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(Poll) What part of a Terraria play through is most fun for you?

What is the best part of every Terraria play through to you?

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Eye of Cthulhu
The constant cigarette breaks amidst the continual grind session

No but in all honesty this whole game is a masterpiece. I remember years ago, before the game was even released, watching Pbat on YouTube messing around in the old pre-pubescent, background-less version. It's come a long way haha, and it's kept me coming back for years. The whole game is magnificent and the Re-Logic crew deserves two pats on the back
2 why not 3-4?


Duke Fishron
I actually like the very beginning. Every tiny little action feels like an achievement relative to what you've already accomplished: Almost nothing. Chopping down ten trees feels like you now have a decent amount of wood and can build a little house. Finding a random surface chest means you now have a place to store the neat stuff you find. It's basically really easy to be grateful for every little thing, and you kinda feel it.
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