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Terraria Challenges?


I am doing MELEE EXPERT only, NO YOYOS allowed
Just beat skeleton after several attempts and just explored the dungeon and was a piece of cake with the ackalies, working on wall of flesh, 3 words IT IS HARD, yeah, it ain't easy in expert when it goes super fast and hitting it with a dark lance,


Official Terrarian
What do you think of this one?

You can only equip four different pieces of armor per slot, and use three weapons of each class (melee, ranged, magic, summoning, throwing) throughout the entire game. Accessories also count as armor.

For example: No armor -> Gold -> Molten -> Adamantite -> Beetle

The challenge ends when you defeat Duke Fishron or Moon Lord.

Starting copper shortsword, and items dropped from enemies don't count towards your total weapons used if you never actually attack with them, as do armors and accessories not count if you never equip them. For example, you could craft the Terra Blade so long as you didn't actually use its ingredients in battle. Copper pickaxe doesn't count towards your total at all, but all other pickaxes, axes, and hammers count as separate weapon classes and are limited to three each, as well. Hamaxes and the like can count towards either one of its hybrid classes, of your choice. The same weapon or accessory with a different modifier is considered the same weapon, and does not count separately towards your total. Drills and chainsaws are considered pickaxes/axes, respectively. The PwnHammer does count towards total hammers if you use it.

A shorter version could end at WoF, with one allowed weapon of each class, and one armor.
Mid version ends at Plantera, with two weapons per class, and three armors.

You can adjust the number of permitted armors and weapons to modify the difficulty.

One problem I anticipate is the hardmode ore progression essentially requiring the use of picks at all tiers.

Maybe an exception could be made for them, if the Cobalt/Palladium pick is only used to mine Mythril/Orichalcum, and that pick is only used for Adamantite/Titanium. Otherwise you'd probably need a ton of fishing crates, since you can't get hardmode armor without a Mythril/Orichalcum anvil.

Or, maybe: Copper -> Reaver Shark -> Cobalt -> Mythril -> Pickaxe Axe (treat as Axe)
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Vortex Ranger

You must start off in hardmode with a new character and grow from there. The ultimate goal of this is to kill the moonlord.


Vampire challenge: you need to find shelter immediately when you spawn amd can only go outside while it's night. You can't attack bats, but minions can


This one isn't really mine, but I'd like to share this.
If I recall correctly...
Hardcore Character
Expert World
All Armors banned (vanities are a-ok)
Hooks are banned
Only take on one type of weapon throughout the gameplay
No usage of magic allowed, unless you took on the Mage class.

I also wanted to make a RNG loot-based challenge, but I can see that many people have already thought of it earlier.
Request to rewriting the name, maybe?


Skeletron Prime
I thought of a few simple challenges (probably been thought of befor but idk).... anyways getting back to the challenges.
Only weapons that can inflict "on fire!"
The only debuff you can use is "on fire!"
Only bows that can ignite wooden arrows
Wooden or flaming arrows
Tools are NON-WEAPIONS unless they inflict "on fire!"
No accessories or armor that deal direct damage
Lava or flame traps
Start with a flare gun with 20 flares
Live in the the underworld
Only weapons with frost, ice or snow in the name except amarok
The only debuff you can use is frostburn
Wooden or frostburn arrows
No accessories or armor that deal direct damage
No traps
Start with 20 snowballs
Live at the bottom of the snow biome
Only corruption themed weapons
The only debuff you can use is cursed flame
Wooden or cursed arrows
Tools are NON-WEAPIONS unless corruption themed
No accessories or armor that deal direct damages
No traps
Start with ebonwood sword
Live in a corruption house in a pure biome
House has to contaminate the land
Only crimson themed weapons
Only debuff you can use is ickor
Wooden or ickor arrows
Tools are NON-WEAPIONS unless crimson themed
No accessories or armor that deal direct damage
No traps
Start with shadewood sword
Live in crimson house in a pure biome
House has to contaminate the land
Only weapons that inflict poison or bleeding and the default starting sword.
The only debuffs you can use are poison and bleeding
Dart weapons
Poison darts only
No accessories or armor that deal direct damage
Dart traps
Start with default weapon
Live the jungle caverns
Well this is what I got for now.
You can add more depth if you like such as goals, vanity, projects and lots more. I'm sure more challenges like this can be made as well.

P.s. NO CHEATING (I.e. equipping fire gauntlets with terra blade, using flask of poison with a platinum sword, etc...)
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no armor, the only thing you have is a Broken Death Sickle with a Goblin Tinkerer
whenever a boss is killed, you are must reforge it unless it is at Legendary
you must kill every boss with this


Just been looking through the forums, lots of cool ideas here. I've got one too!
Doctor What?!
You must always be wearing all three familiar vanity items in your vanity slot
You can use any weapons you like (Easy)
You must use science/steampunk/technology themed weapons (Hard; you decide what fits that description)
Every time you die, you regenerate;
1. Upon dying, you must immediately put your familiar vanity in a chest, exit the world and delete the character that you were using (Easy mode: You may put armor, weapons and other items in your inventory in a chest before deleting the character)

2. After deleting the character, immediately create another character under the same name, to make this character, you must press the "Random" button three times, if you end up with a character of the other gender, continue pressing random until the character is the same gender as before

