches fully neutral, 0 good luck and 0 bad luck, would also be a good idea.
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In general, I feel as if the application of immunities among certain enemies should be revisited. For example, certain specific enemies are immune to all debuffs, which includes the Ichor debuff, the Daybroken debuff inflicted by the Solar weapons, the Bone Javelin's special Penetrated debuff, the Oiled debuff inflicted by the Huntress and Red Riding sets, and the Betsy's Curse debuff inflicted by Betsy's Wrath. There doesn't seem to be any specific reason why these enemies should be immune to these debuffs. For example, why should the Ghost / Desert Spirit / Dungeon Spirit / Poltergeist be immune to these five debuffs, while the Wraith / Reaper aren't? Why is The Destroyer and its Probes immune to these debuffs, while the Eater of Worlds is still susceptible to them? And out of all the enemies from the Lunar events, what's so special about the Milkyway Weaver and Evolution Beast that they should have immunity to these debuffs? Why should the Goblin Summoner?

In particular, Daybroken, Penetrated, and Betsy's Wrath feel to me like intrinsic qualities of the weapons they are associated with, and it doesn't seem to me that anything should be immune to them except in specific cases. The same goes for Oiled, which isn't going to affect anything that's already immune to flame debuffs, so I see no reason why anything should have specific immunity to it.

Ichor is an interesting case, as no enemies seem to have specific immunity to it – the only ones that do are those with universal immunity. This gives the Golden Shower and all items crafted using Ichor a huge advantage over its Corruption counterpart, the Cursed Flames, because so many more enemies are immune to Cursed Flames than Ichor. There should be more enemies that are specifically immune to it. Or possibly, less enemies should be immune to Cursed Flames.

Meanwhile, very few enemies from the Snow and Ice biomes are immune to the Frostburn debuff. In fact, only a few enemies in the game have specific immunity to it, including the Ice Elemental, Ice Golem, Sand Elemental, and Duke Fishron – all others immune to it have universal immunity. It seems to me that any enemy immune to On Fire, Cursed Flames, and Shadowflame should also be immune to Frostburn. Other enemies made of ice, such as the Ice Slime, Spiked Ice Slime, Icy Merman, Ice Tortoise, Flocko, and Ice Queen should also be immune.

Other specific cases:
– Solar Pillar enemies should be immune On Fire, Cursed Flames, and Shadowflame (and possibly Frostburn). Currently, the only Solar Pillar enemy that has these immunities is the Corite.
– Hell Armored bones are already immune to On Fire, but not Cursed Flames or Shadowflame. Most fire-themed enemies in the game are immune to all three (and should probably also be immune to Frostburn).
– For some odd reason, a lot of Pumpkin Moon enemies seem to have universal immunity, including the Hellhound, Headless Horseman, Mourning Wood, and Pumpking. Ideally, their lists of immunities (and those of other enemies with universal immunity) should have pointless immunities excised.
– Sand Elemental should probably be immune to On Fire, Cursed Flames, and Shadowflame in addition to Frostburn.
– Duke Fishron is already immune to On Fire and Frostburn, but for some reason is not immune to Cursed Flames or Shadowflame.
Curse Inferno is weak enough you want to nerf it even more? what a sham. I don't think those enemies should be immune to cursed inferno debuff as it's already very weak by nerfing it from a logical standpoint it would overall go from a C tier hard-mode weapon to a D tier one. There are reasons why those enemies aren't immune to cursed inferno. Infact I think more enemies should be susceptible to the cursed inferno debuff compared to ichor it's so underwhelming those immunities are there to offset this but that's not even enough. By removing these immunities balance becomes even more tipped in the Golden Showers favour compared to the Cursed Flames book which should have similar power levels. Golden shower should be only slightly better not twice as good.
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The new luck system is honestly pretty bad, especially the part where placing the wrong torches lowers damage and droprates. Players should not be penalized for their choice of lighting in a sandbox game. Having a system to increase luck if players do a specific thing is fine, but not if it punishes players for doing things their own way.
In that vein, the town system is also a huge pain. First off, once you get 3 NPC's you hear nothing but the town music until the day you die(slight exaggeration, but you get the point), but even worse than that is the fact that you get a massive increase in shop prices if the NPC is in the wrong biome, near the wrong other NPC, near more than like 2 other NPCs, if their house is 'too small', etc.
Again, people should not be punished for housing NPCs the way they want, and shouldn't be forced to do things the way the game wants you to do. I'm fine with getting a discount if you fulfill the NPCs wishes, but getting penalized for wanting to have your NPCs all together is again, unacceptable for a sandbox game.

