IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)

"It brought back some bad memories, alright?"

"Just..being alone in some forest again apparently was enough to..."
"...I don't know. ...Terrorize..."

"...you already have an idea of what's going on, don't you."
"The night that hunter found you. Same night most of your real guardians died."
"...of course..."

Fint kinda looks around, squawking a bit. Tiro seems to be regarding the search party in general with suspicion.
And Elia's just kinda vibin'.
"...but hey. That was just a hunch."
"...I didn't even see anything..."
"...I was...scared, alright? That's just it. I just happened to think of that night as well."

<An emotional flashback then?>

"...look, I..."
"I thought I had to somehow convince you guys to tell me where I was so I could calm down or something."
"I didn't even notice you behind the bushes."

Dark nods.
"...you're safe now, you know that right?"
"Don't think I can trust literally any of our group though..."

W: "..."
"Well, come on if you will then. I believe our current leader, Vex, will want to talk to you."
The wasp leads Kalvess to the base, this time not minding if Tarrah doesn't come.
Dark looks around in the tunnel quickly to ensure no one else is listening in.
"...going to have to agree a bit with you there, much as I hate to say it."
"I mean, any of our people could easily be a double agent in disguise. They'd barely even have to disguise themselves, they'd just need to conceal their identifier."
"...I wasn't really thinking of that..."
<But…yeah. Guess I just wanted to explain what happened to him…>

"It's fine. At least we can definitely say Twilight isn't working with Daybreak though. It's possible, but highly implausible considering I met him in an entirely different reality."
"...Berry's off the hook as well, since Twilight seems to vouch for Berry."


The wasp then lands in front of the entrance, where a shifter in black armor stands guard. The guard looks at the wasp, and then at the oncoming dragons.
W: “The dragons are with me.”

The guard nods, moving out of the way for the wasp to open the human-sized door. The wasp moves to open it, before turning around to check if the dragons would be able to fit in through such a door.
Kalvess... Is a maybe. She isn't too big in terms of height, but she may still need to squeeze in a bit and it probably wouldn't be comfortable.
Kalvess... Is a maybe. She isn't too big in terms of height, but she may still need to squeeze in a bit and it probably wouldn't be comfortable.
Tarrah would fit through the door without much of an issue.
W: <..larger door's better.>

The wasp turns and walks over to the larger door nearby, much bigger and designed for shifters with larger forms, such as the yetis from earlier. The wasp shapeshifts a bit internally, revealing some kind of grey box inside them that they hold to a scanner by the door to make it open.

The wasp waves the dragons in, walking through the door that slides out of the way for them.

(..hey. You guys going to wrap up that scene with Iizving and Parrah and Ertwin at Iizving's palace?)

Burst is still being impatient.

``What am I supposed to be doing!?``
Fint squawks, almost like they're asking for Burst to relax...?
Tiro glares more intensely at Burst.

"...couldn't they just be...working for other factions though?"
"...maybe. But they probably wouldn't really know about us. I'm mostly worried about Daybreak."
The phone would've received a message that details a "city-wide intervention by Prion Co. to further stabilize the region through philanthropic work, and that they're legally required to inform every shop and household in the region, and that a representative will be sent shortly."
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