Terraria State of the Game - September 2023

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Here we are again with the latest "Designer Diary" entry from the lead designer for Terraria: the Board Game - Chris Kingsworth. Let's see what he and the Paper Fort team have been up to over the last month!

I was there in SPIEL Essen. I also made a photo with Chris and the wall and also a selfie of me but I am not sure if I should post that here.

I also showed Chris that I am Glasia by showing him how I am logged in on my phone.

On the express yourself wall
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I hope there'll be a chance to use the fish we fished to make fish bowl or fish tank. I'm feeling sad for spend serveral hours for collecting all the quest fish but find that I can only put them in the item frames


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I'm sorry to have to ask again, but the anticipation is killing me. Will there be a Halloween fan art contest thingamajig this year or not, or is it still being discussed?
The October State of the Game thread is here! Go visit and enjoy!

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