The new world generation is honestly, kinda boring. Removing the opening to the underground desert may not seem like a big change, but it's actually massive because you have to dig straight down for like 100 blocks in each desert biome in your world and hope you chose the right one just to access the underground desert.
Speaking of the underground desert, the antlion nest things that spawn baby antlions are waaay too common. It's like replacing all the ceiling vines in the jungle with beehives. Constantly getting swarmed by overly tanky bugs is just not fun.

...But what's even less fun is the rolling cacti. They do WAY too much damage for how common they are. It feels like half the ground is covered with them, and there isn't even a way to get rid of them without letting them roll, which is something even boulders don't do. Maybe they should start rolling if you hit them with a weapon, but go away if you mine them, like boulders.

The rest of the worldgen, in general, just feels boring. There's less circular hills with tunnels leading to wooden chests(i couldn't find ANY in my last world), and the world as a whole just seems bland and boring now.

Fallen stars are waaaaaaay too common. I easily got up to full mana on my first night without even trying. I'm guessing that's to make the star cannon more viable, but instead of just machine gunning fallen stars(which gets annoying fast with the BEEW BEEW BEEW BEEW sound they make), maybe just give the star cannon(s) a higher chance to not consume ammo or something, or maybe even make it so you can buy fallen stars from the wizard or something. Also, why are they blue when they fall but yellow when they land? That's kinda weird and doesn't make sense.
Mana stars should also have their cost increased to 5 stars. It was perfect in 1.2, but when 1.3 came around, it was way too easy to get full mana without even trying. 5 is perfect in my opinion.

A lot of the new music is either annoying, or good but not as good as the original. For example, underground desert vs surface desert, underground jungle vs surface jungle, slime rain, and wind. You basically never hear the original jungle/desert music because you always spend like 20 seconds on the surface as you pass through it to get underground. Now, i get that changing all the music back isn't really an option, but to make things easier, maybe there could either be an option to change the music back to the 'classic' version, or just make music boxes easier to get.

Music boxes have actually been a problem for quite a while now. Having to equip a music box(at the cost of an actually useful accessory) for like 10 minutes while you wait for it to finally record the dang song is a huge pain for an aesthetic change that just makes the game more enjoyable. They should automatically record the music as soon as you equip them, and also they shouldn't be relegated to hardmode. Personally i think the merchant should sell them, because again, gating an aesthetic option to post-WOF is not fun.

Desert fossils vaporizing when you mine the ones next to them is confusing and annoying, and fossil stuff is already annoying to get as you need an extractinator(something it took me FOUR HOURS to get) and then you need to spend like 5 minutes slowly extractinating each block only to get 5 pieces. To fix this, extractinating as a whole needs to be sped up, and desert fossils should be changed back to their original mechanics.

The new crumbling blocks in the dungeon are kinda weird. They block off a lot of tunnels and hallways and don't break reliably, so you often have to manually mine every single block that's in the way because they didn't break when you broke the first one. I think they should work similarly to the veinminer mod, so when you break one block all the others connected to it break as well. Also, why do they make a squish sound when you break them? They're stone.

