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PC SHARE YOUR MAP SEED [PC 1.3.4 & beyond]


I love new world seed feature. And I want to know all your awesome seeds. Can you share it with a little description? (size and the reason are they cool) Maybe there is something unusual in them? I think this would be nice for people who want to start new game on an amazing and proven map :D

[Moderator edit - The thread title has been changed to cover all versions beginning with 1.3.4, when the experimental seed feature was introduced.

Each new official version of Terraria (including hotfixes) will change the world generation to some degree. Therefore, please indicate which version of Terraria that was used to generate your posted seeds.

Modded Terraria may greatly affect world generation (especially mods like TerraCustom that directly change the world-gen process), and the seeds generated by modded Terraria may well not result in any reproducible results.]
Here is one that has a sandstorm in a bottle really close to spawn. Here is the video to see where to dig down:

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