IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)

(out of the cave)
(Oke. Thank you for the clarification.)

“…are we done here then.”
“Preetty much, if you’re good now. Check-ins like this aren’t half bad from time to time.”
“Just…let’s not get into that thing with our mutual lack of trust of a good portion of our group, ok? Nooot the best for morale. I’d rather have more evidence to it first.”

“…let’s just get back to the others for a bit before someone dies or something.”
Dark and Vinessa head back to the rest of the search party / resistance.
(what's the weather outside the cave?)
(Stiill a big snow storm)
(Which may or may not be the entire reason why the group’s just hunkering down in the cave for now)
(Mostly because Vinessa and Berry would freeze to death but eh)

Obviously, you might notice Burst is missing.
Dark looks around for Burst, with Vinessa.

(GTG about now-ish. So Imma say peace now)
W: <..larger door's better.>

The wasp turns and walks over to the larger door nearby, much bigger and designed for shifters with larger forms, such as the yetis from earlier. The wasp shapeshifts a bit internally, revealing some kind of grey box inside them that they hold to a scanner by the door to make it open.

The wasp waves the dragons in, walking through the door that slides out of the way for them.

(..hey. You guys going to wrap up that scene with Iizving and Parrah and Ertwin at Iizving's palace?)
Kalvess goes through the door.

Parah's probably left by now, as he's bored as all hell.
Izviing looks around, and notices he's missing.
...Did you see him leave?
Kalvess goes through the door.
The wasp looks around at the decidedly lesser amount of people in the room. It’s a different room from the one where most of the planning and admin takes place. Probably some kind of secondary office / meeting room.

The wasp then goes to talk to one of the officers in the room. Just asking for Vex’s whereabouts.

"He apparently got bored."
“…so he just upped and left. Into the storm, I’m guessing.”
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