There's no reason to make only some accessories go in the vanity slots. I'm guessing that was to keep people from carrying 'too many' accessories at a time, but it just made it way more convenient to swap between different accessories, and with the new void vault and bag plus the piggy bank, safe, and other inventory expanding items, there's really no reason to limit people's inventory slots. If you're going to give people like 3 extra inventories to hold things, 5 extra accessories conveniently swapping out is not a huge deal.

Lastly, throwing should be merged with melee, not ranged. I've heard the argument that ranged only has one armor set pre-hardmode, but so does summoner, and that hasn't changed. Besides, it fits melee way better. Shurikens and throwing knives are way more similar to swords and knives than bows and guns. Heck, there's like 50 'melee' weapons that are basically throwing anyway, like the vampire knives, scourge of the corruptor, shadowflame knife, light discs, bananarangs, possessed hatchet, thorn chakram, most if not all boomerangs, and the daybreak. Plus, merging throwing with melee would actually give melee a way to fight bosses at range, which it doesn't really have right now without machine gun laser swords, especially in prehardmode. Heck, I'd be fine with making fossil armor ranged if throwing was merged with melee.

I know this probably sounds just like a list of complaints or a rant, and honestly, it kinda is, and i know you guys worked hard on the update and did your best, but these things are seriously impacting my enjoyment of the game. Like, i'm literally finding it hard to have fun in terraria with all these changes, especially the music(town mainly), town system, and worldgen. Please, please give this some consideration, because it's actually seriously making me unhappy and Terraria is my favorite game, and i really don't want to have to just play 1.3 forever and not be able to play mods, maps, or multiplayer.

Please consider this.
The change about only equipping some accessories and not some others in vanity slots doesn't improve gameplay while making the user interface and inventory management worse, which is frustrating.

It's pretty arbitrary that some accessory items can be equipped in vanity and others cannot. E.g. gizmo pack can be stored in vanity, ok, nice. But lava charm cannot. Why?

This makes the right mouse button to swap them depending on usecase less functional.

Old situation where any accessory can be put in both places was more useful, less frustrating and easier to understand.

Side note, I always found it very weird with those vanity slots that they function both as item storage to swap gear, and display. It makes no sense that the armor you are using is not the one being displayed. It would be even more logical if there were vanity slots that were only for items that have no stats whatsoever and can override the display, and next to that "swap equipment" slots for temporary storage that match all the armor and accessory slots but allow swapping out with the regular equipment slot.
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Some things that changed in 1.4 made complete sense and feel like improvements to the game. Faeries showing you the way to treasure, or the dead mans chests feel right at home in Terraria. The introduction of the luck mechanic is the opposite. Having a few, seemingly random items (torches, bugs, gnomes) have such a severe impact on the player experience seems tedious and was honestly and unnecessary edition to the game.

Terraria has always been a grindy game with a lot of factors depending on luck (mostly item drops and rare monster spawns). Making these things ever rarer by placing the ''wrong'' torches without telling the player is not a good or fun addition to the game.

If the devs are insisted on keeping the mechanic, I hope they get rid of the negative impacts of it, and just keep positive luck.
I understand why people are disappointed the other classes didn't get a new ultimate weapon, but it is what it is. Saying melee should have Zenith nerfed to death for that just seems spiteful.
Its not even first time melee gets preferential treatment in terms of thematic progression conclusion. But at least, at very least, Night's Edge and Terra Sword were reasonable in power for when you acquire them and other classes had weapons that could reasonably compete when used right. Other classes dont have anything that comes even close to Zenith and that is unfair. So yes, Zenith in its current state is just a gigantic flurry of differently colored middle fingers to the other 3 classes.
Fossil Helmet: 2 Defense, 3% ranged crit
Fossil Plate: 4 Defense, 3% ranged crit
Fossil Pants: 2 Defense, 3% ranged crit
Set Bonus: 20% ammo consumption reduction

Look how they massacred my boy, it has even less defense than iron and lead armor, this armor set used to be so good and now look where we are. This thing is like objectively worse than ninja armor and is arguably way more difficult to get, makes no sense.

