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Status Update on Additional PS4 Hotfixes & Xbox One Release

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by ClearConscious, Jan 5, 2018.

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  1. PlasmaFrog28

    PlasmaFrog28 Terrarian

    Wasn't this the world save bug they were talking about? If so, I understand why it's taking a while. It's a severe bug that takes alot of time to completely wipe out so it doesn't happen.
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  2. MelonTheMadMan

    MelonTheMadMan Terrarian

    Aren't they taking exit without saving away

    Someone already said this
  3. MelonTheMadMan

    MelonTheMadMan Terrarian

    Half life 8 will be out before this update...
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    This is true this is true there are actually 3 people confirmed in pipeworks
  4. MelonTheMadMan

    MelonTheMadMan Terrarian

    Stop just telling Xbox players to calm down there is no reason for them to calm down they have been slapped with the tissue paper response of "soon" "a little bit longer" and "it's out of our hands" the only way they would be calm is if they had a time machine and released the update on both at the same time buggy or not and to be honest if it was released on both I feel like the bugs would be fixed faster(doesn't really make sense but it's just a feeling) but I do think it isnt correct to take out your anger on people be mad at the unprofessional way it was handled and punch a pillow or something
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  5. MilitaryMage

    MilitaryMage Terrarian

    I dont see y you think relogic had a way to make microsoft accept the update ( that is what they meant it was out of thier hands). If microsoft sees that there are problems they r within in thier rights to not approve it for their platform. If they had accepted the update not only would it look worse on relogic but also microsoft as well. So i support microsoft for regecting a bad product. No offense relogic i love this game and hope it keeps bring hours of enjoyment to everyone of your fans including me.
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  6. Pinhead Larry

    Pinhead Larry Terrarian

    They said that as a reply to my post.
  7. bam

    bam Terrarian

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  8. PlasmaFrog28

    PlasmaFrog28 Terrarian

    Well, with how some are reacting to the news, maybe there is a logical reason for people to tell "xbox players" to calm down. Also, if they released the update in a buggy state, people would hate Pipeworks and never trust them, even if they came out with bug fixes.
  9. BONESAW214

    BONESAW214 Spazmatism

    meaning no offense, but that's how we felt last summer man. After being told soon for a year, being disappointed at every post, it is easy to be a cynic. At this point I just want to play the updated game that I love. Bugs or no. It's not fair that Sony players have had it for a month, and Xbox still is where they've been since the beginning. In endless purgatory. Don't know why I frequent this site anymore, same posts, arguments, and statements. It's Killin me:( Yep boo hoo right? Lol
  10. KidArbiter

    KidArbiter Terrarian

  11. TheFriendless1

    TheFriendless1 Skeletron Prime

    It's not fair Ps4 players have been losing items, builds, worlds and months of progress for a month?...

    No offence but that is what has been happening.
  12. BONESAW214

    BONESAW214 Spazmatism

    I have the ps4 version. The only problem that was more than just annoying to me, somewhat game breaking is that 3 of my world's wouldn't transfer over. Other than that just a few freezes, and the cursor would stick between 2 tiles. I would be just fine getting what we got on PS4 on Xbox considering that is where my real hours were spent. Some bugs to me is better than nothing. They can be fixed as we go. I understand that frustration too, but what's worse ya know?
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  13. Atom Kuro

    Atom Kuro Terrarian

    Lol, what? Microsoft (like Sony) doesn't bug check. Get your facts straight before spewing misinformation and pretending that it wasn't the dev's that pulled it (without telling anyone).
  14. JawsClaws

    JawsClaws Terrarian

    Here's to address some things. Microsoft does certification to see if the game breaks the console. Not for testing bugs. Second is that In Q2 of last year we were told it would come out near May. May came and it was delayed to Summer or Q3. Then September came and then once again delayed to Q4. Then December comes and PS4 gets update and Pipeworks says "Xbox is a few days behind." But here comes a holiday delay. Then here we are 36 days after PS4 release with still no sign of the xbox update any time soon. And thats about 4 delays for Xbox users.
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  15. The_BAE_Of_Gravity

    The_BAE_Of_Gravity Terrarian

    Oh well there are other games, dark souls 3 and the such. I'll probably forget about Terraria all together as I am a fairly decent duelist using the free aim pyromancer. Ark is also a favorite of mine. Tamed a lvl 10 Giga and solo tamed a lvl5 Quetzal on my second day of a new server. That's dedicated gaming
    Spending time on false hopes didn't get me anywhere back in Q2/3/4/2020
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 19, 2018, Original Post Date: Jan 19, 2018 ---
    GL HF on scrap gaming. I'll be deleting Terraria from me Xbox. The development team is just a bunch of idiots playing wow/ark hosting as forum as trolls handing out false hopes to boys and girls. Avadakadvra!
  16. MelonTheMadMan

    MelonTheMadMan Terrarian

    I was about to say that but less aggressive
  17. Atom Kuro

    Atom Kuro Terrarian

    Perhaps a bit harsh, but it's an account that just joined today, it's the only post he has, and it seems he didn't read any of the previous 42 (dear God) pages. It smelled like a shill account, trying to deflect the issues again. Of course, Pipeworks wouldn't do that, I hope.
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  18. MelonTheMadMan

    MelonTheMadMan Terrarian

    I'm new but I still wouldn't be doing that
  19. Bubbub20

    Bubbub20 Terrarian

    Hey pipe works do u kno da wei to da update
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 19, 2018, Original Post Date: Jan 19, 2018 ---
    Wait o. Twitter it says they haven’t”t been streaming lately due to the update. If I am right or wrong, then the update might come out this week or next week if pipework finish up the bugs. I might be wrong but I guest the release date pray to lord are savior to release the update this week or next week or on Saturday
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  20. MelonTheMadMan

    MelonTheMadMan Terrarian

    Some people might have misunderstood what I said earlier but I meant telling them to simply "calm down" will do nothing maybe even the opposite unfortunately devs can't ignore them either because they are truthfully the ones to blame they were in a bad situation to begin with(the devs) they were already put up on the previous 3 years of delay anger and then they had some bugs understandably and pulled it and this right here is the part that they have absolutely nothing to do if they would have released it on both they would get dirt for the bugs and the current situation as well they both paths were dirty and they chose one of them can't really say if it was the correct one but whatever it's all good as long as yknow no one is legitimately hurt
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 19, 2018, Original Post Date: Jan 19, 2018 ---
    Unfortunately I have seen your exact message for at least the last 6 weeks lol
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