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Should I add an effect that causes a meteor to spawn?

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  1. KinfThaDerp

    KinfThaDerp Plantera

    Well I thought about these lucky blocks and could u at least TRY to make it that It doesn't drop random items, it doesn't seems right to me and I if it drops certain items ( I still didn't try it out because i am really preparing for Wall OF Flesh on my modded world so I can start a new modded world with other mods ) and If It it possible what about renamed items? That would be awesome as well :red: some new items, because I mean it's not going to be that fun in terraria like let's compare it

    for example - Legendary Night's edge - and now in MC - a sword with special enchants with a name other than just "Wooden Sword" "Diamond Sword" etc.
  2. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    Random items are a part of the charm

    That would require a whole new system that would have to be coded manually.
  3. KinfThaDerp

    KinfThaDerp Plantera

    I Know, but In the original Lucky Blocks u can't get every item, and that's what ruins the charm for ME.

    And I know It would require a new system, but that was just a suggestion
  4. Wulf'frid

    Wulf'frid Terrarian

    I don't think you grasp the enormity of renaming items, to rename an item, you have to code another one into the game. UPDATE: revamped entire system, now you can make a lucky block that doesn't spawn every item ingame, and you can upgrade that into a lucky block that can spawn any and every item ingame, this block can be split into different paths using different gems.
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  5. NatsumeHack

    NatsumeHack Steampunker

    Now I can't wait for it to spawn modded in stuff :p

    Goodwork so far.
  6. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

    With modded items and mobs it can be quiet a lot of work, considering that modded stuff is "called" by names (strings) rather than numbers (integers). So randomizing that is tedious.
  7. Ses_Gaming

    Ses_Gaming Terrarian

    I've actually tested the mod a bit more and read these comments, I got a bunch of modded items (such as the bloodbrace bracelet and a 37 stack of some ores from terramineral) so I have no idea what's going on, I also have never gotten any paintings whatsoever and I do think that you should make it so that it's split into items you can get pre hm and in hm since, before even getting the eoc spawner, I already had a full set of titanium armor and, after hm, I was able to make a damn house out of titanium since I got a bunch of titanium forges and I had the dissassemly station mod... so yeah, and I do agree you should make it possible for the lucky blocks to spawn structures since it actually wouldn't be that hard and would be amazing.
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  8. ℃ Electric ℃

    ℃ Electric ℃ Terrarian

    Okay... so i only have one issue when playing (trying to play) with your mod.
    It crashes my game when loading a world or creating one,
    BUT i know why, so lemme explain what i found.
    I am playing with Omnirs-NOS-Pack, Tremors-Mod and this LuckyBlockMod.
    Yesterday I wanted to add the "SwordArtOnline-Wavebank" but after that the crashes started.
    So I started messing around what it could be, what mod doesnt want to have a custom wavebank and after ~10 mins of restarting and reloading mods i found out that its your mod... and I think this is REALY weird since your mod adds nearly "nothing" compared to Omnirs and Tremors, only a few "items" and some recepies...
    Could you look into it why your mod makes the game crash with a custom wavebank?
  9. Wulf'frid

    Wulf'frid Terrarian

    The only thing I can think of is the MWorld.cs file, which, as it doesn't include custom wavebank may be causing this. Can you give me the error report?
  10. ItsPandora

    ItsPandora Terrarian

    You say we have to use 0.20.. What does that mean? I am confused about this... Do you mean an older terraria, or an oldeer version of tAPI? I don't know..
  11. Wulf'frid

    Wulf'frid Terrarian

    The version of the lucky blocks mod... 0.2.0
  12. witherlord00

    witherlord00 Terrarian

    Its the tremor mod causing it trust me it happens to me alot.
  13. ℃ Electric ℃

    ℃ Electric ℃ Terrarian

    Then how can I play with the Tremor-Mod and Omnirs at the same time WITH THE WAVEBANK, but as soon as I activate the LuckyBlockMod too it crashes?
    (I said that before in the text you quoted btw....)
    Also, I can play with Tremor, Omnir and Lucky at the same time without the wavebank.
  14. Wulf'frid

    Wulf'frid Terrarian

    I'm pretty sure that you're not supposed to modify the game's files...
  15. ℃ Electric ℃

    ℃ Electric ℃ Terrarian

    Then why is it crashing ONLY when I use the LuckyBlockMod? And of course you can modify the wavebank etc. Never had problems with it before,
    first time now with LuckyBlockMod ...
  16. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    Okay, he doesn't have to help you. Be lucky he is and stop being a :red:.
  17. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

    I know a way to make it trigger when it breaks.
    You need to put the PostKill method in a GLOBAL ModTileType class (you need to detect that the block is the lucky block before the rest of the code), not the tile's ModTile class.
    ModTile = single tile instance, mainly used for lighting, and interfaces. 1x1 blocks DON'T use ModTile, so that's your problem.
    ModTileType = accounts ALL the tiles in the world, rest of the effects. Used by every tile.
  18. ℃ Electric ℃

    ℃ Electric ℃ Terrarian

    I am not a **ck. I have no reason to be one. I just said that it makes no sence that "we are not allowed to modify gamefiles" even tho custom-wavebanks are common and often used and that it`s this mod that is causing a crash when using a custom-wavebank...
  19. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    Well I am sorry, but saying it is this mod's fault when this mod use those files is wrong.
  20. ℃ Electric ℃

    ℃ Electric ℃ Terrarian

    Then just one last thing so i understand this right.
    How does the LuckyBlockMod use anything related to the wavebank when other mods that add ores/blocks/recepies etc work 100%ly fine with the wavebank?
    Thats what i just do not understand, since they all add the "same" and more.