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Sup Dudes, Long time lurker finally with an account.


Official Terrarian
Sup Dudes! As the title says I've been lurking on the Terraria Community forums since I first learned of Terraria back when it was in beta. I watched it develop for a while then I took the plunge and bought it when it was on sale. Man was it worth it. Ive played it so much. I've created so many characters and gotten them all up to whatever endgame there was at the time. Each run I make I play slightly differently. I Usually have 1 main that uses all class items 3 alts one playing only Melee, one Ranged, and one a Mage. I also usually don't cross trade items much across worlds or characters, seems like cheating to me. Also, every major update I wipe everything and start from scratch.

For me Terraria isn't about the destination. Its about the journey. Every play through is unique. It's part of what makes the game truly fun for me. The searching for materials and loot is a never ending quest that I could do for hours. In fact I do.

I'm currently taking a hiatus from the game as I wait for 1.3 to come out. I took a Hiatus while waiting for 1.1 and 1.2 as well. By starving myself of the game it becomes all that sweeter once the update does finally come out.

As for other stuff I watch a crap ton of anime, play modded Minecraft, and am waiting for the next major update to starbound. I have bought far to many humble bundle deals and have sunk far to much money into my steam account.

If you guys wanna know anything else just ask. Although this is the internet so I can be an anonymous as I want

Peace Dudes!
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