Like look I get it you don't need a powerful pickaxe to get fossils anymore but getting enough sturdy fossils is still very difficult, especially in master mode where the place is crawling with enemies and instakill cactuses. All for a little more crit and a bit of ammo conservation? Super underwhelming, this thing needs a buff so bad.

For pete's sake the Jungle Armor has more than twice the defense, I thought the mage archetype was supposed to be high dps and low defense like what?
On Fire, to me, is a doomed buff. It doesn't do enough damage to be useful for most of the game, but if it was buffed too much, it would do too much damage early game, because its highly accessible. Fractional damage bonuses don't really work because the scaling would be tremendous. DoT multipliers like the Huntress armor were basically a failed experiment (one I would like to buff, for what its worth).
Perhaps the Magma Stone could get a Cursed Flame / Venom upgrade which will make it useful during lategame, and make the Magma Gauntlet would require the upgraded version of the Magma Stone, making it still useful in hardmore.
In terms of stacking damage with other emblems etc.: The Emblems might require a mechanic which disallows them to stack with each other. By using e.g. Ranger Emblem (+15%) + Avenger Emblem (+12%) + Destroyer Emblem (+10%) + Sniper Scope (+10%) + Recon Scope (+10%) + Magic Quiver (+10%) + Molten/Stalker's Quiver (+10%) you can get +77% damage on arrows, also included alot of critical strike chance.

Star Cloak, Honey Comb, Cross Necklace, Panic Necklace, Magic Cuffs, (Flesh Knuckles, Frozen Turtle Shell, (Cobalt Shield, Ankh Charm)): All do have an effect which only occurs when you take damage, but only Star Cloak and Honey Comb (which are also the only one which deal damage) can be combined with other accessories. Any chance we could see more combinations between them?
I think these too are a legacy item of their time that did not stand the test of time. A raw damage buff could bandaid the problem, but it wouldn't solve it. I've got some ideas that might help it, but they might not truly be salvageable for high end play, not without introducing other problems at the other end.

What if instead of activating when taking damage, these items would activate any time you come in melee contact with an enemy? So shield of cthulhu charge would proc them when it hits something, ninja dodge, shadow dodge and brain of confusion dodge would too as long as the dodged attack was from contact. This would make them way better and open up some new interesting builds but as a side effect, it would indirectly buff shield of cthulhu which is already a must-have item. Still, its an idea.
Fossil armor seems fairly underwhelming for the difficulty of the underground desert as well as the other potential uses for Sturdy Fossils. For the 75 fossils it takes to craft the Fossil Armor you get less defense than the Iron and Ninja sets, a class restricted crit bonus that's the same 9% as the Ninja set's non restricted bonus, and an ammo reduction bonus that's only really impactful for the Minishark and people wanting to stretch their Jester Arrows a bit further.

For the same 75 fossils I could get one of the best pre Eye of Cthulu pickaxes, the Amber Staff, and still have enough left over to make nearly a stack of javelins, half a stack of scarab bombs, or about a stack and a half of knives. It just really doesn't seem worth it to use my fossils for it when I could instead just make weapons and kill King Slime for the stronger Ninja set or just use the far safer to acquire Silver, Obsidian, Tungsten, Gold, or Platinum sets that have up to 12 more defense.
The Spider Staff no longer counting as 0.75 of a minion slot has had a surprisingly significant impact on its performance in early Hardmode. Bumping up its damage slightly might help, or alternatively reverting this change would be good as well.
The Spider Staff no longer counting as 0.75 of a minion slot has had a surprisingly significant impact on its performance in early Hardmode. Bumping up its damage slightly might help, or alternatively reverting this change would be good as well.
Personally I've noticed a major improvement in its performance, the .75 minion slots was irrelevent when having 2 spiders in 1.3 caused them to hit the pierce cap making any extra spiders redundent. Now that the piercing has been overhauled I can finally land piercing attacks on thing the spiders attack, and more spider is always a benifit.
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So I'll say that I have complex feelings here.
1. I was not the one who made this change, so I'm not fully sure what the intended goal here was.
2. Bee Keeper was pretty strong for a pre-HM sword, arguably one of the best. The loss of the autoswing was huge, but the stat reduction was fairly small. Unless I were to in-turn buff multiple-end-Pre-HM swords in turn, Bee Keeper is still fairly high end.
3. Describing it as one of the worst Queen Bee drops does not ring true to me. In fact, I've often heard it spoken of as being somewhat overpowered, and rendering other melee weapons worthless.

