ROLL TO DODGE: A RNG based adventure!

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    In an R2D, pretty much anything can happen provided you can do it with items on the map.

    Normal rolls:
    (The RNG will do 1 to 6 normally, meaning that to get a 0 or 7, you need a roll modifier.)
    NIL: Could not be done due to X object required not existing.

    0: You fail so hard that the RNG is sorry and gives you a +1.
    1: You fail very bad. -1.
    2: You fail but not as bad.
    3: You do the job but not really well.
    4: Success. Yay.
    5: You do your action correctly and you get it done better than if you rolled a 4.
    6: Essentially 5 but better and gives a +1 modifier.
    7: You do your action so well that the RNG cuts off your high roll spree by giving you a -1, making it impossible to get a 7 twice in a row, so 7s aren't unbalanced.

    Rolling to Dodge:
    If you're targeted by an attacking action, you must R2D.
    There are 4 damage stages. Unharmed, Injured, Mutilated, and Dead. If an injured defending character is injured again, the defender is mutilated. Taking the smallest amount of damage, EVEN a papercut, when Mutilated kills the defender.

    1: The defender goes ded.png
    2: The defender's becomes injured.
    3: The defender is stunned, and gets a -1 modifier when defending.
    4: The attack misses.
    5: The defender dodges and manages to suppress the attacker, giving a +1 to the defender when defending.
    6: The defender counter attacks and the RTD is redirected to the attacker.
    Also you can drop in and out at any time, but you can still be targeted by actions if you've posted within the last 3 rounds.
    I will have the RNG roll the dice about every 9 posts.

    also if this belongs somewhere else just move it @mods​
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    I attack myself.
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    I be kamen's weapon to attack kamen.
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    (If somebody dies, can they come back? What happens then?)
    I also attack Kamen.
    With bubbles.
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    If you die or have any other debuff, you must roll to make said debuff end.
    If you get a 6, you get revived/cured from the debuff.
    If you roll anything else, you don't get a revive or debuff cure but the next roll for that will be increased by 1.

    I'll post about every 9 replies that aren't from me.