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PC Sampling the Sounds of 1.3

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Good evening Terrarians!

It has indeed been an eventful few weeks around here - with Frost Moon coming to console coupled with the exciting announcement of Terraria: Otherworld setting a tone of anticipation for everyone.

Well, allow us to add more fuel to that fire...or perhaps more to the point, a soundtrack to go with your hype. ;)



After all, no Terraria update could reach truly epic status without some brand new tunes...

We encourage everyone to continue to stay tuned for further updates on 1.3 and beyond!


Well, it's about time Redigit posted a thread. (totally looking forward to seeing "don't grab cheeseburger")

Gonna listen to it in a second, but first I gotta post. You know.

Edit: I just KNOW you two buggers up there didn't listen to it either yet. sigh...
At least I'm getting some SERIOUSLY amazing vibes from the music. Great work! You know you can count on Re-Logic for musical awesomeness.
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