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(This is my 50th suggestion thread. I made it extra big for the occasion.)

Why Aquariums?

Because it would make collecting all of the different fish much more enjoyable and worthwhile. If you have a whole house devoted to your impressive gallery of Terrariums, then your dream of having a building filled with fish tanks and your collection of fish would no longer be out of reach!

Here are the details:

Water Purifier
* Can be placed.
* Used to craft Aquarium Filters and Aquariums.
* Awarded by the Angler for doing exactly 40 fishing quests.

After you obtain your Water Purifier, you can begin to craft Aquarium Filters. There are a variety of filters that you can craft depending on what type of fish you want to keep in your aquariums. There's a filter that satisfies every biomes needs, so you can start building the perfect home for your aquatic friend!

Aquarium Filters:

(Many thanks go to @Zoomo for making sprites for everything.)

<F for the fallen images from TO>


Water Filter
* Used to craft Aquariums.
Iron/Lead Bars (x2)


Deep Water Filter
* Used to craft Cavern Aquariums.
Iron/Lead Bars (x2)
Silt Block (x10)


Saltwater Filter
* Used to craft Oceanic Aquariums.
Iron/Lead Bars (x2)
Coral (x5)


Refrigerative Filter
* Used to craft Arctic Aquariums.
Iron/Lead Bars (x2)
Slush Block (x10)


Tropical Filter
* Used to craft Jungle Aquariums.
Iron/Lead Bars (x2)
Jungle Spores (x5)


Enchanted Filter
* Used to craft Hallowed Aquariums.
Iron/Lead Bars (x2)
Pixie Dust (x10)


Rotten Filter
* Used to craft Corrupt Aquariums.
Iron/Lead Bars (x2)
Rotten Chunk (x5)


Blood Filter
* Used to craft Crimson Aquariums.
Iron/Lead Bars (x2)
Vertebrae (x5)


Obsidian Filter
* Used to craft Lavaquariums.
Iron/Lead Bars (x2)
Obsidian (x5)


Honey Filter
* Used to craft Honeyquariums
Iron/Lead Bars (x2)
Honey Blocks (x5)



All aquariums are crafted with a Terrarium and the appropriate Filter at a Water Purifier.
Once you have an Aquarium, you can craft an Aquarium for each type of fish.

* Filled with water and pebbles.
* Can house any fish which don't fall under the other Aquarium types.

Cavern Aquarium
* Filled with water, mud, and stones.
* Can house common Cavern fish, as well as Underground quest fish.

Saltwater Aquarium
* Filled with water, sand, and coral.
* Can house Ocean specific fish.

Arctic Aquarium
* Filled with icy water.
* Can house Snow Biome specific fish.

Jungle Aquarium
* Filled with Jungle vines and stuff.
* Can house Jungle specific fish.

Hallowed Aquarium
* Filled with magical pink water and pearly white stones.
* Can house Hallow specific fish.

Corrupt Aquarium
* Filled with vile, corrupt water and stuff.
* Can house Corruption specific fish.

Crimson Aquarium
* Filled with sickly red water, bones, and a skull.
* Can house Crimson specific fish.

* Must be crafted near lava.
* Filled with lava.

* Must be crafted near honey.
* Filled with honey.

Help Function for the Angler:

In order to avoid mix-ups, and also for general convenience, the Angler could have a new function, which would be unlocked after doing 40 fishing quests (so that it's unlocked once you get the Water Purifier). It would work like the Guide's Crafting feature, except you instead give him a type of fish that you've caught, and he tells you where you can find them, as well as what type of Aquarium environment they would live in. (If you cannot already do so, fishing for quest fish outside of doing quests is possible past this point.)

The Angler's speech upon doing 40 quests would be something along the lines of:
"You've been doing a great job! I hate to say this, but you've actually earned my respect. Here, take this and start collecting some rare fish of your own. If you need help with taking care of them, bring them to me, and I'll see what I can do. But remember, if you keep up the good work, I have a special prize for you..."

On a Slightly Different Topic:

It would be nice to be able to release caught fish into water and watch them swim around. You can do it with critters, and on the off chance that this gets added into the game, this would be like killing two birds with one stone. If nothing else, this should be added, but you may as well do both (or neither, but hopefully both).

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To the developers: I can guess that this would be a lot of work to animate and implement, but think of how amazing the final product would be. You could get creative with the various special fish types, and it would be a hell of a lot of fun to have giant fish tanks to show off your collection of fish, and it would also be a nice reward for all of the hard work you spent doing quests for the Angler. Please consider making this a reality. It would make a lot of people really happy. :)
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That would be sooooooooo good! (Much more for a person like me, that has collected almost all animals in Terraria)
Everything here is perfect. I hope that this either gets taken into genuine consideration by the devs, or someone goes all out and puts all of your sprites into a massive mod. This is fantastic.
I like it. And what about this: aquarium wall. Make your base look extra expensive with giant aquariums as walls :D. They would also make underwater bases look a little better. You know, instead of leaving the backwall open so you can see the sky underwater or using non-see-through walls only.
I love this idea I still don't see why this wasn't added before The addition that new to me (didn't see it on TO) is the ability to hunt for quest fish anytime... This is Awesome!!!! +1E9634982349 power support!

Too bad enemy fish can't be caught... sigh...
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awesome! so 50 suggestion threads, and has anything from them actually been implemented?
just wondering.
This literally screams awesome. The concept has been thought about a lot but not since now have I seen such a detailed thread on the subject. Incredible formatting, great spritework, (Zoomo, nice work) and amazing thought and detail.

All of this look really nice, the only problem being that the 40th Angler Quest is already rewarded with the Angler Pants. However, we could take the 25th. That would sound nice, as it's halfway to the Golden Fishing Rod.
All of this look really nice, the only problem being that the 40th Angler Quest is already rewarded with the Angler Pants. However, we could take the 25th. That would sound nice, as it's halfway to the Golden Fishing Rod.
Hmm... I'll have to think on that. I'd prefer it later rather than earlier. I'm even considering moving it to 60 quests as another benchmark.
I just discovered this now, but I REALLY like it. I don't do much fishing myself, but the ability to house them would be very welcome.

That said, there's a slight problem. The names for the Corruption and Crimson filters don't really fit.

Personally, I'd have the Crimson filter be called the "Rotten Filter" and the corruption filter to be called the "Tainted filter".

Other than that, you have my support!
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