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Standalone Super Terraria World - MMORPG Style Mod - Server and Client Mod


The goals of the roadmap have been updated. Because of the updates, we also now have a new section titled "What Else We're Working On".


That's just how you do it nowadays.

October: ...
November: Sorry about that. Here's your update.

Just look at crowdfunding projects. lol


Well, to be fair, when it comes to small teams and programming projects, things happen sometimes. Sometimes one of the team has something sudden happen IRL. Sometimes a bug pops up that takes forever to figure out how to fix.

Do people want them to release a broken, buggy mess like the Triple A companies do, just to meet some deadline that was set well in advance?


Yeah nobody can estimate these things perfectly. The difference is, indies just take longer, professional studios crunch or release a hackjob.


Staff member
but... the year ended :(
Actually, not yet. Still has 4 more days to go.
As @Xylia and @ThePally said, we're just a small team and progress has been slower than we would have liked over Christmas/Thanksgiving. Our new goal is for late January, though as with all hobby projects, this is very much an estimate!
When a mod you were looking foward to is dead :(
We're very much not dead! There haven't been a lot of updates here as what we've been working on isn't hugely interesting; we've been working on multiplayer which is pretty heavy code wise and not much content so there's not much to share. We're a little more active on our discord, so I would recommend checking that out of you want to stay updated!


is it possible to use the mod with others from tmod loader? or do I have to use it alone being that it's a "standalone" mod
I figured as much. I was just going to add a couple of light mods but I'm none the less excited for the mod's update so I can play it. Do you have a rough idea on how long that will be?
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