Prepare to Embark on Journey's End

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Oh my gosh, finally! Re-logic I applaud you for finally realizing that we are in the 21st century and communication with the community is as simple as that. See how the community responds if you keep us updated and not be vague with the spoilers each month and so forth? Please learn from this and keep the players frequently updated.

Thank you! I'm looking forward to 1.4!
I saw a post on discord where lienfors said there were 4985 items. Have we seen a teaser like the item3000 (alchemy station) for the 4000th item?
Well, that was unexpected, Nice surprise though. XD

P.S. That's exactly the time I'm gonna need to play my newly bought "Grim Dawn" to the bones. =)
Journey mode is probably easy mode because it would fit with the gradient of hardnes:

BTW: anyone wonder what happens if we type in that world seed?
EDIT: oh it’s just the date it’s coming out on
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When will it be released for MAC OS??
1.4 Will release for Mac on the 16/04/2020 16/05/2020 - but there will be a later update providing fixes for bugs on Mac & Linux, and Localisation for 1.4.
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After all these years......
It's finally told.....
The rumors where true......
Wait, what rumors am I talking about?
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