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Progress Update for my pvp map :D

PrashBricks III

Skeletron Prime
Very nicely done indead!
What armor is your player wearing by the way (just curious)?
And is there going to be a meteorite/jungle map?


Neat map, I can see it being a harder difficulty since quickly maneuvering this would be a bit of a pain - so many corners.

Oh... Those are developer items!!! (Solar Armor not, though)
It's the Arkhalis armour. She finally got a set and it is awesome. By the way you can change its colours with the dresser.
Why have you colored your pet green? Look's funny by the way.
It's green acid dye... bdw... now I need to focus on my finals (yep, im in way to finish my school this week) so I can't do much about my map, not even the creation of classes or some level polishing... even map building


hello, hello! would you like any specific pvp armour sprites done. I am an aspiring sprite artist looking to help people with projects.
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