Not to say that there won't be adjustments here, but I think the description of the change here is a bit stronger than what I perceive as accurate. I think I'd like to look at returning the autoswing but leaving the rest in-tact.

Bee Keeper was the best phm sword back then, no doubt about that. But when its only real rival was Muramasa since every other PHM sword was bad (and probably still is, but I haven't seen if 1.4 added new ones yet), are you sure nerfing it instead of buffing the rest was the right choice?

Just compare it to the other Queen Bee drops:

Bee's Knees: Even after its stat nerf, it's still very strong against Skeletron, WoF, the Dungeon and pretty much all of pHm.

Bee Gun: I don't like this thing, but it is an upgrade to the Diamond Staff you usually used until this point.

Beenades: I bet there are people who haven't even heard of this game and know this is the best weapon in the game to use against Wall of Flesh.

Beekeeper doesn't do anything remarkable like those, it couldn't even kill Skeletron reliably and its only niche was "it's the best sword", and I can't see how it renders stuff like buffed Muramasa, Cascade, Flails now that they have been added to the game, Dark Lance and possibly other new weapons from 1.4 "worthless"

Pretty sure the goal is that its really just an early game combination weapon/exploration tool, something flashy and easy to get when people are still running Iron Broadswords or worse. I think it serves that purpose well.

Yeah, it's actually pretty good compared to Broadswords and Boomerangs. My issue with it is that the upgrade doesn't set things on fire often enough to be worth a full stack of torches. I guess the intention is to have a weapon that gives off light early on? Something that the 99 torches could do better?

I don't think there's much we can do here, honestly. It is what it is, a dead-end legacy item from another time. I could try and throw some paltry token stats on it or something, it wouldn't solve the problem, and I don't think it really has much of a repurpose future.

This is a weird idea, but if it buffed luck? Horseshoes are typically associated with Luck (the downgrade is literally a Lucky Horseshoe), and if it helped with grinding like this, it would be much more worth crafting, and I don't think it would be hard to implement either.

I'm naturally very hesitant around healing items. Palladium, Squire Helm, and Valhalla are all notorious and potentially overpowered. At the other end of the spectrum, the Band of Regenerations of the world are weak and fairly negligible. I'd have to think about it. It could definitely use something, I'm just not sure what.

The Squire Helm and VK Chest weren't broken because they gave regen, they were broken because they gave an absurd amount of it. If we look at Celestial Stone (which is generally considered to be a perfect balance of offense and defense) we can see that a +10% damage up has roughly the same value as a +1hp/s bonus, so the old Valhalla Knight Breastplate gave the equivalent of +80% damage (and right now that's still a +40%, not bad at all when other chest pieces give like 26% at most).

That Honey Comb buff would not come nowhere near close that, since Honey is just 2hp/s on average and you can already get it easily by just carrying a Honey Bucket around or putting some Honey in Bubble blocks. Hell, I'd even push for the Honey Balloon to give a flat +1 hp/s regeneration bonus at all times as well.

Ichor is a tricky beast. There is only so far Cursed Flames is going to be able to be buffed before Ichor instead just gets nerfed. And I'm not sure if I want it to get to that point, given the potential backlash. Maybe its what has to happen. I'm going to play it carefully with CF for the time being.

