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Good afternoon, Terrarians!

As you may recall, we have hinted at a series of Terraria-based toys being in-development for a while within the Terraria Animated Series. Just in time for the Holiday Season, we would like to announce that the first wave of these toys will be available starting next week - and provide everyone with some further details around what we will have to offer as well as when and where you can buy them. First off, we’d like to share some thoughts from Redigit as well as Jazwares.

“We’ve listened to our fans and are excited to be working with Jazwares Inc. to bring them these Terraria products in the fall. Soon everyone will be able to collect all their favourite characters from the Terraria biomes,” said Andrew “Redigit” Spinks, President, Re-Logic and Creator of Terraria.

“We are excited to be partnering with Re-Logic to launch the Terraria toy line. Our goal is to engage and connect with gamers and teens to bring them their favourite virtual characters from the Terrarian world,” said Laura Zebersky, EVP of Global Sales and Licensing, Jazwares Inc.”

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of all that is currently available or coming soon. We will be adding to this page moving forward (we will let the Community know as we do) as new items become available. All of the available toys shown below can be purchased in Toys R’ Us stores and on Amazon (other locations may be added over time, and we will list these as they come on line) or by clicking any of the images in each toy section below – which will take you directly to an online store page for purchase. (NOTE: this feature is not currently active, but will be added ASAP)

Updated November 19, 2014: the spoiler below will contain an evolving list of know stores that will be carrying the Terraria toys!
Online - Amazon, others TBD
– Weplay, Microplay, more TBD
Australia – EB Games and Toys R Us
Canada – TBD, 2015
Mexico - TBD, 2015
United Kingdom – Smyths, Entertainer, Toys R Us, Independent Retailers. Others TBD.
United States – Toys R Us, more TBD
Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway – BR Toys and Toys R Us
Ireland – Smyths

Toys Displayed Smaller.jpg


Terraria Character & Mob Action Figures
First up, we have a series of action figures representing the player character as well as some of the most iconic characters from the Terraria universe!

Gold Armor Small.png
WD Small.png
Skeleton Small.png

Pirate Small.png
GT Small.png


Each figure comes with a handful of accessories that will fit all of the available characters as well as an environmental item (crafting station, statue, etc) to help flesh out your very own Terrarian world.

These figures should be available next week at Toys R Us stores and on Amazon (additional locations will be added to this post as they come online). Once we have the necessary links, you will be able to buy online by simply clicking the figure you are interested in purchasing from the image gallery above – or check out the store links to our retail partners below.


Terraria Plush Toys
For all of you fans of plush toys, we have not forgotten about you! If you have ever wanted your very own Eye of Cthulhu or Terrarian Bunny, then you are in luck. Below you will see our first set of Terraria Plush Toys that are available for purchase starting today!

Bunny Small.png
EoC Small.png

Sludge Small.png
Skeletron Small.png

We will also have two "Feature" Plush Toys available at launch: Eye of Cthulhu (which makes in-game sounds) and Skeletron Prime (complete with light-up eyes).

EoC Feature Small.png

The plush toys should be available next week at Toys R Us stores and on Amazon (additional locations will be added to this post as they come online). Once we have the necessary links, you will be able to buy online by simply clicking the figure you are interested in purchasing from the image gallery above – or check out the store links to our retail partners below.


Other Terraria Toys
We also have an array of other toys planned. Kicking off this section will be the Night's Edge Sword - for all of your real-world zombie vanquishing needs!
Nights Edge Small.png


Jazwares Logo.png

Our key partner in bringing these toys to the community is Jazwares, a company well-experienced in the development of gaming-related toys – including fellow sandbox game, Minecraft.

About Jazwares
Jazwares Inc, has established itself as a leader in the toy industry with its focus on creativity, innovation and function. They have secured the Master Toy License and content production rights for Terraria and will be launching the exclusive Terraria merchandise line this fall which will include action figures, plush and play sets.


As requested, here are the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices for each item. MSRPs are intended to be guidance for retailers only and may or may not reflect the actual retail price at any given store. They should, however, serve as a good guide for the price range on a given item.
Single Pack Figure w/ Accessories - $8.99 each

World Collector’s Pack - $19.99

Nights Edge Sword - $14.99

Small Plush - $8.99 each

Feature Plush - $19.99 each

We will continue to update this page with further developments and as additional items become available - and we plan to eventually add a merchandise page to as well. We hope that the new Terraria toys provide a new way for our fans to enjoy the Terraria universe – and/or make a fantastic gift for the Terrarian in your life!

~The Re-Logic Team
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hm...i liked the Skeletron / Prime plushie and Second form EoC...
The others...yean...
But yeah, it's pretty cool, the kids should discover this game *---*
*and adults too, i could buy these guys for me*
The plushies are cool I guess

But I doubt anybody would get the Puke's Edge >.>

I mean... really?
Seriously, in first impression, i saw the toy as a blue pixeled :red:
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Honestly, the NPC/player designs are way too similar to the failnimated series.

Gotta see the good side: Microsoft will be happy for the free Minecraft publicity.

I would probably buy the gold armor player one. Just to see how much hydrochloric acid it takes to melt it to plastic goo.

Edit: The plushies look cute, tho.
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Hmm, I think most of these look alright. I like the plushes the most. And as for the figures, well, they're alright. They don't resemble Terraria a whole lot though... While mostly everything looks alright, I am not sure Terraria needed a toy line. And the figures could have been a bit more like the game. The Night's Edge also looks kind of strange, but for the most part, everything seems alright. I'm a sucker for plush toys though, so I'm gonna try to get my hands on some of those :D

Also, I don't think the Toxic Sludge's face has those markings on it. Pretty sure it's shading on the sprite!
Note : These pictures were posted before the thread updated and they originally had white in them so excuse me for the disgusting looking pictures, which I am not going to update, also thank you for the 20+ likes, it has been very helpful.

I like the idea of Terraria making further advances in the future or making their creations more likable and known, but these toys aren't the way they should go.
Terraria is a 2D game and it's hard to bring to life 3D versions of 2D things. Terraria did a good job on most of these toys, but they still are pretty different.
Witch Doctor Pack Small.png
Gold Armor Pack Small.png
Pirate Pack Small.png
Tinkerer Boxed Small.png

The Toys, the toys themselves are clever, but resemble the animations, which I did not like. The characters themselves are ok but the little pieces next to them look like 505Games just resprited them all. Which we can expect, because it is small, I get that, it is pixel, they can't do a perfect job. I feel like they should have just put all these characters in a pack and not make them "collectibles"
Skeletron Prime Small.png
EoC Feature Plush Small.png

The Plushies, I like the plushies a lot more. They seem to be nice and fluffy and that you can cuddle with. However the only two I would probably like are the EOC Phase 2 and the Skeletron Prime. The other ones don't look appealing, however that's an opinion. I saw some people liking the bunny, which is pretty cute but I don't like the pixels on the side of it. I feel bad that have gotten such negative attention
Nights Edge Small.png
World Pack Boxed mid.jpg

The Fails, These two packs are ultimately the fails. The Sword has very terrible pixels but I appreciate them not using something stupid and rip-off minecraft swords or something like that. I just feel like the sword had a lot more potential. These figurines however are very.. Let me just say, The characters are failed just by the looks, and the eye looks very disturbing and awkward. The only part I like is the slime, despite it's simplicity.

I feel like Terraria did an OK job on the sprites and I applaud Cenx and Redigit for coming this far down the line. Thanks for this thread Loki!
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