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One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by Cenx, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Smith27

    Smith27 Spazmatism

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  2. Running with scissors

    Running with scissors Skeletron Prime

    Looks cool, although I disagree with keeping Ocram
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  3. Drake katchadorian

    Drake katchadorian Skeletron Prime

    Noooooooooo not yet! Not until I get past the mechanical bosses to spam holy hand grenades at him!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Luigi the boo

    Luigi the boo Terrarian

    Goodbye, Ocram, I will always remember the time I killed you, a second before daytime, with a Gungnir.

    oh and the other 150 times you killed me, and my Npcs.
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  5. Octaverei

    Octaverei Skeletron Prime

    I never died to him, probably because I got the crimson key mold before fighting plantera, meaning I could just stand there while killing him ;)
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  6. Who cares about money most people who play this have stacks upon stacks of platinum.
  7. Luigi the boo

    Luigi the boo Terrarian

    I'm talking about when he first became a thing, when his armor sets were the best armor sets, the crimson key didn't exist yet, but cool.
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    also that's poorly recommended.
  8. BONESAW214

    BONESAW214 Spazmatism

    You need to kill plantera before using the key mold on console. Because of the jungle key being needed to make the key to open the crimson chest. Am I mixing up with PC here , I don't think so. PC just needs plantera beaten for harder dungeon mode and chest keys. I understand you were talking about ocram, but having the mold before plantera doesn't matter since you need to beat him to use it. Sorry if I'm not getting this. Just seemed backwards to me.. lol
  9. Octaverei

    Octaverei Skeletron Prime

    I know, I meant I could just stand there when I was fighting Ocram (not plantera). Getting the mold before was just luck.
  10. That's a shame. I was kind of hoping that Ocram could become a bonus boss or something. Was kind of looking forward to fight it in the PC version. Oh well, less update/content gaps is good - and from what I see, progression was kind of wonky for the console version. (Ocram was meant as a final boss after the mech bosses, judging by the crafting requirements and loot; but Plantera, Golem and Duke Fishron still existed in those versions?)
  11. r4v1n6

    r4v1n6 Official Terrarian

    As I recall the first release of Terraria on PS3 and Xbox 360 there were no jungle temple so Golem wasn't in (my single world from that time doesn't have it). Plantera and Duke Fishron came later as well (Duke Fishron is a fairly recent addition and was added in 1.07). The PS4 and Xbox One versions started later (around 1.02 I think) so that's probably why you are confused.
  12. Yeah, I meant that Ocram was sort of pushed out of the spotlight after Plantera and Fishron got introduced, making it be just... there. Sorry, I should've clarified.
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  13. LeftyRedd

    LeftyRedd Terrarian

    Is there a full list somewhere of what the accomplishments are? Or are they just the Steam achievements put into the game? I'm really curious what they are.
  14. Gryffendor Gamr

    Gryffendor Gamr Terrarian

    I hope that it won't take my godly stuff like my vamp knifes or paladin hammer b/c if it dose I will rage quit terraria I spent SSSOOOOOOO LONG trying to get that stuff
  15. Octaverei

    Octaverei Skeletron Prime

    They won't. Only console exclusive things will be replaced by a chlorophyte version of it.
  16. Morbi

    Morbi Terrarian

    Fork it. Give me moneyback and play your game yourself. I'm tired to wait #1.3. It's more than a year since PC release. But what's you do? Stupid 4K for pixel game for PC?! Great.
  17. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona The Destroyer

    The team making 4K support for PC is not the team porting 1.3 to consoles. The two things have nothing to do with each other.
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  18. Natsufire

    Natsufire Terrarian

    Actually, I believe that the people that are making 4k support for pc are different from the people porting 1.3 to console. And even IF it were the same team, it would still be reasonable to take such a long time since they literally have to REMAKE the ENTIRE GAME in a different engine, WHILE working on updates for the pc game. You need to give pipeworks some rest, they are getting so much :red: even though they're working on the port as hard as they can. Just give them the time they need, trust me it is 100% worth it.
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  19. BONESAW214

    BONESAW214 Spazmatism

    Ahh ya I was confused on that
  20. MoeHolyGhost

    MoeHolyGhost Terrarian

    I'm just curious as to when Re-Logic is going to finally step in and work on console/mobile?

    We went from two "predictions" over the last year to silence on any release window. Clearly something is wrong on pipeworks end, if they're serious about "one terraria" then stop focusing on pc only and help out console/mobile already.