I wasn't talking about the debuffs, actually (I have a controversial opinion that ichor is balanced enough, and that it's other things that need a nerf). I meant that since Ichor is the better one, it shouldn't get the stronger ammo as well. The Cursed Flames book is much stronger than the Golden Shower as a main weapon due to the difference in the debuffs, but thats not the case here.

I've also seen some more items that should get touched up a bit:

* The Wizard set. I actually forgot to put this in my first post, lol. The set is not only really easy to get early game (Extractinator makes getting Diamond Robe easy and worst case scenario you just use Emerald-Amber, then Tim is more common than a Mimic), it also has disproportionately high stats compared to any other armor of the tier. If you also have the Meteor or Jungle leg slots equipped, you get more offensive bonuses than both of those armors combined at the cost of... 6 defense. I will greatly give up 6 defense if it means I can get Adamantite-level stats on my armor.

Unrelated, but the Amber Robe doesn't seem to affect Tim's spawn rate like the other ones do. Maybe I was just unlucky, but when I was grinding it Tim spawned seconds after I swapped to an Amethyst one.

* Poison Staff is still weak. It's this close to becoming a good weapon, it just needs a final push. The nerfs to compensate for the independent piercing went too far; it did not need the range nerf, especially since the spread messes with it at long range already. It's basically a worse Shadowflame Hex Doll now, who I also feel needs a bit of love. I haven't used Venom Staff yet but I feel like it's going to suffer from the same issue EDIT: It does not, this weapon is awesome now.

* Magical Harp is another one that needs love. It's supposed to be strong for crowd control, but it has too many weaknesses that make it bad at that role. Having no knockback makes it really, really bad for holding things back, its dps is very lacking (It takes a while to kill Destroyer, especially if you don't have Clinger Staff/Nimbus Rod), and more often than not the thing is too slow even with the cursor at the edge of the screen.

Giving it knockback, raising its mana cost (yes, that's a buff, it lets it get Mythical for DPS), and making it faster at max cursor range would put it in the same level as Rainbow Rod (which now has AoE of its own, rendering the current Harp useless outside of Destroyer)

I love Queen Slime's fight. It's a very original design, has very unique patterns and attacks, and she's very hard but not unfair. Perfectly made. The Slime Saddle+ she drops is a blast to use, and the Expert drop is a bit boring but it doesn't seem bad at all.

However that armor she drops :red:ing sucks. Yeah, I really mean it.

It could just be that it's just a new boss that I'm not used to, but she was way harder than any other boss I have fought thus far. Pre-Mech gear wasn't doing it, so I had to kill the mechs for Hallowed armor and a Rainbow Rod to win. Then I used the exact same gear on Fishron without even building an arena and he didn't give me nearly as much trouble.

Now, I don't care about her difficulty at all, but if half my reward from such a boss is a clone of Adamantite armor then I don't see why I would bother fighting her.

I feel like the armor could be perfect for Hybrid sets if it's pushed enough; what if instead of +15% movement speed, the Leg piece gave a Tabi dash? Or if the chestplate and helmet gave a 16% crit bonus each and we toned down the set bonus a bit? There is a lot of wasted potential here.

* Chlorophyte armor: tfw Hallowed armor gets the best set bonus in the game because it's considered "outclassed" while its clone only gets 5% DR on one of its variants

Yeah, there really is no reason to "upgrade" to Chloro now. Maybe give the Chloro Mask its 25 defense back, and make new mini-set bonuses for the other two helms? Or buff the hell out of the Leaf Crystal so it can compete with Holy Protection? A homing shot and/or piercing would definitely feel like enough to compare the two.
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The Research Panel needs some special love. The UI panels are, first of all, way too far from each other away ("??? - Research" and "Inventory" UI Elements), if playing on 2k (is even much more worse on 4k ...) and secondly there should be a confirm keypress button, like fetching the item which should be researched with Shift+LMB click, pressing custom buttons to confirm the process without clicking the actual "Research()" button.
Or add just another keypress combination (e.g. Shift+R or CTRL+R for an instant research) like ALT for Favo() or CTRL for TrashBin().

