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IC Role Play - Calamity Adventure

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Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(*Instantly thinks it's a character's death, to which then shifts over to a permanent curse, which then shifts yet again to a kidnapping sort of thing because somehow that's how my mind works. Welp. There's a part of my mind.*)


*Looks at Alpha* "Yeah? What is it?"

((You could just use a different Alpha or Beta if you want.))

Edit: ((Either that, or you could have one of them come back after the events of their adventures come to a close.))


((I already have a new character to use. Besides, I feel the timeskip would be weird with Alpha and Beta. I was also planning on writing a new story with them which would take place after they leave this.))
((ALSO BUBBY IS BACK! but still locked out of CA))

So, my birthday is in two days. I- I also have to leave this world for an undetermined time.

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
(Well, hopefully she finds a way back on here then.)

"...Here are the three abnormalities you send me to get. At least they weren't that aggressive."

"Good job, Desoy. You actually did your job."

"...Either way... We have identified them. Two of the abnormalities came from the Founder's original job. Backwards Clock and Mirror of Adjustment."

"Ah yes, Backwards Clock. An old clock manufactured by an unknown company. It vacuum tubes that give off vintage vibe. The manufacturer stopped making these long ago. I remember that being very useful for the Founder. '…Is your future dark? Have you fallen to the lowest bottom? Have you ever thought, ‘What if I had done or not done that”? We, as humanity, have conquered diseases and nature. Now, we have come far enough to harnessing time itself. Yes, we can rewind your wasted time. Just wind the spring, close your eyes, and count to ten. When you open your eyes, you will be standing in the exact moment that you wished to be in.
* Read the manual thoroughly. We do not know what will happen if this machinery is handled poorly. We are not responsible for any accidents caused by the user’s carelessness. This clock requires high amount of energy to operate. Please understand that it will take considerable time to charge.'"

"Did you really have to read the entire description, including the fine print?"

"It's better this way."

"...Expecting you to talk about the mirror now."

"What do I have to say? The only thing it shows are people. Hmm.

'When facing oneself in the mirror, the subject changes. There are numerous suggestions like it is a possibility of a parallel universe, it's from magical powers, but none of this can be confirmed. The person who faces the mirror may look the same, but actually becomes a totally different person. When looking into the mirror more than once, the subject's humanity gets removed, turning them into a walking corpse.'
Guess satisfaction is temporary in that case."

"... Right, well... I'm not here for a description of every abnormality I bring along. The last one called themselves 'Spirosa'. They are some pink masked stranger with a scythe.(Heheh. Shovel Knight DLC for JSaB inspired abnormality here. Being specifically the only level so far with scythes. With one big spirit that looks like a raindrop.) It appears they will work just like the Red Hooded Mercenary. So it might be helpful to have around to clean up any... bad things."

"That is fine with me for now. Move the abnormalities to their containment units then. We need to prepare for the Ordeal, of course."


"Hmm. And what's that? Just curious."

((Also have you considered telling Bubby about Alpha and Beta leaving? I'd tell them myself, but that doesn't feel right to me since they're not my characters.))

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
"The energy output is increasing. You proved that you were more capable than you thought yourself. The high echelon is watching you. The Founder is among them. Do you know anything about the Founder? Besides the obvious fact that they founded this company, of course.
We have three new abnormalities, manager. Backward Clock, Mirror of Adjustment, and Spirosa. Be cautious of the latter. The other Sephirahs must have given you a few tasks last week. I hope you were able to remember them."


*I make a peace sign (As in two fingers) and smile. I then take the picture. I go and print off 2 of them and put them in frames*
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