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IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)



|wakes up in some random purify spot|


|sits there and thinks|

(ok peeps who fell, just think of what you encounter and what you fight while i sort Thud's perspective|


Eater of Worlds
(All this talk about infections is making me tempted to bring over one of the infections I made in NT.)


Lukas watches Zeyrix.

"...Do you know of an area infected by Xenomite?"


Eater of Worlds
(I won't bring the parasites, I was thinking of bringing over the crystals.)

"Well, I wanted to discuss cure options..."

"Could you describe the area?"


(i mean you can control infected anyways)

``From what I remember..........some weird red eyed guys came and...........*Sigh*``

|starts moving through the cave|


The Destroyer
"Well, the laboratory is a huge underground lab overran with infected. That's where it all began. The wasteland is a decaying gray area with only "life" being infected. Both are rich in Xenomite and radiation, and the water and rains are acidic."
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