IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)

"Well. I..think it's getting late, soo...why don't you guys work on getting some sleep if you aren't hungry?"
"...I'll get some shuteye in a bit."
"...right. Not you Burst, since you don't sleep anyway."
"...I'm guessing you're skipping out on sleeping today, Dark."
"I've been feeling better lately."
“I suggest you all get some rest for tonight anyway. Got some things to do.”

Dark then clears his throat.
“Care to come with me to talk?”

Dark and Vinessa start heading off…

…for Dark to stop and remember the pets on him, as Fint tries to follow him to.
Some whistles and a point to the fire from Dark later, and he has his pets waiting somewhat begrudgingly by the fire.

Dark and Vinessa then head off further into the cave, again.
W: "That's correct."

"Last time we got interrupted."
"Yes, and?"
"Weell...we still have a few things to discuss in private, no?"
Vinessa nods.
W: "..why don't you come with me then?"
The wasp starts flying down to the base, watching the two dragons.

Dark and Vinessa continue further down the cave. Dark looks around to make sure no one's nearby that can hear them, before sitting down by Vinessa.
"...first thing's first."
"You were...acting off back there in the forest."


"...care to talk about what happened?"
"...not exactly keen on it."
"I'd leave it to your therapist, but..."
"It's pretty unlikely you're gonna be seeing them anytime soon."

Vinessa sighs.

Dark decides to let the silence proceed for a moment, to prepare.
(D20: 9)
The wasp doesn't hear Tarrah and Kalvess' conversation. Though they would have turned around to see Tarrah hesitating...
W: "..."
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