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  1. Peace Giant

    Peace Giant Plantera

    Peace Giant's Den of Chill

    I'm currently taking all requests; request guidelines are below, but really I'll draw anything. Just don't expect it to be very great if you don't give me enough info. No redraws unless I personally feel like it.
    • Requests are done in color unless the request asks otherwise. Please write down as much detail as you can (colors, body shape, special clothing, anything). I don't play Terraria anymore, so I can't recognize many of the new items and accessories, so please don't just post your Terraria sprite, either. More in-depth guidelines can be found below. If I find your description insufficient, I'm either winging it, and making up my own details, or ignoring the request altogether.
    • Any past (or current!) players of the Demons vs. Angels (or any spinoffs or somesuch) will likely be getting priority over other requests! - this priority will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
    • You can find all of my artwork on my DeviantArt (http://aldubrius.deviantart.com/ https://koldunas1.deviantart.com/ - New!) as well.
    • Minimal effort request: clothing, color of clothing, hair style&color of hair, color of eyes, tone of skin, personality&pose
    • Medium effort request: minimal effort + reference
    • Full request: medium effort + full descriptions of clothing and physical features, description of environment (short stories of the character are also appreciated)

    The less effort you put in requesting, the less I will put in drawing it.

    finished - unfinished - postponed
    click on finished requests for the picture!

    Balduran -> Traded for this
    PersonaTea -> Traded for this

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  2. Cycloneblaze

    Cycloneblaze Terrarian

    I'll reply over here, so I can get the first post in
    This is really frickin' cool. I love it! Thanks, Raz.

    Since it's so cool, I'd like to request something else off of you: this guy here. (On the left, obviously)
    He's my brother's character - I think the descriptions on those pieces should be enough for you to draw him. But he should look fiery, and probably arrogant too.

    Also: where could I find that drawing of me you just did on your deviantart? I don't see it, and I'd like to favourite it.
  3. Peace Giant

    Peace Giant Plantera

    Here you go :)
    I'll add you to the list tomorrow, when the forum isn't :red:ting itself sideways.

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  4. Jill

    Jill Official Terrarian

    Hahaha wow seriously?! I kinda wanna try this for myself, now!

    Oh my God, it's true! NOT THE FACE!

    It's like "Redigit disapproves of your foul mouth. Git dat bar of soap in there, boi". Dayum!
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  5. Cycloneblaze

    Cycloneblaze Terrarian

    Hahah, I didn't notice at first because I have my filter turned off, but I can see it in your quote, that's hilarious :D

    Also thanks much, Raz.
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  6. iDuck

    iDuck Golem

    Gender: Male
    Clothing: Adamantite Armor, with Headgear He's wearing a red cape.
    Color of clothing: Red, with silver streaks
    Hair style: #29
    Hair color: Golden brown
    Eye color: Blue
    Skin tone: Peach
    Pose: Sitting, sharpening a Terra Blade.
    Environment: Next to a tree.

    Thanks ;)

    EDIT: The Adamantite Headgear is the hat with the white wing-like things coming out of the hat.
  7. Peace Giant

    Peace Giant Plantera

    Oh, right, I forgot to put you on the list. Whoops!
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  8. iDuck

    iDuck Golem

    It's all good. ;)
  9. rhebok

    rhebok Golem

    Draw this character for me, pwizu?
    Do I need to fill the form or is this reference enough
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  10. Peace Giant

    Peace Giant Plantera

    There's no form to fill out? :p But yeah, a reference is enough.
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  11. rhebok

    rhebok Golem

    Second reference, just for you xP: [​IMG]
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  12. Peace Giant

    Peace Giant Plantera

    DrSonic2's request
    Sorry the outline looks like absolute crap, I only just realized I was using the wrong brush ><
    I'll post the ones I have from the old thread over on my old thread and then I'm probably abandoning it, unless TCF turns out to be a flop.
  13. Peace Giant

    Peace Giant Plantera

    Darkiox' request.
  14. Galactus

    Galactus Terrarian

    My art request:
    Raizho The Black:Physical Appearance:
    --Tall, roughly 6-foot-6, fit but not bulky.
    --Spiky, anime-like hair that pulls back like quills (sort of like Albert Weskar); Jet black. (almost black). smoky-gray skin, metallic black fingernails.
    --Yellow eyes (like a KH heartless or Azazel from Supernatural),
    --Bat wings protruding from his shoulders (big enough to conceive flight), Same color as skin-tone
    --No helm/hat
    --Kimono-like robe with light pauldrons on the shoulders, darker than skin, lighter than hair (if possible).
    --Armored leggings under robe/kimono in a tactical style. (silver)
    --Open hand wearing Mechanical glove, also silver.
    --blood-red Samshir, sephiroth-level blade length. (well, almost that long.)
    Composure:--Aloof, Superior. doesn't usually have eyes more than half-open, tends to look uninterested.

    I give the part below to help create a scene around the character. Hope it helps.
    Associated with:
    --An annoyingly bubbly wisp named "Bismark". Bismark is to Raizho as Navi is to Link.
    --Fantasy-style worlds with large, sweeping grasslands/mountain valleys

    Thank you in advance, and I can't wait to see this character come to life under your easel!

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  15. zimberzimber

    zimberzimber Terrarian

    Hey Razleth!
    I would like to make a request!
    But before I ask fr it, I want to ask something.
    Are you drawing humanoids only?
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  16. HERO

    HERO Terrarian

    Please draw my icon hmmmmm?
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  17. Keigora

    Keigora Lunatic Cultist

    I haven't actually requested anything yet, huh.
    I love my Galganta very much. You wanna draw it? 0w0
    Rough Galganta reference sheet.png
  18. Peace Giant

    Peace Giant Plantera

    Primarily, yeah? I've drawn a wyvern for Bure on the other forums.

    Thought maybe a famous youtuber would bother to give some more detail. Good enough I guess ;p

    I'ma draw it
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  19. zimberzimber

    zimberzimber Terrarian

    So a humanoid it is.
    Could you draw the Guide while half of his body is covered by blue mushrooms so that if he were to get fully grown fungus all over his body he would look like the Truffle NPC?
  20. Peace Giant

    Peace Giant Plantera