Official TCF 1st Year Anniversary Winners Announcement!

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Definite melodramatic post:
"Wow! Wowwowwow!" That's literally the first thing that came out of my mouth. Ha! I really didn't expect to win it...
Anyway, thanks guys! I worked very hard on it - to get the whole thing finished before the deadline, despite being only 3 minutes, was like another full-time job for the month. I finally buckled-down and did a day-long editing session a few days before the deadline and finished it...because I made a mistake and thought the deadline was that
But, work slowly continues on expanding it to a larger project.
Anyway, blablabla...
Every entry for every category was amazing. Seriously, this community is FULL of extremely talented people and every one of you deserves a win.

I wanted to make sure that all the judges know I was thanking them for their hard work!
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Welp, at least I got the title.
Now I wait for the next contest >;3

Anyways, Good job to everybody!
It's good to see that many people love the community.
Congrats to all the people that won!

Oh it says me there.


Must be a typo.
Yeah, a typo.
After all, I just woke up from a nap, and I've dreamt the results being out before..! I'm probably still dreaming!


I don't kow what to say..?
I mean, what are you expecting me to say?
What CAN I say??
Congratulations to everyone!
I entered this contest with low expectations. Mostly because of how ruined your pride can get if you enter with high hopes, and isn't awarded with what one wished for. God, was I pleasantly surprised! You can bet your money on that I woke up quickly after doozily finding my way to the frontpage and read through the results.

I just.. Have to go to get my pillow... This is too much for me to take in...!

*muffled scream*

Apparently I needed to pay more attention to the sea of Writing entries... Those were pretty darn good! If I had of seen them before, I wouldn't have expected to get in the top three all this time. They deserve their prizes!

I am curious though... How close was I to getting in? Hehe.
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