3. Enter the world again with the new character
You may regenerate/die up to twelve times
You may follow mixed rules of Hard and Easy in one run (EG: Using any weapon you like, but immediately erasing a character upon death)


Official Terrarian
All challenges end after defeating all mech bosses AT ONCE

Ninja Challenge: (not that hard really)
Starting gear:Full set of ninja gear (with shadow dye if you want), tiger climbing gear
You must play on expert if you want this to be really hard
You may not unequip the ninja gear or tiger climbing gear, or put them into the vanity slot until hardmode, in which bosses would be impossible with just that armor.
You may not get rid of anything that an actual ninja would use(this includes putting it out of your inventory, so don't pick up ninja stuff if you don't want it(the only exception is if you have a mod with a ninja NPC,you can then sell stuff to them)
Once you find the Goblin Tinkerer, all weapons and accessories must have a speed or critical chance boost.
You must carry an iron shortsword at all times (once you get one)until you obtain a psycho knife, then you must carry that at all times.
All houses must be inside natural landscapes (like hills)
You may not place torches (except for houses) or throw glowsticks. You may hold them. You also cannot use light pets.
if an NPC dies, you must kill yourself once for every NPC that died because honor (except on hardcore characters)
add anything else that fits for ninjas please.

Sniper Challenge
Starting gear: Sniper rifle, endless musket pouch
You can only use the sniper rifle as a weapon.
Play expert.
You may only use armor that looks similar to to the biome you are in(camouflage) this means lots of changing armor and downgrading in certain biomes. Ninja gear can be used anywhere.
To make this easier, use dye.

On page 3 is the loot challenge. Well...
No scavenging challenge
You may not use items found in chests or pots.
If you find either one, you must take it and destroy it, sell it, or put it/leave it in a chest until the challenge is over.
(HARD) Rules also apply to monster drops.
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Storm Dragonica

For melee challenge, does Terra Blade's ranged projectiles count?

If not, then R.I.P, I have to redo Wall of Flesh, Plantera and Golem.

Also, I would like to add this challenge.

No-Arena challenge :
Simple, you cannot build an arena (placing wooden platform to benefit you, clearing the land to your benefit, etc), basically, you must use the natural terrain to fight the boss. Suggestively, try not to use Honey, Heart Lantern, Heart Statues, etc, it's not prohibited though.


Skeletron Prime
Cool challenges , i'll try them out when i could

3 pickaxes challenge
You only have to use 3 pickaxes in a terraria playthrough


Inexperienced Expert-

Start a world with a character that you have good gear with, dig down in a straight line to hell, and fight the wall of flesh and beat it. Then put everything you got from the wall, and from the dig down, into a chest. But that's it. Then join the world with a new character, and good luck surviving hard mode.

cthulhu fhtagn

Just want to say I really liked the start a new character in a newly made harmode world challenge. What a blast took some effort i named the world man vs hardmode and my character bear grylls. Im doing the dark elf one right now thats also really cool idea since I happen to be a big R.A Salvatore fan. Thanks for the suggestions.

Storm Dragonica

The Adventurer's Rush Challenge :
You have 7 in-real life days to complete the game, for more of a challenge, 5 or 3 days shall suffice.

The rules are, you cannot mine any ore, no exceptions! Stone and dirt and other variants can still be mined. Oh, and don't run your hands all over that Desert Fossils, you PC players have, because that still counts as a type of ore in my dictionary.

So, how do you get items? Just go running around like a crazy person looting chests, sometimes there are ores there. And you can get materials from enemies too.

So, yeah, not that much of a challenge until near end-game where you basically have hallowed armor as your strongest arsenal. :)

Good luck (especially for PC players who have to beat Moon Lord with Hallowed Armor if they join this challenge).


What about a fishing Challenge? (Idk how to do the spoiler thing, I'm forum illiterate...)

Rules: You may only use ores received from fishing chests. If you want more of a challenge you can only use weapons from fishing (you may still use armor/tools crafted from ores)


This is a challenge I haven't undertaken myself, but I'm certainly considering doing it at some point.

GENERAL RULE: You are only allowed to use items that were available in 1.1.2.
END GOAL: Defeat Moon Lord.
- You are allowed to use items that were available in 1.1.2, so you can use items introduced in 1.1.1 from the first version of the christmas event.
- Play on a Corruption world.
- Recommended to play Normal Mode, but if you're feeling extra masochistic, play in Expert Mode.
- You can use post-1.1 items for the sole use of cosmetics.
- If a weapon's mechanic has changed since 1.1, that is fine. You are still allowed to use it. (Starfury, Aqua Scepter, etc.)
- Try to avoid magic weapons until you've consumed at least 1 mana crystal for the sake of nostalgia.
- Avoid using hammered blocks for new structures, unless they are purely cosmetic. Don't worry about existing hammered blocks though - you'll be there for a while if you do.
- MEGASHARK. MEGASHARK. MEGASHARK. (And cursed/crystal bullets.)
- Thanks to the Max armor set being Hallowed Armor, movement speed will be your friend in this playthrough. Be ready to dodge.
- Also, since the Max wings are angel/demon, height is not going to be your friend without a cloud in a balloon. Keep that in mind.
- The game will probably progress normally until post-Plantera. Be ready for a spike in difficulty at around that point.
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