Actually, we should also be able to change those buttons, too. There are no options whatsover changing or switching ALT and CTRL functions, and no, "input profiles.json" does not have anything declared inside. I knew that I made those changes by decompiling the game executable, but seriously ... this needs to get addressed for so many years.

And also, we got that fancy RGB parsing function in v1.4 for our Keyboard and Mouse lighting... let us be able to turn that off ingame. It is pretty inconvenient typing late nights while the keyboard going haywire in some biomes rendering my keyboard mostly pitch black and me not seeing where the necessary letters are at. I've never liked that, that games are forcing their own color schematics into these instances ... Journey to the Savage Planet was one of those games which annoyed me with their RGBA 255,255,255,1 brightness saturation and intensity, because my keyboard can get pretty damn bright... annoyingly blind.

About the RGB, found the declaration to turn it off ... sigh...
Go to your PC's ".\documents\My Games\Terraria" folder, open up "config.json" and search for...
If you are a user of:

Razor - UseRazerRGB
Corsair - UseRazerRGB
Logitech - UseLogitechRGB

And simply switch the boolean from "true" to "false". Done. No more color profile force overwriting.
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Guys, there’s a new event called a “meteor shower” which raises fallen star drops for one night. They didn’t raise the drops at all for other nights, so you’re probably just getting good RNG. Look for the shooting stars in the background when it happens.
I've heard many talk about it before, but I'm going to mention it again: Torch Luck.

Luck in general is a weird addition, changing the stats of your weapon damage, monster spawnrates, item drops, coin portal spawns, chances of bound NPCs spawning, etc, etc. A lot of things also affect luck, such as garden gnomes, lantern nights, ladybugs, luck potions, and... torches.

First of all, the concept of torch luck in general is just so strange in my mind. Why would placing specific biome torches in their specific biomes affect your luck in any way? Torches were made for one main reason, which was light. You shouldn't have worse luck simply because you didn't have 10 stacks of different torches in your inventory at all times.

And another thing, as I stated previously, luck can negatively affect weapon damage. Biome torches that aren't in their right biomes subtract luck. See what I'm getting at?

In the early game, even a few extra damage points on your weapon are necessary for survival (though the same could be said for Hardmode too). Taking those extra points away simply because you had the wrong torch is not a good thing. Why should a weapon do less damage because you placed a desert torch in the Corruption? It makes zero sense and actually makes the game less fun. This is a problem and it needs to be fixed in some way. Either take away the negative luck effects from torches, or remove torch luck altogether.

Oh, and one more thing. Different torches were made to provide colored light. People shouldn't have to use Coral Torches in the Ocean if it doesn't fit their build. Building with different blocks shouldn't be punished. Remember, this is a sandbox game.

A compromise for making biome torches useful besides aesthetic reasons would be to make biome torches brighter in their specific biomes, instead of adding or subtracting luck from the player.
Please consider changing torch luck, it will make the game better, even if it's only slightly.
Just in case this doesn’t get fixed, people have discovered that Bone torches don’t affect luck negatively in any biome in the game, so you actually can just mass buy them whenever you find the skeleton merchant, and just use them instead of carrying every type around at all times.
I've been liking any luck-related post I saw and even replied to another thread. I probably it's worth detailing my gripes with it since others here have already done a pretty good job at this, there's no point repeating these points like a parrot.

And in case the designer of this mechanic simply loves penalizing the player for using basic torches and doesn't want to remove this mechanic, a bandaid fix would simply be to bring the impact of torches in the Snow biome in line with other biomes, instead of making it so harsh. While the whole mechanic of negatively affecting luck with torches is pretty bad in my opinion, it looks like the impact of using regular torches is negligible in most biomes. Except snow (which does have stuff to farm, by the way). So either scrap the negative effects of torchs on luck (which I would prefer), or scrap the absurdly high significance it has on Snow biome. And obviously explain to the player that torches have an impact on luck instead of letting them shooting themselves in the foot by putting standard torches everywhere without knowing about the negative impacts.

