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IC Role Play - Calamity Adventure

Should I bring in the Chicken Nugget Wand

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  • What is a chicken nugget wand?

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"...I think I'm just going to push Bubby inside. She's probably fallen asleep."
*Proceeds to push Bubby all the way into her room. I somehow do it, but am visibly tired afterwards*

((I know, Godmodding. But I got permission from Bubby, so it's alright.))

Edit: ((For anyone wondering how I managed to get Bubby all the way to her island: I pushed her up a giant ramp that was temporairly made from dirt blocks.))
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*Comes back, still tired*
"So, do you all want to head inside? I need some rest after pushing an entire wyvern up serveral blocks."

Foraging Slime

(The seond he exploded he was cloned into this unvierse. along with everything else killed by the planets explosion...)
*Outside there are a massive number of falling trails of smoke*
BT: Warning, hostile Titanfall signatures detected
(This is Karma for putting holes in my characters arrival)

Foraging Slime

(Completely ignores the army of bad guys assembling outside)
Jack: Yea so... a bunch of badguys followed us here and... they just arrived... we might wanna either evacuate or put up one hell of a fight

Foraging Slime

BT: I have detected over 32 independent titanfall signatures. I estimate that is only a small part of their fleet. reccomend we evacuate.
Jack: Its not my choice, its yours as far as i know... Murph was it?
(@Murphmario )
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