I also agree that the Journey mode duplication menu could use a bit of a rework. I have only beaten Brain of Cthulhu and I already can't find anything without using the search function. Ammo could gain to be a separate category, for example. Everything plants-related as well. Furnitures and blocks could be separated in two categories (instead of being dumped in "blocks"). Etc

Those would be the top two points I would raise. The others issues I have with the game (fishing being a thing; the old pre-1.2 ores being almost always simply worse than their newer counterparts without any interesting mechanic coming into play; pirate invasion being able to trigger as soon as you enter hardmode and try to make some progress; locking an apparently bonkers weapon behind the "challenge" of fighting a boss in enraged mode while having to take care NOT to damage the boss before a specific time) are unlikely to ever be fixed (maybe the last point but I'm not too hopeful), I have learnt or will learn to live with them at this point
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While I agree with everyone for the most part over this whole luck thing, I'm honestly not too fussed about it... maybe because I never place torches anyway once I get the mining helmet.

I think the best solution would be to not have any penalties for placing torches, they simply give you extra luck if you place them in appropriate biomes and do nothing if you place them in wrong biomes, of course, adding a tooltip as others have also mentioned is an absolute must. This would keep the mechanic intact as intended without negatively affecting player experiences should they choose not to use it while still leaving the option to place "correct" torches if they really want the boost. Similarly, NPC happiness should only be a positive gain, not listening to their requests and leaving them as you normally would should just leave their prices at the default instead of punishing players for doing what they're used to. Choices are good.
My post about potion sickness seems to have been skipped over as well, no pressure or anything.
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Since the reaver shark was heavily discussed at the start of the thread I would like to bring up a really weird balance idea that would make it a "light" version of its pre-nerf self.

First off make this thing a unique item that can only be found once in a world even in multiplayer. Second off, give it durability. I know that pickaxes don't have durability in terraria but weirdly enough this fits because technically its a shark and not a tool made for mining.

The point of durability would be to make this thing be able to mine hellstone but only enough to either make a single armor piece or one of the class weapons (so enough for 20 bars of hellstone). Reaver shark could get you a fiery sword/flamarang/imp staff/molten fury or a piece of armor. Slightly increase the crafting cost of the molten pickaxe, the flamarang and the phoenix blaster to make sure that players cant get 2 pieces of equipment or create molten pickaxe and continue the sequence break. After this, the reaver shark breaks and can not be used anymore.

And if someone wants to world-hop for more just make it not available on day 1 or something.

This way reaver shark is still an incredibly useful sequence breaker but not one that outright makes armor progression irrelevant. It could actually make rushing to the underworld a rewarding but not overpowered part of the game.
Luck in general is an interesting system, and even mostly interacts like you'd expect... except for torch luck, which is completely inexplicable, has no obvious indications or even hints of its presence, and - if only slightly - adversely affects what items you can use to build in each biome.

It's not even that placed items affecting luck is bad - there are several items that come to mind if you think of 'good' or 'bad' luck - but torches are not one of them, and making the most common and easily-accessible light source reduce your damage, drop chances including money, hearts, and stars, rare enemy spawn rate, underground fairy spawn rate, and chance of spawning gnomes that can be used to increase your luck is frankly an extremely confusing and questionable decision, especially considering that luck is, by nature, an obfuscated system and most players simply will not realize it exists and will thus be punished for their lack of awareness.

Sssssecondly, only torches affecting luck is equally questionable, as, given the sheer variety of light sources in Terraria, it ends up being very simple to avoid placing inappropriate torches and adversely affect your luck, which makes torch luck seem like it was added specifically to punish normal torch use and not to make luck a naturally fluctuating value based on what items are placed where.

TL:DR: If torches affect luck, positively or negatively, it should be more obvious they do so, and more items than just torches should affect your luck.
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